Monday, September 22, 2014

Fam Jam

    Hey framily.
   So this past week was another good one. Like always, never anything to complain about. Heavenly Father is good, all the time. I think I realized this week (if I didn't say it already in my last email) that Heavenly Father answers every single one of our prayers. It is the best. Sometimes we don't see it for awhile. And sometimes it just doesn't come for awhile. But I realized that until now, every single one of my prayers has been answered. I am so blessed. And by "until now" I mean not all of our prayers are answered in a second, so maybe my morning prayer to stay safe can't really be answered until I am in bed going to sleep tonight. But I think you get what I meant. You're all smarter than I take you for sometimes haha.
   Anywaffle, this week was a pretty cute one I'd say. It was really crazy and the work was a little slow because we lost a lot of time with transfers and then we went to a wedding of an investigator so that took a bunch of hours out of Saturday. But like I said, it was an awesome week none the less! Just before I forget, so I can answer your question Dad. My companion and I are both the Sister Training Leaders. Basically it's like a Zone Leader but just over the sisters. We do a lot of the same stuff (not 100%), and do exchanges with all of the sisters in our two zones. That's one of the differences. Usually the STLs are over one stake here, so Quebec is in our stake, but not in our zone. That's why we'll go to Quebec for one week each transfer. We'll do exchanges with the sisters there, then come home. It's just too far to go back and forth. So that's why it seemed a little crazy that my comp and I are the STLs because first they are flushing us in, and second we are being flushed into the STL position that has two zones and the most teams to be responsible for. But it's all good. I was a little stressed this week and cried a bunch on Wednesday (transfer day), but I realized that I just need to trust Heavenly Father and lean on our Savior and like anything else it can all be done! I am super pumped because challenges are always good and I am looking forward to how much I am going to learn. I just have to remember to suck it up and do it sometimes even though it will be hard. No point in feeling bad for my self, because I have it super sweet here.
   So the wedding we went to was super fun. It was probably the closest I got to seriously sinning out here. And by seriously sinning I mean I was borderline dancing at the reception. I mean they were playing Jump Around, so I had to tap my foot just a little to contain myself. No I'm just messin, I wasn't sinning, tapping your foot in time with some music isn't a sin. But it did take a lot of will power to not jump around and just get weird. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet. I assume it was sweet at least, it was all in Spanish so I didn't understand a word! Haha that was great. It was like starting over here all over again! Then we went to the reception. It was super fancy, I was seriously surprised we were invited. But, my comp must have been a really good friend to this investigator. I was just the tag along because they had no choice but to invite me, being the companion and all haha. They even had a place for me at the table! It said Hermana Kinghorn. It would be sweet to serve in Spanish here, but I kind of hope I don't have to because learning another language would be hard. But anywaze, it was too bad though because dinner was going to start too late so we only got to eat the fancy snacks the servers brought around to us. But it was enough food, I was just bummed I didn't get to eat the lamb! But we have  rules and breaking curfew for a wedding is not allowed. That all took place in Montreal all, by the way. So we had to anticipate traffic for driving home and whatnot so we maybe could have stayed a little later, but it was all good and probably better that we didn't. I had a really cool discussion with a guy there about missionary work though. He didn't know really anything about it so I just talked to him about the structure and how things are run and it was super sweet! Hopefully that made an impression of some kind on him. It was nice to talk to someone in English for sure. But, a lot of the other people knew that I was learning French so they would talk to me if I didn't in French. It was pretty funny and I am thankful they help me learn. The people here are awesome. Oh another sweet STL privilege is that I get to drive too now. So I've been drivin around and it has helped so much in learning our area. My comp has been having eye troubles too, so that has made me feel more comfortable too. You know, just knowing that the operator of the vehicle actually can see what's going on around us. That's usually a good thing.
