Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Satan's a Wench!

Michael's Baptism!
 Hey Family! Pretty much my companion says things are wenches, and last week she said Satan was a wench, and I agreed and thought that could be my subject line. Anywaze....
   This week was super good and waaaaaay better than last week because we just worked our pants off and we were blessed so so much. I am truly thankful for this time to be a missionary. I think I have learned the most in the past nine months than I have in my whole entire life. Forreal. I did get Humphrey in the mail haha, happy hump day to me! It is super weird to think that from now on I will have less time in front of me than I do behind me. Maybe I will do that thing I did that one time about my week, that seemed to be pretty cool. 
   So on Monday we had preparation day like normal and I think we just did groceries and I wrote letters or something. Kind of a normal day. We went on an exchange, well it was actually a trio while one sister had some doctor stuff to work out. It was a great time.
   On Tuesday we did service in the dusty place again and then we went and stopped by a Haitian investigator because we had the Haitian sister missionary with us. Haitians always love other Haitians it seems like. That is super cool. I guess if I met someone here who wasn't a missionary that was from Utah I would be pretty stoked. But every other missionary is from Utah so it doesn't seem that cool anymore. I should just start telling people I am from the mountains, because that is where I belong anyway. We also had a dinner appointment with one of my favorite families here. They always make super healthy and delicious food, so that was super sweet. We had a really good lesson with them afterwards about saving ordinances. Maybe it seems really simple and kind of like a "duh" type of thing, but we need to make baptismal and temple covenants in order to have eternal life. I know that because our Savior says so in the Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he created this earth. And I can promise you that he is not a God who sets his children up to fail. He thought of everything. Everyone will have a chance to accept or reject the gospel in this life or the next. He made sure everyone would have their fair chance! And he helps us out by giving us signs and guides, we just have to see them and accept them. Sometimes I feel like we walk around with our eyes closed because we are too prideful to accept that there is a real Heavenly Father who loves us and only wants the best for us. I know there are times I have ignored when he has reached out for me. And for those times I have repented. I hope we are all striving to not ignore the truth that has been revealed to us. We will all be judged on a personal basis. Anyway, Satan's a wench for telling us to do otherwise.
   Wednesday we went to the Sister's district meeting so that she could participate even though her companion was gone. Then we had some lessons and went to ward council and just had a nice day!
   Thursday we just went and did a bunch of the normal stuff which is seeing people we had appointments with and getting in contact with others when we didn't. 
   Friday was a sweet mission leadership council and we ate some cake and I had some pizza and we got two new investigators which was a huge blessing. We had this one lady's address that said she was interested, but not her apartment number. So we showed up to the building and just started knocking to try and find her. Then a boy started walking up the stairs and I asked him if he knew the lady that we were looking for, and he said, yeah, that's my sister! So that was pretty sweet. The lesson went well. 
   Saturday we had a baptism for someone I have taught since I got here. It really was a big blessing and I am so thankful Heavenly Father helped Michael enter the door towards eternal life. He really progressed thanks to the help of members. I am so blessed to witness the Lord at work.

Welp, have to go. I love you all and hope that your weeks were great!

P.S. My comp was born in Utah but lived and came from New Hampshire for the majority of her life. She went to BYU and just worked at the Pita Pit. She is mega sweet. 
P.P.S. Make sure you watch conference, it will change your life. When we were watching the women's conference on Saturday my companion and I were basically cheering for the prophet and apostles, I just have so much love and respect for them. Ok see ya.
Me these days!

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