Monday, January 26, 2015

Ask the question!

Hello Errbody,

I was just flippin through my planner to try and find a groovy subject for my email, and I found that phrase (ask the question!) so I decided to write that. It was about this message that we are showing to the members, and sometimes I don't have the courage to just ask the question. So I encouragingly wrote it out to help myself. Anyway, in much less boring news...

Everything is just ho hum pigs bum as normal. Except in a good way, in case you took that in a negative type of way. Things have been heatin up here. Literally as in weather wise, and in work wise. It has been weirdly hot aka -13 or so. But it's all good. Let's just hope it doesn't rain again because then it will just turn into pure ice everywhere again. I think I forgot to tell you all about that, but this place sometimes just becomes like a giant glass place. I didn't really know how to end that last sentence.. So anyway..

We were able to talk to and meet some way sweet people this week. One lady was a referral from the Spanish Elders in our area, and her name is Bintou. She was so so kind. She told us that when she first met the elders she was super afraid and just wasn't sure if they were real missionaries or not. But for some reason when they asked for her name and address to visit her again she gave it to them. Then when she went home she told her soon to not open the door for anyone and kept looking out the window at the elders to see if they had gone away. She felt like someone was after her or something. So you can imagine how it went when we showed up at her door unannounced. Her son was behind the door asking who it was, and I just kept saying that we were the missionaries. And you could hear them like shuffling around not sure of what to do. Then finally she just answered and good news for us we aren't too scary looking (or so I tell myself), so she let us come in. Cool thing though, we asked her where she was from and she said Birkina Fassau (African country with a hard name to spell), and after I said, I know the world is pretty big, but is there any chance you know Elie and Eliatha (the recent converts in our ward)? And she said, with the little daughter Angela? Yeah I know them! It is so crazy. All of the people from Cameroon know the other people from Cameroon. And all of the people from Birkina Fassau, know the people from Birkina Fassau. So that was super funny, and she just said, now I know you are from God! That was nice for sure. We shared the Christmas message with her because it's just so good, and she said she would start reading the Book of Mormon, It was so cool. Our day on Saturday really was just super miraculous. I realized that we have been blessed for so long, but I am just finally starting to see it, which is making things go a ton better. So I just learned that most of the time I'll probably just have to change my attitude and count my blessings and things will get better.

Transfers were this week too. So Hermana Gentil is back to Victoria with her new companion. They both are from French so they speak French in the apartment. It's super sweet. I feel super lame speaking with them because they are really good. But I am going to start so that my French can get better too.

Things are good with my comp. We just decided that we always have to be 290% open with each other. That means that we just talk alllllll day haha. But it's all good. Keeps us happy I suppose. She taught us how to make puposas this week, and they are pretty good. I taught her how to make rice. Just messin hopefully no one is confused on how to make rice.

We had stake council yesterday and it went super well. Our stake president is just a ball of inspiration. So that meeting went super well. I think I might stay here for a bit longer (maybe a transfer or two), then I think I might be moving on, because after all the craziness of last transfer, I am starting to feel pretty comf. We'll see I guess.

I started that gratitude journal you sent, Mo. It has been awesome! I love writing in it! It makes me soooo much happier. It's a great way to finish off the day. I also read this quote once and I wanted to share it, "You can never get enough of what you don't need, because what you don't need will never satisfy you." And as the Quebecoise would say, "that's it that's all." There's not much else to say about the first quote because it pretty much is right to the point. But since I am here I guess I'll talk about it anywaze. There are tonz of things in life that we don't need. Macdoe (McDonalds), pizza, boyfriends when we're young, etc. but we always want them and seek after them with all of our time and efforts (maybe not the pizza, but you can come up with your own list of things you don't need). If we just kind of sorted through the boxes of our lives and focused on the things that are really important, like the gospel, we would probably have a lot less stress and be a lot happier. That's something I am trying to work on for the moment. And after all, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Love you! Til we meet again!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't drink the water!