   We had to drop some investigators this week. Veronique and Romeo. Some of my favorite people here by far. They just never keep our appointments and cancel at the last minute. So it's been like three weeks since we have seen them. I was pretty bummed about it last night because you just can see so much potential in everyone here. And when they are doing things that weaken themselves it's so sad. Plus we know the blessings they can receive if they just try it out! But, we respect everyone's decisions and agency. I just hope there wasn't more that we could have said to help them understand. I know someone will find them again one day and it will all be good. Patience is something we are forced to have and work on here. Hopefully I master it one day. Probably won't be in this life though. On Wednesday we had two dinner appointments. A member family invited us. They are so sweet! The sister is so kind and just reminds me so much of Aunt Leesa. I have to get a picture with her one day for sure. And her food was awesome! She made chocolate cake and poured straight cream over the top of it.... ho boy. It was too good. Then an investigator invited us for dinner and we felt bad saying no, so we went and ate another meal even though we were pure stuffed. But I came out ok. Except she wanted me to try some cheese that has wax around it, and I don't know that, so I just went at it and kept thinking, "this is so nasty!!!" But then she saw what was going on and told me to cut it off first. Haha I felt pretty sheepish. But it was all good. Just a little bit waxy, but who doesn't like eating wax? The next day we had a DA too and I have never eaten so much spaghetti in my life. Seriously I think I had three pounds on my plate, it was ridiculous! I could just feel my stomach filling up, and then the food rose to my throat and was just chillin, but I had to keep eating. Luckily she just gave us a cup of peaches for dessert. They were really good and a bit easier to get down because they are all slimy and whatnot. It was good. I came out with the sweats (spaghetti sweats), but we are  blessed to have charitable members here. Our district meeting with our new district went really. I think our district leader is going to be awesome and super on top of everything, so that is awesome. We pretty much just got bigger. Four sisters went home, and then we just added more teams. My friend from the MTC Sister Hunt is still in my district so that's sweet. There are just so many awesome people and missionaries here!! I am so thankful and happy! We got to teach English class again too this week. It's one of my favorite things here. The people are so great and they try so hard. I have so much respect for them. Learning a new language is rough, but they are just so awesome because they really try. I love teaching English class!! We had a pretty busy day after church yesterday. It went well and we were able to do for the most part all that we wanted to (just visit certain people) so that was really nice. This week we are really going to be focusing on finding more people and talking to everyone. We had to drop a bunch of people recently, so we need to find more people who are ready and prepared. Oh man I can't wait, everyone here is awesome and has so much potential!
   I am glad to hear that you all are doing well, not missing me too much. Just messin, I know you do a ton. Haha just kidding again. I am working on humility still, looks like it's not doing so great just yet haha. But yeah, I love you guys so much and I am glad you got my letter! I will send another this week! Dad I have gotten all of you dear elders. They usually take a week I think. It just depends on when someone goes and picks mail up from the mission office. That could be anywhere between a week or a transfer. Usually no more than three weeks though. But if you don't want to send those you don't have to because I print out your emails normally. Also, Mo, I got your picture letter this week!! Thank you for the awesome pictures!! I love seeing everyone! For sure send me the school pictures, even if dude is huge haha. I expect that. Was that all the questions? I think so... if not let me know. I love you all so much!!! Happy October almost!
   Also, read Alma 4 and 5 if you want to learn the kind of people/members we should all be. Alma really just gets right down to it. He's super forward and blunt it is so awesome. My kinda dude! Until next time! Stay safe, love you all!
Snoop Dizzle Manizzle Foshizzle

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm goin to Miami

Law-dee-daw-dee Everybody,
   Wazzup people? Phew another pday. Sahweet! I love pdays. I hope my last email wasn't too weird or anything, it was a little bit of a rough day and news about Dean just made me so sad and I feel like I went a little nutz in the email, but I think it turned out ok. But now I am back again (guess who's back, back again. Snoop Dog's back, tell your friends). Thank you for the emails and updates on life and whatnot. One thing I learned this week is that life goes on. For everyone. And I think that is something that you all realized more this week too. Maybe. I don't know. But yeah, things got pure weird here. You probably aren't going to believe what happened in the good old CMM. But like I said, especially with change, life goes on.
   This week we saw a bunch of super awesome people. We met a new lady, Marie Elza (such a sweet name!) and she had met the missionaries like four or five years ago so she already knows about the greatest book around and Joseph Smith and all of that. And she has a crazy powerful testimony. I am really hopeful to see how things go with her. She is so cool. When we were going to her house for the first time we also met her neighbor who lives in the building next door. His name is Guillaume (another sweet name) and he was really nice because he talked with us for like fifteen minutes. We left our number with him, so hopefully he calls sometime. Our district meeting was awesome this week. We all just gave five minute talks and I learned a lot and was just so happy. I am so thankful for the awesome missionaries here that I can work with. So powerful, it's the greatest. Here's some of what I learned: Charity is being patient with those who have let you down. Heavenly Father will take care of the people we care about while we are here on our missions (D&C 100:1). There's a difference between working hard and working well. And of course, always trust in the Lord. It was a great meeting.
