Monday, October 27, 2014

Seigneur, Mon Dieu

Valerie's baptism. She is wonderful. I love her so much and I am so happy for her. She's entered the gate and has lots of blessings ahead of her. God is good.
My people.
   Disclaimer-- This email is long and you'll all probably be bored and skim, so to save you the trouble just read the last paragraph. En te que (anyway in French)... Ho boy do I love you guys and all of your emails. You're all the coolest and I am super pumped to write to you today. But first, just a few little "get them outta dah way" type things... Dad and Mo, if I have used the card it is because I didn't have Canadian cash on me.  Second, transfers... I'm staying with Sister Ryser and we are still the STL's whoop whoop! I will answer questions asked in your emails in the next letter I write home. So DAH week:
   This week was just incredible. No doubts about it. God is good all the time. Oh man where do I even start? Remember how a few weeks ago I told you about a girl who just showed up for church and asked for a Book of Mormon and then called us the next day for us to see her? Well, turns out she had been baptized years ago, but stopped going to church and now wanted to come back. Her names is Elizabeth and she is just a tender soul. I love her and I hardly know her. Her desires to do good are outstanding and they just blow me away. She knows what's important and followed some pretty wise advice, which is, "ask the missionaries, they can help." So now we have the blessing to see her and just read the Book of Mormon with her and teach her what we know. She is a miracle, and I am so beyond the valley of the happy that I got to meet her. We had a ward council this week too, and it went well. Our ward is super sweet and just gets things done. Our bishop and ward mission leader are so awesome. They do so much for the work it is such a blessing to be able to work along side them. One thing though that I noticed, and I have learned and was wondering how it goes at home, is that sometimes the council gets a little caught up in the planning of events and doesn't focus on the people in our ward and their needs. I was just wondering how it was at home. This question might be for you, Dad, but it's super important that our councils are effective, and actually councils, so I just thought I'd ask how it was going there. Not that I can come and change it or anything, it's just that Heavenly Father is hastening the work of salvation. And if we are too stuck in our ruts (is that how you spell that?) and not willing to step up and go with Heavenly Father's pace, then we're going to have some problems. That means we might have to rethink how ward councils are going. But Utah always seemed to be with the game, so hopefully that is the case here. If not, it's ok, everything takes time. And we need patience. Right now we are working on getting everyone trained so that the work can move forward at a faster pace. I am so stoked to get home and contribute. There is just so much to be done in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth, and it starts with individual members, so I am pumped to work at home too, now that I have a better idea of how I can help and how things should be going. Sorry, random tangent is over now.
   We had a fairly normal week this week (which means we made a lot of plans that didn't work out, taught some people and just rejoiced in the salvation of God). We didn't reach all of our goals, but I think we still worked hard. Our ward just launched our ward mission plan. Everyone is getting pretty excited to get started. One day it will be the member's work that the missionaries help with. But for now it's kind of a mix of both. But I love our ward mission plan because it is really helping people to get excited to just be involved and share the good news with their little friends and whatnot. One lady in our ward invited us over to dinner and we ate with her roommate and talked about the gospel. Which means we got some awesome Haitian food (ho boy I love it so much) and a new investigator (love that even more!). I don't know how interested she is right now though, which is tough because the member really wants this for her. But, I am a big believer in following the will of our Heavenly Father, so he'll help us know what to do, the member incluced. Just follow the spirit people, it's his job to guide us when we are worthy to have him with us, so let's just let him do his job and follow what he says. We had two other sweet meetings this week too. One was mission leadership council and the other was stake council. I just really love councils actually. I was reading a talk the other day about leadership, it was given in a priesthood session, I can't remember the name of it right now or who wrote it, but it was awesome, and it just talked about how wise and just awesome it was of Heavenly Father to give us councils. He used councils (council in Heaven.....)