  So, this week some oil of some type spilled in the Longueuil water supply (don't know where or what the supply thing is, but it got some oil in it), so we weren't allowed to drink the water. And I just thought about Jerm all week because I think Dave Matthews band has a song with the same name. We put signs up on our sinks because I forgot and drank the water. It smelled really bad so I don't know why I didn't notice it... Oh well, it was kind of funny. And I guess since I am still here it wasn't a big deal. One of my companions was freaking out though and made me drink a bunch of #fresh water. She was so funny. 
   Things are going really well every since I stopped being a mega turd. It's amazing what that can do for you. I was mostly just wigging out because I felt like I had to do everything and was the only one who would ever take any initiative. Then I just laughed because that is probably exactly how it was for my trainer with me. (...) Whoops. But anyway. I just decided to let the devil take the hindmost (figuratively, of course), and let my comps actually help me out, and things have been going a lot better. I think something that sometimes goes wrong with trainers is that they just expect the new missionary won't know how to do anything, so they don't even let them try, and then the trainer gets super stressed because they are doing waaay too much. And I was acting like that at the beginning of the transfer. But, by Heavenly Father's grace, he is letting me stay here in Longueuil for this new transfer as sister training leader with Sister Guevara. I'm just going to try again. And I am stoked because we are on the verge of like a break through here! I feel like I am going to be such a better person at the end of all of this! It just stinks that we all have to go through process. But boy (or girl) is it worth it! It's a bummer though because we are losing Hermana Gentil back to Victoria. It's ok though, we still get to live with her, luckily.
   We had a good time in Quebec. I felt a little bit like Batman in Gotham because we had some rogue missionaries that needed a talkin to. Just kidding, I didn't give any "talking to's," we just had some councils and got some things counseled out. I have some supes high expectations for that zone now. They better stay in line. They are all super awesome though and I love them a lot. I am glad that I will get to keep going there this transfer! This is my fifth transfer. That's a scary thought! 
   We had some good lessons with a few people here and there. There were a bunch of little miracles. Like not being able to get into buildings and stuff, but then someone always come along. It is really great how Heavenly Father works like that. I had some super awesome studies this week and have just been pure edified recently. Being a missionary is seriously so awesome. I feel bad because I don't talk about people we teach that much, but if you want me to more just let me know. I feel like since our teaching pool is kinda small though I am the one who is getting worked on the most here. I'll have to change that.
   I hope you are all happy and positive. It makes life a heck of a lot better. I love and miss you! I am excited for baby Jerm/Slaw. Jerm is already a beautiful mother. Also, someone tell Chuck I say, in your face! Holy cow she looks so grown up now. Maybe I will send some pictures. No promises. Love you all!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Hola Familia

Heeeeyyy guuuyyzzz,
   Well, first sorry about last week. Parents, I haven't read your emails yet, but I'm sure they will be exactly what I need to hear. I just kinda broke I suppose. I always forget though that Heavenly Father has surronded me with angels, and it's just time that I start seeing it more. I can't believe that this transfer is almost over. It seriously flew by. Probably because it has been the hardest on my mission so far. But it's ok, because I am still happy, and just learning how to deal with my stress.
   We had a good week I suppose. It is a little bit trickier working in two areas, but we had a lot of miracles that happened, so I know that Heavenly Father is recognizing our efforts and helping us see the differences that He is making in the lives of others. A man we have been teaching in Victoria accepted to be baptized!! And we are also going to Quebec this weekend for exchanges and another zone training meeting. Wish us luck!
   One thing that I have been learning this week, is working out problems in a companionship. President Patrick nailed it in his weekly letter this week, he said that around the fourth week of a transfer missionaries start writing in requests for the next transfer. Something I have been trying to learn though that he expressed as well is that if you have a problem, you fix it then. You don't wait until transfers. Transfers don't happen in the real world. So one of my comps and I really just hashed it out this week and did our best to work out some of the problems that we have been having. It has definitely helped things go a lot better. It's still a bit tough out here, but I'm doing my best to not make the issue any worse. Like Megan, I am so so so beyond the valley of the thankful people that I do not have to marry a girl. If I did... ho boy would there be some mega trouble. I guess what is cool about choosing friends is that you choose people you like and want to spend time with. It's pretty cool too with companions too though, because you learn that there are actually a lot more people that it's possible you'll like. I'm glad that my companions and I can be open with each other. I am also glad that I have stopped just wishing this transfer would end. The trio thing hasn't been so bad though. Our new companion Hermana Gentil is super funny and helps us stay mellowed out. Something that I have really really needed. Who knew I could get so up tight? Probs everyone and I was just super blind to it. Who knows.
   Anyway, we ate at this super awesome Mexican place today and it was just off the chain and rollin. I could eat like twenty of their tacos. Or empanadas (however that's spelled). Also, have you people eaten Valentina hot sauce? I don't know if I have already talked about it, but it is pure divine. Mmmhmm.
   One thing that I was able to realize today, thanks to a really awesome mission friend that I have made, is that it is about time I stop holding myself back. I really am my worst enemy. I feel like things are hard, and whatnot, but that was expected. But the adversary does a heck of a job at getting us mega down about it. I feel like there is tonz I have to say, I just can't really explain what has been changing for me. What I do know though is that there is power and authority that came with my calling. And the blessing of using that power and authority is conditional to my faithful performance (see Preach My Gospel page four or somewhere around there). Before my studies I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked Him to let me know if the church was still true. He said yes. I don't know if you have all seen it lately in the Hastening of the Work stuff, just things about how we have to be doing missionary work, etc. But one thing I hope we always remember is the why. Why are we supposed to do it? Because we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father, and not everyone knows that. We have to tell them. People say a lot things like, "the church has changed my life."But I always want to know how when people say that, because not everyone explains. Well, I became a full time missionary June 25th of 2014, although come the end of this year I will no longer be set apart, I will always be a missionary. Because the church has changed my life. How, you may be asking? Because I have used the atonement in my life, and I know that it changes people. I am pretty good at saying the words, "I'm sorry," but I haven't always been the best at actually changing after. But I know, with the atonement, we can really change. It starts with a desire though. There have been things that I haven't been able to change about myself yet, and I beat myself up all of the time thinking, "why am I not different?" It's because until now, I haven't really desired to be. Because if we truly want to change and be better, we will turn to the Savior and we will do it with Him. We cannot do it alone. I know that I have struggled with things on my mission because I haven't been willing to change my desires. But, when I accepted my call, I said I would give my heart, might, mind, and strength and I think it's about time that I started doing it. Don't just tame the natural man, but kill him (thanks mission friend). The greatest news is, despite all of our weaknesses and shortcomings, we do not have to change and be better alone. The Savior is there. He always has been and he always will be. I know that that is true. I see it everyday, in myself and in others. It's what is starting to truly motivate me to do this work, and desire to be better. Suzy came out on a mission, but she won't be coming home. I know I was mega dope before, but I have glimpsed my potential, and like the rest of you, who I was before is nothing compared to who I can be when I turn to our Savior. I love him. 
   I hope you all are doing well! I love and miss you and hope that you have the strength to keep growin' and changin'. Remember who you are and that you're worth it! I love you all!
Soeur Kinghorn