   We're still working with Michael. He's doing well and we are just working on setting a new baptismal date to get him truly prepared. He is really kind and our lesson about having to cancel his baptism went well. Luckily for us he came to us and said he wanted to cancel it, so it didn't end being so awkward for us. Phew.... We had an awesome ward council this week. We are getting ready to launch the ward mission plan. We are reallly working on just inviting the members of the ward to really get started in helping out with the ward mission work. We can't force anyone to do anything, but we sure can invite them. That's all I do here, invite people to do stuff. It's awesome. It's like when I heard awesome songs by Enya. I always make sure I go to friends, family (especially Dad), and strangers alike and say, "hey I heard this great song, Oronoco Flow, you should go check it out for yourself and see how you like it!" Then some people try it out and love it then share it, others say I'm crazy and tell me to go away. But what matters is we get the invitation out there. So with the ward and missionary work in general, we can't force anyone to do anything, we can only invite them to act.
   We helped a family pack up this week because they are moving. I was sad because I don't want them to leave, they are really awesome. But that's just life I s'pose. Like I said, it just goes on. We also had something super awesome happen. There is an investigator family we have been trying to get ahold of recently, but they have been ignoring us and it's a bummer. But after we helped the family pack, we had to run to our next appointment, and we didn't have time to change, so we figured we'd change there. But then the lady couldn't see us, so we were trying to figure out what to do because we still needed to change. Turns out we were close to this investigator family's house, so we thought maybe we could stop by there and just ask if we can change and not even mention teaching them. So we went to the door and they were home! So we asked if we could change there and the mom said, "yeah of course, and don't we have a lesson today in a half hour?" We inwardly said no... but we said to her, "oh yeah, sorry we are kind of early!" So we just talked to her after we changed and it was super awesome! I love that family. The mom is Jacquie and she is somewhat interested, but she works all of the time, and so does her husband, so life is a little tough for them right now. I hope things can start getting better with them. We love teaching them so much. We also saw Elie and Eliatha again! Elie got back from Africa, so it was really great to see him again, he seriously is so cool. So is Eliatha of course. They were asking my how we say their names in English... Haha I was like, "I don't know, it's your name, isn't it just said the same?" But then later that night after we went home I realized that his name is probably like Eli... Who knows. It was good to have him back though for sure. We saw Michael again with a lady in our ward, Soeur Goudard. She is so awesome and teaches with us all of the time. She said she feels like she has known us for forever, and that was really sweet.
   So yeah Saturday in rained a ton. The rain here is crazy sometime! But we also had transfer calls. And guess where I'm goin (I'm goin to Miami, welcome to Miami)? Ready for this? I am staying in Logueuil! With my trainer! What a surprise! But actually we are the new sister trainging leaders.............................................. So there's that. Neither of us have done that before, and I am still being trained technically. So that was a crazy shock. I felt pretty inadequate. It'll probably be hard to give people who are older and more experienced advice and whatnot, but the Lord qualifies the called, so I'll just live it up to him after I have done all of the planning and preparation that I can. My comp and I are just going to do are best and do this thing. But, I'm probably going to have to buy a small suitcase, the kind that can be used as a carry on, because we will have to go to Quebec City now for a few days in a row for exchanges and whatnot, so I don't want to have to bring my huge suitcase for those. Pretty crazy, right? I guess we will see how it goes. But I trust the Lord, and I am excited for this opportunity. I just hope I can help and do what is right. When we got the call though I felt like I instantly aged twenty years. I'm basically going hairless now because so much is falling out all of the time from stress. But it's all good. It'll be so cool and a good experience. Life is awesome and challenges are the greatest. Just say some super heartfelt prayers for me, I'm going to need as much help as I can get! But like always, I'm pure happy. Life is awesome. Missions are awesome.
   Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you I had to give a talk in church yesterday. That was fun. I like speaking in church. I don't know if I pronounced everything right, but people thanked me for it afterward. They may have just been comments, not compliments (just to get that straight for you Dad haha). But anyway. I think that just about sums up the week! I hope you are all safe and happy! Keep learning and growing and serving! It's a commandment so..... haha. I love you all so very much!!!!