! They are so effective if they are done right. Anyway, we had the mission leadership council and just talked about problems and concerns we've seen in the mission right now and with the missionaries. We then decided what traingings would need to be given so that we can help fix these problems and concerns. I better understand the scriptures that talk about Heavenly Father being a God of order. I think you can find one in Doctrine and Covenants section 118 or 119 or something, the one wear it says "establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting.... a house of order." Being organized and ordered in what we do just makes us so much more efficient. I love order and organization so much more now! It makes me want to clean my room or something. Now I'm gettin crazy, what has this place done with me? Anyway, that's why I really liked the mission leadership council, because we talked about the problems, found a solution, delegated responsibility and made assingments to go forward in trainings in order to fix the problems, and after we will report back. You know what we were doing there? Following the Christ Centered Leadership Model. Pretty much I think we should just use that model in all that we do. Then we'd really always get things done. If you don't know what that is maybe I can explain one day. It just makes me so gitty and excited I don't know if you want me to keep talking about it right now. Oh man, you learn the greatest things on the mission. The trick now is to actually use it once your home. I pray I can be better once I'm finished here. Stake council was yesterday and it was amazing too. This time it was just with the zone leaders, our mission  president, the stake president, the stake mission leader, and us. So it was a lot more personal and we could all be a lot more personal and counsel better together. The church is just made up of a bunch of people who are trying their best and just giving a lot. I am so thankful that I have the blessing to be apart of all of this work. And to help in meetings like this. I don't think I'll ever get the same opportunity again. We just try to help focus on the needs of others and do more to help to progression of the work. It's a blessing, and I feel humbled to be trusted. I have to do better.
   Ok, now the highlight of the week. There was a baptism on Saturday!! It was a lady who we taught with the elders. Her name is Valerie, and she is so important to our Heavenly Father, like each of us, that I have truly felt honored to even know her, let alone help teach her about the gospel. Holy cow. From the first time I met her I just knew there was something different about her. Heavenly Father cares about her so much, and I can see that in how much others care about her, including me. It is crazy how much love I have for these people we have only known for a short time. The elders had been teaching her for awhile, and we started helping throughout the past month or so. It was so amazing to see baptized finally. The spirit was really strong at the service. She just is small and quiet and has dealt with her trials well. I really can't explain how amazing she is. When I see people be baptiezed these days I just cry. I don't realize how important it is. It's a saving ordinance!!!!!!! We need it! So when I get the privilege to see someone make that decision to come unto our Savior, I am just so happy for them. In between the actual baptism and the second half of the program we sang some hymns to keep the spirit there and wait for Valerie to change and rejoin us. We sang a bunch of good ones, but when we sang Seigneur, Mon Dieu (How Great Thou Art), I was just blown away by the spirit. I am not sure if I'm right, but I think that is one that was sung at Chandler Webb's funeral. I'm not 100% sure if it was, but whenever I sing it I think of him. Anyway, we started to sing it and I was thinking about Chandler and how I could be upset with Heavenly Father for taking him early, or for all the trials that we have to face in this life. But then, after seeing the baptism I realized that Heavenly Father really makes it simple for us. Everything we go through here is just for our learning and experience. We know what we are supposed to do. We've been told, so we have no need to worry about what happens in this life. Have faith in our Savior. Repent when you make a mistake, be humble enough to say your sorry, then have faith that our Heavenly Father will forgive you. Have faith in yourself and in the fact that you CAN be better. Be baptized or take the sacrament each week if you've already been baptized. Recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost, or remain worthy to have him with you if you've already receieved the gift. Then endure to the end. Or rather, just keep following our Savior's example. It will never make you worse off. Just do that! It really is black and white. Yeah we have hard times, but look at Valerie. I know you don't know her, I don't know her that well, but believe me she has been through a lot. Then just seeing her be baptized and make that change and start over was incredible. We can do that each week with the sacrament too. I just cried while we sang because Heavenly Father is so merciful. No matter what has happened. He just wants us to come back to him. And I just realized again that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of our Savior, is the only way back to true and eternal happiness. It's true! And if you don't know that for yourself, find it out. If you do it with a sincere heart and real intent you'll find your answer. And then: "When Chirst shall come, with shouts of acclamation, and take {us} home, what joy shall fill {our hearts}. And {we} shall bow, in humble adoration and there proclaim, My God how great thou art!" Family, I know without a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today. It's the only one with the power to act in our Savior's name. Following my Savior has changed my life, let it change yours too. Read the Book of Mormon, it has all the answers. I promise you it does. If you're struggling, hang on, Heavenly Father and our Savior truly are here for you. I love you, as they do. I can't wait to hear from you again next week. Stay anchored in the faith!!
Written with love from your daughter, sister and friend,