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Yearz

Hello Framily, long time no talk. Lolz, was just like a few days ago, remember?
   So pretty much this mission thing that I am doing right now is just changing my lyphe (fingers crossed for the better), and I feel like each new week I am so pumped and motivated to repent and be better and then we go and do and things get super crazy, but it is super awesome. I like being a missionary, even though this week I mega struggled. I think I don't handle stress very well. And there is too much anxiety running through my veins that I need to get a blood transfusion. But until then, things are all good. I truly am just super happy. My companion might tell you otherwise, but that is just because I have a funny way of showing it. Remember what I told you about realizing who I truly am, and how it really is changing things for me? Well, it's still true and I am still changing. I am super excited for all of my future friends and family who are going to serve missions. They're kind of like a slap in the face sometimes, but you learn so much it is pure nutz. I am just stoked that I still have so much time left. But before you know it, I'll be home again. Until then! 
   So I guess this week was kind of hard, but mostly because it was like a growing week for me personally. I didn't get too homesick or anything, so that was super nice. I didn't even cry when we skyped! I think that might be because my heart is just getting cold haha. Or something. But no, it just seemed like people were not that nice this week. And it was hard for me to deal with. Some people were angels, but I got yelled at twice and it was so weird! But, it's ok. I really want to be like our Savior. And one of the reactions to the person who yelled at me was no good. But the other one I really think I did just turn the cheek and say, "go ahead, do it again." It's hard learning to act and not be acted upon. But there is tonz to learn everyday from our Savior and how he responded to things. He is just perfect. It's so nice to have a good goal to aim for. And in this case for us it is to aim to be like him, even though it's tough to try and live like him. One day we will be better. But for the time being we gotta set some goals to keep us trying and heading in the right direction. I think we are doing pretty well. As long as we do all that we are doing as guided by the spirit, things will turn out ok. And hey, what a cute time like 2015 to get those goals goin' eh? Not a bad idea Suzy... thank ya thank ya. Sorry, apparentally I haven't quite mastered humility yet. Or the spelling of apartentally... #weaknessesmakemestronger #superlameinspirationalhashtags. We caroled a ton this week. And at the end of last week, but I can't remember to tell you that already. We have been spending a bunch of our time finding people lately, and just getting our area cleaned up. There wasn't necessarily damage done, just a lot of stuff that couldn't have been going so much better. So this week was a bunch of maitenance.
   Oh hey, another super crazy thing I almost forgot. I got a new companion, so we are now a trio. Another super sweet part of the new companion is that she came with gifts aka another area for us to work in! Woohoo! And to top it off, it's Spanish speaking. So yup, we are the new sister missionaries for the Victoria ward, and we have a new companion and we will be speaking Spanish. Along with the old stuff we were already doing. It's super nice though that I got my mission call to speak French halfway through the semester of my Spanish class, so I kind of stopped trying super hard to learn Spanish... The Lord is so wise and helped my choose that Spanish class for a reason, but I wasted the opportunity to learn all that I could have. Don't waste your opportunities to learn people!! Anyway, it'll be a crazy end to our transfer, but I am super excited and stoked. I love where I am at, literally, and I can't wait to just keep progressing, personally.
   I hope that you all had a super awesome Christmas time! Looks like Island Park was super fun. Haha there is way more snow there than there is here. It is a bummer. Our Christmas was a rainy one... But that's ok it's been good. Thank you so much everyone who sent me packages and cards. I am just too loved and it is insane. Thank you thank you one and all. I loved everything that I received and have definitely gotten fatter from all of the candy that I have been eating. But it's all good cuz my clothes still fit and that's what counts! Anyway, I hope you are all happy and I can't wait til I read all of your emails!!
Soeur Kingcorn
P.S. If anyone has some sweet family history stories they want to send to me that'll be pretty cool.............