L8er Sk8ers,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prizza Everyday

My dearest family and the other precious souls who read these,
   Well, my cold heart hurts today to hear the hard news. I am so sorry for the Coffey family, and I hope they can feel my love all of the way from Canada. What a kind man Dean is. I don't know why Heavenly Father needs him now, but how blessed are the heavens to welcome such an extraordinary man. Dean was always so kind and interested in how my life was going. So genuine and nice! He never failed to go out of his way to talk to me when I would see him around town. At Matt's soccer games or at our own house when he was fixing things up for us. He even came to my farewell. I'll never forget how kind he is. I never saw him sad, and that is something we all could be better at. I am thankful to have known him, and all of the Coffey family! Even their cousins, one of which happens to be one of my best friends. Their examples and strengh are incredible. Pray for them, comfort them, and mourn with them. I keep them and you all in my prayers. I never expect things like this to happen. And it confuses me when they do. But, it's ok. Because I do not have any doubts that there is a purpose for everything. The Lord's timing is perfect. And even though we don't always understand it, one day we will. And just like you said Dad, Katie is right there waiting for him. And Chandler Webb, Steve Brewster, and Jim Gasik. Once you're a Hegessy ward member, you're always a Hegessy ward member! The church is a family, here on the earth and in heaven as well. The Lord blesses us with our ward families for a reason. Cherish the relationships we can have with other members. We are all here for each other! It was hard for me to hear about Dean. It just brought up some sad memories. But how blessed are we to know that they are there together, cheering us on. Do what you can now to be worthy to see them again. Don't deny yourself that blessing. I know we can see them again, and I am so thankful for that.
   It's been a rough week. An excellent week, like they always are, but hard too. Sometimes it seems like thing after thing after thing goes wrong, but for some reason I am still happy. I am convinced that true happiness comes from sharing the gospel and being obedient. Because there have been a lot of crazy things going on, and yet, for some reason I am still just so happy. And the only thing I can actually trace my happiness back to is sharing the gospel. How blessed are we to know the things that we know. We had a baptism planned and almost fully figured out for this week, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I was pretty disappointed at first. But one thing I am really trying to understand, is not the "when" of baptism, but the "why." I think, yeah the sooner the better, but it has to be when we are ready. And sometimes as missionaries I think we get a little caught up in the rush of baptizing because we want to see some numbers. It's not the point. These are souls, children of a loving Heavenly Father, and not just statistics. Apostles and prophets say that all of the time, and it is so true. So, with our investigator, Michael, we are now going to go back and try to understand what he needs to help him turn his desire for baptism to become more of a desire to come unto Christ. He has been struggling to give up smoking, but really wants to be baptized. But the desire to be baptized needs to help him quit. The desire to be baptized isn't enough, we have to have the desire to change and follow our Savior, and if he doesn't understand that, then he isn't ready. But I have faith in him! And in Heavenly Father! This can and will all work out how it's supposed to, as long as we help him understand his relationship with our Savior and Heavenly Father, and what baptism actually means for him, and the importance of making and keeping covenants. Because if he is baptized then falls away, whose fault is it? We don't want to put someone's salvation in danger. And if we are truly led by the spirit, we can find out what he needs to understand, and help him to be better. I understand (not to it's full extent) how hard it is to quit smoking. It'll take some time. But with the Lord, we have that time, and we have the support and strength we need.
   Something kind of funny happened this last week. We had a lesson with a lady who is less active. She really loves praying, so sometimes we'll just be sitting and talking when all of the sudden she'll just start yelling out prayers. I guess it's cool, it doesn't seem too reverent, but hey, she loves Heavenly Father and knows that he loves her too, so I don't mind her sporadic prayer cries. But during our lesson she asked if we could stop and all just say a prayer, her, then me, then my comp. So this sister starts, and her prayers tend to be lengthy. She has a really nice old lady voice too, the kind that makes you want to go to sleep. We were sitting outside and the weather was nice, and conditions were just perfect for sleeping. So she starts praying and I think, "sweet, I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes, enjoy this prayer time, then say my prayer." But I accidentally started dozing off, and she finished and I was still just sitting there with my eyes closed and head bowed. Luckily I noticed she had stopped talking after probably ten super long seconds, and opened my eyes and her and my comp were just staring at me, so I just closed my eyes and started praying. Haha we just get in the weirdest situations sometimes... But it was funny and I think she enjoyed my prayer. After though my comp asked, "what were you doing?" And I felt bad to say that I was just kinda taking a little nap. But it was all good.