La Joie de Vivre

Soeur Hinkson and I, exchange #1

Elie and Eliatha!!! Woooohooooo!!!!
Why not have a picture like this?
So pretty much I went to the most roaring party ever this week for a lady who turns 80, today actually, and part of the festivities was singing some songs. One of the songs that was sung said "la joie de vivre," which is, the joy of living, and I just liked that. Plus the song was pretty catchy. Those old people sure knew how to throw that party down! It took me back to my younger days, when we were all only fifty... Oh to be young, I'd give anything. Anywaffle, I am just being sarcastic now, so I should stop. But the party was super great, don't get me wrong, and most of my friends here are at least twenty years older than me anyway, so it's all good. Oh man you guys, life is pretty dang good if you just slow down and appreciate the small things around you. We taught the lessons for Sunday School yesterday on service, and we talked about how service doesn't have to be some huge production, just a simple smile or a hello. And one of my personal favorite forms of service is a testimony. It just gives so much more than we realize. Sharing you testimony is a HUGE service, and sometimes we don't see how much joy it can bring to someone. But anyway, small and simple things, like small and simple acts of service, are the ways that we are changin people's lives. Don't miss out on an opportunity to think about someone else for a bit, it'll do you wonderous amounts of good.
   So again, I am super sorry for my overly lame email last week. We had less time and a lot more to write to the mission prez. But, this week's email should hopefully be better, enough happened that it for sure should be. Where to start.... The beginning! #leggo
   In the beginning there was a council in Heaven. Haha just kidding. So on Monday after email time we did some shopping and bought stuff to make a cake because it was a missionary's birthday. So we made the cake then headed to Quebec via bus. It was long again but pretty sweet. Once in Quebec we had about three hours to kill so we went to this place called Chez Ashton's and had some pretty good poutine. It was like fast food style but still super good. I had it with a Pepsi.... Holy cow that was my first Pepsi since I've been gone and I forgot how amazing Pepsi. Liquid gold. The girl who took our order said, "your Mormons! So am I." It was funny and super crazy because my companion ended up having a lesson with that same girl's mom later that week while she was on an exchange with one of the sisters serving in Quebec City. Coincidence I think not! Anyway, then we just walked around in Quebec, at night... It was kind of creepy (the Kreppy Krab. Jerm). But then the St. Foy sisters picked us up and we started our exchange. I went with Sister Gerday. Nothing too crazy happened. We went and got ice cream though at Chocolat Favouris (I spell that differently everytime, I know), it was super good. Everyone says that place is better in Quebec. I say ice cream dipped in chocolate tastes good anywhere. But that is just my humble say on the matter. Sister Gerday and I actually ran out of gas. That was a first for me. We just walked to a gas station and bought a little container with gas then put it in the car and drove back to the gas station for more. Luckily it didn't end up being a serious problem, it was just funny. Especially because earlier that day when the gas light came on she said, "don't worry, this car runs on faith," hahahaha. But it was all good. The next day we were with the Quebec City sisters and that day was sweet. All of the teams up there are super nice and we had some fun times for sure. It was nice to go back to Longueuil though. It's funny because it really feels like my home there. I was super sad to leave and super happy to be back. It is so crazy how much this place and these people are growing on me! The mission is awesome. That's all there really is to it. I know I know, some of you are may be thinking that I am just a liar putting on a front or something. Believe me. I have had some rough times here. And some days I have really not liked it. But there have been way too many blessings that I have seen to deny that this is all right and true. So, all you possible nay-sayers (geez, where is my faith in you, I am so sorry), mission life really is good, if you just slow down and see it.
   Anyway, it was nice to get back to Longueuil we had a lot of stuff to do because remember Elie and Eliatha that we had been teaching since I first got here? Welp, they did it. They were baptized on Saturday!! It was so awesome. I am so happy for them. It made coming home too late on Thursday evening really stressful though because we only had Friday and Saturday to plan for the baptism because somehow nothing ended up getting done earlier. So it was all just pure wild animal craziness. But don't worry, everything worked out and it was wonderful. Forreal. I'm so thankful and happy for them. So Friday we had lessons like normal and just inbetween everything we called people to get the baptism set up. But our ward is awesome and they all helped so much and a lot of people came and it was just a great day. It was really cool how despite all of the stress and all of the planning, once they were actually baptized you could just feel peace. It was a blessing to be able to witness that. They will be some incredible members, I can tell you that much. It was just crazy to me, because I always thought that once you had a baptism as a missionary you would feel like crazy and powerful or something, but really I had nothing to do with this baptism. The Lord does all of the work. He prepares the people and he does what he needs to in order get them through the gate and on the path towards eternal life. I was just blessed to be able to witness it. Heavenly Father's plan for us is truly amazing. I was so thankful I got to see two people take the next step towards their progression. I truly believe that the Holy Ghost is the real missionary here. Sure the missionaries are sent to the people, but we aren't the ones who change them. That is the spirit. As missionaries we just do our best to have him with us always.
   I am just so thankful to be here. It was a rough week but we got through. With the Lord we always do. I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again next week!!

