Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey family. 

So pretty much you aren't going to like me at all, but I have no time. This week was crazy! But it was good. So I will answer the questions. Then do better with next week's email. Still love you guys!

I am actually not that sick of my area. I do love it here and there is always work to do and improvements to be made, so that is sweet. The new companion really changes the area too. So it is like I have had three areas really. I love the members, the places, and just everything really. The teaching pool has changed quite a bit. We find, we teach, we drop all of the time. So there is tonz of variety. Some people we have been teaching the whole time though. The leaders don't tell us the Lord's plan for us, so maybe I will stay longer, maybe I'll go. I don't really know.

I didn't wear green on St. Patrick's day because I don't even own any green. I couldn't even pull the "but my underwear is green" excuse. Better luck next year!

Well, I spent the week doing two training meetings, three exchanges, and a whole bunch of traveling. I will expound on all dat l8r. Still a ganster, but y'all knew that.

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again and I would just like to let you all know that if you are not reading it everyday then you probably should because it is the most important book we have. And also, imagine the work that Moroni, Mormon and all of the other prophets put into writing it. Mormon chapter 9. It is just too good and is the way to know how we can have eternal life. So please, save yourself a lot of trouble and read the book then live by its precepts.

Love you all! Better email next time!

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