   Something else kind of cool that actually happened two weeks ago is my comp and I were walking into Wal Mart to buy something and this guy stops me and asked if I went to school with him. I just kind of laughed and said, no I am a missionary, I have only lived here for a few weeks, etc. But anyway, we got to talking and we ended up giving him a card with or number, and he called us the next day! It was so sweet because he set up the appointment. His name is Lamine and he is about 6'4 two hundred plus pounds. He said he was from Jamaca (how do you spell that??) and Africa... So I don't know which one is true. But he is pretty sweet. I was just laughing though because when we went to teach him the first time we didn't have a member with us, because we didn't know if he was serious so we didn't want to get stood up and have a member with us. So anyway, we got to his building and he buzzed us in. But you had to go through a door and walk down a hall to get to his room. So we climbed the stairs and looked through the door window down the hall to his room, and there was Lamine, this giant man. I was kind of scared because he could probably just crush me if he wanted to. But my comp said, "we are going, he is a child of God and we will be protected!" So we went and talked to him, but since it was just us three we had to go to outside. So we went outside and walked to a park. It was probably a hilarious sight to see. I kept laughing secretly because I thought to strangers looking at us we probably looked so funny. Just me, my comp, and Lamine. He knows a lot though. It's pretty cool to talk with him. But, we've only had two lessons so far. Hopefully he starts understanding things and comes to church with us! We invited him but he went to Novelle Vie instead. Lame.....
   We had to break up with an investigator last week. It was pretty sad, but she isn't all that interested and we didn't want to keep bugging her. Missionary work really is like relationships. Sometimes people say you get and keep investigators just like you'd get and keep a boyfriend. I don't know if it's the exact same, but breaking up with investigators was sad like breaking up with  boyfriends is. I assume.. I can't remember if I have ever broken up with anyone. I usually just let them go on missions and that takes care of it for me. Just kidding, that sounds really terrible. I don't know why I am telling you all this. So anyway......
   I am glad that things are going well at home and school is getting goin for the dudes and you are all safe. Right now things are tough, I understand, believe me I do. But, read 1 Nephi 3:7, it's one you all know. It has taken on a whole new meaning for me here. Sometimes I think, "why are things like this Heavenly Father? This is too hard, why are you asking me to do this. I am just Suzy, I can't do it." Well of course, "just Suzy" can't do it. But I have my Savior on my side, as you all do. And like 1 Nephi 3:7 says that the Lord does not give any commandmants or he doesn't ask anything of us, save he has already prepared a way for us to achieve what he has asked. Don't quit. Don't turn your back on what you know to be true because you think it is too hard or impossible. Take the Lord's yoke upon and give him your weaknesses. Let him make you stronger. And even if we don't have a distinct path that says, "here this is the way I provided for you to accomplish the hard thing!" Trust in the Lord and use the atonement. It's here for us. And perhaps that simply is the path, or the way that he has prepared. Just putting trust in our Savior can get us through anything. Some of you may think I am wrong, but the only thing I have to say to that is, where is your faith?
   Snoopswag is signing off. Keep your heads up and your hearts open. The world is a good place, keep making it better. I love you and miss you dearly. But like after a mission or after someone's time on earth, we will all see each other again. If you're worthy, it's a promise. Ok I love you all! Someone eat some pizza for me because I've been craving it lately. Prizza everyday!!!
Beaucoup d'amour, comme toujours,
Soeur Kingsbeard
P.S. Shoutout to my homie Sara Ranck!! England, WHADDUP!!!! Supes pumped for her. Now we've got three friends in three countries (excluding the elder friends, they're everywhere)! Peru, Canada, and soon England. Cheers!
P.S. I think I am still loyal to Dunkin Donuts, but I had some Tim Horton's today and it was pretty good.....


Hello wonderful people, aka my family, so yeah, wonderful people.
   So I am still here in Canada (probably won't be leaving for awhile, in case you were confused). This past week was super sweet! I don't have my pday today because it is Canadian Labour Day! Go Canada, you take that work break! So we just have some time to email then it's off to work for me! Tomorrow we are going to Montreal though to check out the biodome. I don't really know what it is, probably just a dome full of biology. Hopefully it is fun! It will be cool to see some more of Montreal and have tons of people stare at us on the metro. Because why would anyone run around with a plaque on. It's a weird thing that attracts a lot of eyes. But it's cool because our Savior's name is printed right underneath, and hopefully if nothing else, it brings a little joy to these souls. It's pretty sweet to be a missionary. Pure weird and different, but sweet none the less. Anyway, now that I have finished random tangent time, I will update you on the Real World Canada. Ha not really, I have no idea what is going on in the real world.