Love you all enormously,
Snoop Poopers in you lemonade, hey!!

P.S. I was reading in Alma 31 today, I think we should start calling Matt, Jack, and Cory Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton, you know, Alma's sons. Just a thought.

Soeur Gerday
Fountain in front of the bus station in Quebec
Bus Station in Quebec
RICE - enough said

Poutine....Soooo goooooooood!
Soeur Arriaga!! She is super cool and from Denmark.
This super awesome German guy, Gerd, gave me these super awesome German sunglasses! Haha just kidding, I don't know if they are from Germany, but that was nice of him to give them to me.
Donated some blood. Longueuil now literally has my blood, sweat and tears! Woohoo! Check out my "new donor" sticker. Soooo chilllll.
We found this hat so we took some pictures with it. I do that super lame hand thing all of the time and I don' t know why. Anywaze...
Me just tryin to use a whip. Haha. Gerd showed us how to use it. It's actually super hard and scary. On the right was after I accidentally whipped myself in the face. It hurt so bad!!
Soeur Brimhall and I. She is super sweet. I forgot makup that day though...So I just look lovely.
Soeur Herrera and I

Sister Rubio. Probably the nicest person I have ever met. Holy cow she is amazing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm back!

The District

What is up my people?!
   Just in case you were wondering, missing a pday isn't that sweet. But, I was more than happy to do a little more this week, because we had tonz that needed to get done. Thanks to all of you who wrote me letters (emails or handwritten) I was super happy to hear from all of you and I am always thankful for the time you take to write to me. They are some of the highlights of my week for sure, so as always, keep writing, I love and appreciate it so much!
   So unfortunately I don't have too much time today. We have to go to Quebec again to finish up the last of our exchanges with the two teams of sisters up there. It's a little rough because we have to leave around three today and then start our exchange tomorrow morning, then we will switch on Wednesday, and go home Thursday evening. So our area will be closed for four days! That is really stressful. But, we have been promised that if we take care of our sister training leader responsibilities first, then the Lord will bless our area. I don't have any doubt in that promise. 
   This week we had two exchanges. One of them I went with a brand new missionary into her area. That was an interesting day because she didn't feel comfortable in her French still, so I did all of the talking that day. But the Lord really has been watching out for me and helped me to get it done. We contacted people for like two hours. It was tough because we didn't get any new potentials. That is something that is hard about this work. Days where you work so hard on something for so long and you can't see immediate results. But hey, we planted some seeds, that's for sure. We talked to this one guy who was out in his driveway doing something with his car and I just asked him if I could help him with anything. He said no thank you or whatever and asked who I was. Sometimes you don't even have to ask them about their beliefs first, so that was nice. Anyway, we talked for a bit and he wasn't too interested at the moment, so we just gave him our card and wished him the best. Then as we were walking away I heard his little son who was there the whole time just kind of off to the side, ask his dad who we were, and the dad said, "those are the sister missionaries." And I know it wasn't anything crazy, but it just made me happy to hear that, and I am hopeful that one day that boy will see some more missionaries or come in contact with the church and he'll remember that day when we were there just asking his dad if there was anything we could help him with. 
   Oh yeah, conference!! Holy cow was that awesome or what???? Haha it is funny because I think this was the first conference that I went to with real questions that I wanted answers to. The only problem was after the first session on Saturday morning I already had all of my answers! Heavenly Father is so cool. I hope you all got to hear conference. And if not, go listen right now. It will change your life. It was just so good. 
   On my other exchange we had an awesome dinner appointment with a family in my ward. They are real modern day pioneers and it was so cool to hear their story and how real the gospel just started to spread here in Canada when they were converted to our Savior.
   Well, you are all going to be sad because this email was lame and short but I have to go. But, we just had a miracle and this girl called us who is interested and asked for an appointment. Just right now!!! That is crazy, holy cow. Have a wonderful week family, I love you all so much and am excited to read your emails on the bus today!!! Be safe and do good.
Soeur Kinghorn
Some cool arch things that people painted
More of the arches
1 Some graffiti and meh 2 Plant guy - creepy 3 Olympic building 4 Snoop Lion
Soeur Del Castillo and I, I was born!
Soeur Robles and I
Da Zone
Da Greenies (I hate that name, but to quote the little dudes, we don't hate anything)
Me and some terrible glasses, me and a tamale
 A picture of me I thought you should see. And this is on our bathtub - CRANADA. Forreal, haha.
My comp and I - Blue Steel

