Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hello wonderful people, aka my family, so yeah, wonderful people.
   So I am still here in Canada (probably won't be leaving for awhile, in case you were confused). This past week was super sweet! I don't have my pday today because it is Canadian Labour Day! Go Canada, you take that work break! So we just have some time to email then it's off to work for me! Tomorrow we are going to Montreal though to check out the biodome. I don't really know what it is, probably just a dome full of biology. Hopefully it is fun! It will be cool to see some more of Montreal and have tons of people stare at us on the metro. Because why would anyone run around with a plaque on. It's a weird thing that attracts a lot of eyes. But it's cool because our Savior's name is printed right underneath, and hopefully if nothing else, it brings a little joy to these souls. It's pretty sweet to be a missionary. Pure weird and different, but sweet none the less. Anyway, now that I have finished random tangent time, I will update you on the Real World Canada. Ha not really, I have no idea what is going on in the real world.
   So last Monday for pday after we emailed we brought groceries looked at a store called Ardenes or something then just went back to the apartment to relax. I like doing that some pdays, because we seem to make pday more stressful than it really needs to be, but it's all good. We had a lesson with a boy named Frank that night. He is ten and comes to church every week. He loves it. I think it is because his parents work a lot so he is home alone a bunch. But the beauty of church is, not only do you get to relax, feel the spirit, and learn about our Savior, but you just get to talk to a bunch of friends and have a good time! So Frank is cool, and he really gets it. He has a testimony for sure. And whenever we go over to teach him and his mom, he usually ends up explaining the things to her, it really is so cool. I hope he can be baptized. But we really want the parents to be on board and get baptized too so that they can do it together and support each other. After we had a family home evening lesson with a member family in our ward. We work with them a lot because they are having a hard time. The dad passed away last year. So we just go and do our best to boost them up. We really think it is helping. And one of the daughters comes teaching with a bunch too, so it's cool.
   We made a mistake on Tuesday and brought two members with us to a lesson with an investigator. Everyone just wanted to talk and it was getting so crazy, we lost control of the lesson. We were able to bring it back though, and make sure we hit all of the important parts. But for next time, we are for sure only bringing one member. But bringing husbands and wives is good for sure. They usually know how to work better together though. But it is all good, you learn something new everyday! One thing I am starting to realize though, is how much not just the members here serve the church, but how much the members back at home do too! I only started to notice it here because I actually have to work with the members now, unlike before my mission when I just showed up on Sundays then didn't here from or of people until the next Sunday. So pretty much, every member who is magnifying their calling should just pat themselves on the back right now, because we truly appreciate all of your help in the missionary force. We need the members!!! We also met with Eliatha this week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but her husband, Elie, had to go to Africa this past week because his dad passed away. I felt so bad. So we visited Eliatha a few times to just bring some comfort and happiness. Unfortunately we have to change their baptism date because he will get home the day after it was planned. But that is life, and all is well because their have testimonies and the desire. So Heavenly Father will help everything work. 
   On Thursday we had a lesson with Hilda again. It was so funny because when we walked into her apartment there was some rap music playing. And at first I thought, wait, I know this. Turns out it was Gangstah's Paradise. I wish you all could see her, then you would know why it was so funny that she was playing it. But yeah we had a good lesson with her about the apostasy and how our Savior established his church on the earth then it was taken away. She turned down our invitation to come to church, but she did say that she would maybe come one day, so that's good! Also she said we could come back, so I have no complaints. It's awesome too because she is friends with Elie and Eliatha... So you know, that could really help her in her desire to go to church because she'll already know people there! Sweeett!! 
   Friday we started our exchange at night. We had two lessons after the exchange so we just went right to work. My comp. for the 24 hours was Soeur Robles. She is support cool and funny and it was really nice to work with her for a bit. It was nice because I had to lead the lessons and be in charge for the day, and even though I made mistakes, I saw that I actually have learned somethings, and as long as I trust the Lord, I can do this mission thang afterall. Our day kind of fell through, but I learned a lot and just got excited to do more. 
   I went to my first party for a latino girl who turns fifteen. I know there is a name for the party, and I know the name, but I don't know how to spell it. That is why I have that super weird explanation and I am not calling it what it is...  But anyway, it was for the bishop's daughter and it was really cool! We went to eat a little and mostly do dishes. But you know, that is missionary life I suppose. 
   Yesterday we knocked for two hours. We talked to two people who said we could come back. Maybe out of kindness, but I hope they are really interested! It wasn't so bad. One lady opened the door and we said, "hi we are representatives of Jesus Christ," and she just said no and shut the door. It was really funny. 
   Overall the week was good! I am doing really well and I am happy and I was so happy to hear from all of you!!! Thank you all for writing! It is the best to hear what's up and how everyone is doing! I love you all so much and am so blessed to have you all in my life. Hopefully I can make you proud! Stay safe and remember who you are!
P.S. I sent a letter home this week. So you should be getting it some time.
Ok luz you mean it!

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