   So last Monday for pday after we emailed we brought groceries looked at a store called Ardenes or something then just went back to the apartment to relax. I like doing that some pdays, because we seem to make pday more stressful than it really needs to be, but it's all good. We had a lesson with a boy named Frank that night. He is ten and comes to church every week. He loves it. I think it is because his parents work a lot so he is home alone a bunch. But the beauty of church is, not only do you get to relax, feel the spirit, and learn about our Savior, but you just get to talk to a bunch of friends and have a good time! So Frank is cool, and he really gets it. He has a testimony for sure. And whenever we go over to teach him and his mom, he usually ends up explaining the things to her, it really is so cool. I hope he can be baptized. But we really want the parents to be on board and get baptized too so that they can do it together and support each other. After we had a family home evening lesson with a member family in our ward. We work with them a lot because they are having a hard time. The dad passed away last year. So we just go and do our best to boost them up. We really think it is helping. And one of the daughters comes teaching with a bunch too, so it's cool.
   We made a mistake on Tuesday and brought two members with us to a lesson with an investigator. Everyone just wanted to talk and it was getting so crazy, we lost control of the lesson. We were able to bring it back though, and make sure we hit all of the important parts. But for next time, we are for sure only bringing one member. But bringing husbands and wives is good for sure. They usually know how to work better together though. But it is all good, you learn something new everyday! One thing I am starting to realize though, is how much not just the members here serve the church, but how much the members back at home do too! I only started to notice it here because I actually have to work with the members now, unlike before my mission when I just showed up on Sundays then didn't here from or of people until the next Sunday. So pretty much, every member who is magnifying their calling should just pat themselves on the back right now, because we truly appreciate all of your help in the missionary force. We need the members!!! We also met with Eliatha this week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but her husband, Elie, had to go to Africa this past week because his dad passed away. I felt so bad. So we visited Eliatha a few times to just bring some comfort and happiness. Unfortunately we have to change their baptism date because he will get home the day after it was planned. But that is life, and all is well because their have testimonies and the desire. So Heavenly Father will help everything work. 
   On Thursday we had a lesson with Hilda again. It was so funny because when we walked into her apartment there was some rap music playing. And at first I thought, wait, I know this. Turns out it was Gangstah's Paradise. I wish you all could see her, then you would know why it was so funny that she was playing it. But yeah we had a good lesson with her about the apostasy and how our Savior established his church on the earth then it was taken away. She turned down our invitation to come to church, but she did say that she would maybe come one day, so that's good! Also she said we could come back, so I have no complaints. It's awesome too because she is friends with Elie and Eliatha... So you know, that could really help her in her desire to go to church because she'll already know people there! Sweeett!! 
   Friday we started our exchange at night. We had two lessons after the exchange so we just went right to work. My comp. for the 24 hours was Soeur Robles. She is support cool and funny and it was really nice to work with her for a bit. It was nice because I had to lead the lessons and be in charge for the day, and even though I made mistakes, I saw that I actually have learned somethings, and as long as I trust the Lord, I can do this mission thang afterall. Our day kind of fell through, but I learned a lot and just got excited to do more. 
   I went to my first party for a latino girl who turns fifteen. I know there is a name for the party, and I know the name, but I don't know how to spell it. That is why I have that super weird explanation and I am not calling it what it is...  But anyway, it was for the bishop's daughter and it was really cool! We went to eat a little and mostly do dishes. But you know, that is missionary life I suppose. 
   Yesterday we knocked for two hours. We talked to two people who said we could come back. Maybe out of kindness, but I hope they are really interested! It wasn't so bad. One lady opened the door and we said, "hi we are representatives of Jesus Christ," and she just said no and shut the door. It was really funny. 
   Overall the week was good! I am doing really well and I am happy and I was so happy to hear from all of you!!! Thank you all for writing! It is the best to hear what's up and how everyone is doing! I love you all so much and am so blessed to have you all in my life. Hopefully I can make you proud! Stay safe and remember who you are!
P.S. I sent a letter home this week. So you should be getting it some time.
Ok luz you mean it!