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Church is True

Chere famille et mes amis,
   Hey guys, just in case you forgot, I thought I'd let you know that the church is true. I figured that out again this week for about the fiftieth+ time. So that was awesome. This week was seriously so crazy. We had so many meetings, but with miracle after miracle we were able to get all of the things done that we needed to and wanted to in our area. Seriously, it is hard to explain how the work here goes, but trust me when I say, that the Lord's hand is in every single aspect of it. I can't tell you how many prayers I said to receive help and in some way it came. I am so blessed! And then, yesterday I was thinking, I am just one missionary, but even more simply, I am just one of Heavenly Father's children. I know he takes care of me like he takes care of the rest of his children, so it is so remarkable that every single person is blessed just as much as I am. It blows me away how involved he is with each and every one of us (if we let him be, of course). Who has time for that?! God does haha. So yeah, I am just overflowing with thanks this week. And every week really. I love what I get to do here. We are all just so blessed and we need to show our thanks everyday. Not just by saying "thank you." Don't get me wrong, saying thank you is huge and we have to do it, but we can literally show our thanks by doing something with the blessings we receive. Be a little kinder, more patient, more charitable, things like that. You are all awesome and doing so well though, so no worries. Ho boy I just love you all so much and am so proud of you all for all that you are doing. In showing thanks to our Heavenly Father, or just by being the good people you are. Keep it up!
   Some of you may be wondering why this week was so busy, eh? Probably not, I just think I am super interesting and whatnot. Missionary work is exciting so there's that. But anyway, I will just get started already, enough of this rambling nonesense! Monday was normal pday. We mostly just cleaned because we had be neglecting that. Tuesday we have a bunch of appointments that were awesome. We have a visiting teaching assignment, so we saw one of our sisters and she was so cool! She served a mission in the greatest place (Utah) the Temple Square mission, and we just helped her cook then shared a message and it was awesome to get to know her better. She was so cool I was really pleased with how well our time with her went. And it was a lady we don't work with as much or see around church, so it's was nice to have that opportunity to get to know her better. Oh man, I just love the people here, they are so sweet!!! We also had a sweet lesson with a lady named Hildah this last week. She is so cool, she invited her sister over to listen too (booyah, refferal). Her sister's name is Natalee, a name that is very dear to my heart because of one Nate the Great back home who I love, so that was fun to meet another Natalee. Anyway, the lesson with the two of them went well and the sister (Natalee) gave us her info because she was interested, so we passed that along to the missionaries in Montreal, and we will see how that goes! We also had a D.A. with a super awesome family in our ward. In my first week I met them and the mom was so nice to me. She just said something like, "one day my daughters might be out in the world doing what you're doing, and I want members to take care of them too, so I'll take care of you." Bless her heart. I owe her a lot. Anyway, the food was awesome and they have a little girl Cory's age who is almost as crazy as he is (but let's be honest, no one is as wild as the Puff Daddy), and some other daughters too who are all funny. So it was fun to get to spend some time with them. Then we taught English class, which I still love. The people there are so cute and just like me, learning a new language and whatnot. I hope I am a decent teacher since I have to lead the lesson (being an anglophone and all dat). It's just fun though, I like doing it. Wednesday we did a bunch, some service and some lessons. Gerd (the German guy we do service for) got back from his trip to Germany, so we got to go help him in his garden again and talk with him. I love being there. Turns out he was in the Hitler Youth too, how crazy is that?! I asked if he had his histroy written down. He said no!! What?!!? I said we could start doing that for service, and he said a lot of people have suggested that to him and offered, but he's not too interested. Hopefully he'll change his mind.
   Thrusday was awesome. Just nothing but incredible. I think my life kind of changed that day. Or something. We had a 70 come, Elder Carlson, and give our zone conference. It was so crazy spiritual that by the end of the day I was drained. In a good way, revelation is always good, no matter how tiring it can be. He talked a lot about finding people and teaching, and it was really useful and inspired, so that was really cool. The highlight though was in our mission leadership council (that's a meeting with all of the zone leaders, sister training leaders, president and his wife, and this time Elder Carlson). There was just a lot of spiritual power there. And brotherly love too. I can't explain it really, but I know I am supposed to be here for a reason. I also know that this is Heavenly Father and our Savior's work, and man is it being hastened. I am just an instrument in the Lord's hands, and I have never realized until now how special an opportunity that is. Wow, this work and this life really, are amazing. Like I said before, I am truly thankful.
   Friday we had some sweet lessons. One of them fell through so we walked around the block and just talked to people and handed out our card. It was great. Not everyone wants to talk to us, but there always is someone whose interest is spiked and even if they don't say we can come back, you can tell that we've left them something new to think about. There really are some sweet people here. But there are also soooooo many little hipsters and heshies! Have I told you that before? It's worse in Montreal. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, and there hipster\hesh style and all that, but one day too much heshiness is going to kill me. But for now I am ok. You probably don't know what I mean but "hipster and hesh" either... Well, there isn't time to explain. It's not important really. I also don't know who the "you" is that I am addressing when I write these. Sorry if there is ever confusion. I guess I am just talking to you all really.
 Saturday was super sweet too. President called us Friday night to see if we would go to Montreal again to represent the missionaries in a public affaires training. It was awesome! We learned so much! They wanted to get some people prepped for when The Book of Mormon Musical thing comes to Montreal, because they are anticipating some press. So, we learned how to handle interviews and hard questions. It was sweet because it was super applicable to everyday missionary work too. I learned a lot and President Faust's son was the one who taught it, so we got to meet two 70's this week! See what I mean, this week was just too gr8. Then we went back to Longueuil, had two really good lessons (one ended in eating some Haitian food, aka the best food mmmmmmm), and one pretty bad lesson. We need to work on preping our members for our lessons, because sometimes things get out of control and we don't really have the reigns on our lesson and it is no good. It was a bummer to have a lesson like that, but it taught us a lot and will help us improve for next time. I hope you all had a chance to see the women's conference! Ok, not you all, but you women. It was really good. At least I think it was, I watched it in French so I didn't quite catch everything. But, the spirit speaks in every language, and it was definitely there. Go to the temple. That's what I for sure picked up.
   Sunday was sweet too. We had three lessons, three hours of church, and then stake council, which is a meeting with the mission president, the zone leaders of our stake, the stake president, the sister training leaders (so us), and this time all of the bishops and branch presidents of the stake were able to come too. It was pretty dang sweet. I don't have much time to explain, but basicallly, the church is so incredible. So divine, inspired, organized, and all of that kind of stuff. I just realized yesterday how much people around the world are dedicating there lives to establishing the Lord's kingdom on the earth. Aka doing the most worthwhile thing you could be doing. But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to be doing that, fulfilling your calling, for  example, is an awesome way to build the kingdom. Anyway, it was really cool to be in that council and talk about how we can improve the missionary work in the Longueuil stake, and also just in general around the world. There is doctrine to back everything we do, and it is incredible! I just don't doubt for a second that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is our Savior's true church on  the earth today. The foundation, structure, organization, principles, doctrine, and everything are just too perfect. No one else but our Savior and Heavenly Father could pull all of that off. I understand of course, that sometimes mistakes are made, but I know that those are only because we, as humans, are imperfect and we make mistakes. I hope that we can remember that sometimes things go wrong, and we think it is the church's fault. But it's important to remember that while our Savior's church is perfect, the people inside it are not. We have to be like the Savior in all that we do, and that means forgiving others when they make a mistake. Just because I am a missionary doesn't mean I have some magical power to be perfect. Same goes for the bishops, teachers, and other leaders alike. We have to be patient, and trust in the Lord. He will correct mistakes, but sometimes we have to be willing to change our hearts and give it some time. Anyway, I am not sure where that came from, but I know that this church is true. I hope you all know that I would not be giving my sweat and tears for 18 months to a work I wasn't certain is right and true. There is nothing more important than letting others know that they can be saved and live with our families forever. So we have to keep doing that, missionary or not. I am thankful for the wonderful blessing it is to be a missionary. It's changed me. I am different. Still super funny and humble and smart and just pure sweet, but I am different, and hope to keep getting better! Trust the Lord and give him your life, be consecrated in all that you do!!! You will not believe the blessings you can receive!
   I love you all and hope you are safe. I pray for you and miss you, but right now, there is nowhere else I want to be than in Cranada. Keep up the good work, and sorry for my awkward ramblings... I just love the gospel is all. Alright, until next Monday, happy September 29. TWO 9 to the gravedirt!!!!
   Love your (daughter, sister, friend, missionary stranger or whatever),
 Soeur Kinghorn
P.S. Everyday just seems to have been "super sweet"