Thursday, July 31, 2014

Betelehemu!! Three Cheers for MoTab

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Deerest Family and Friends,
   Bonjour! What is up in the 801? Haha actually I can answer that because I'm still in the 801. Well, to quickly explain my subject line, Betelehemu is a song that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed and it is really sweet and brought a lot of joy to my day, so I highly recommend that you stop reading this and go look up the song right now. But make sure you watch the performance and not just listen to it. It brought me pure joy yesterday. There's a rule that there is no music in the MTC, except for Hymns to start things off, but everyday we have an hour to do this computer program thing that helps us learn our language and sometimes while I am doing it I listen to MoTab. So yesterday I took a little break and watched the MoTab and it was just a good time. Also, while you are at it, look up their performance of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (the most recent one I believe) and listen to that too. You don't have to watch it this time though. But I listened to that song this week and it just made me cry a little. The line where it says "Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love," just makes me think of how hard sometimes it is to do what we know is right, and our Savior and Heavenly Father know that, and that is all the more reason we need to hang onto them for support. Great songs, music is a blessing. That's probably in the top ten "things" I miss most here. But it's a small sacrifice I'm willing to pay. The sisters in my district and I like to translate songs to French and then sing them, here's an example: Je suis huppé, tu ne comprend pas, which is "I'm so fancy, you don't even know. Sort of, French and English are not the same, so they don't translate the same way. If you don't know the fancy song though, don't go look it up. It will be a really sad waste of your time. 
   Ok, now for some newz from the week! We got our travel plans, YICKADEE!!! This "goin' to Canada" thing is getting real. I am so pumped. So yeah we have to be at the MTC travel office at 3:30........... AM haha what a bummer! Then we head to the airport, and our flight leaves around 7. So family, I'm very sorry to say that if you'd like to receive a call from me, I'll be calling around 5 Washington and California time hahaha. Feel free to not answer, it's not a big deal at all. I can just leave a message or somesen and say some French words if you'd like. The bummer is, since I won't have a pday until the following week, I won't know if you want me to call anyway or not. So I'm just going to call and let you guys choose if you want to answer. But don't go out of your way or anything by waking up that early cuz it's no big thang. But I'll call the cell phones, don't worry. This week we taught our investigator Denis at the park, aka outside our building. It's fun to teach outside but it is kind of hard because there are missionaries running around and yelling a ton and it's harder to hear. One of the times though it was really funny because while we were teaching the weather was slowly getting worse. So the wind started picking up a bunch and was blowing our scripture pages everywhere and it was getting really loud so I felt like I was just shouting a bunch. "Dieu vous aime!!!!!" Which is, God loves you, and I don't know if you've ever yelled that at someone, but it just feels kinda not right. Anyway, we were just about done with our lesson when basically a tornado hit (or something like it) and it started to rain too, so we just grabbed all of our stuff and were starting to run away when I remembered that we had forgotten to pray, so I just yelled at Denis before taking off, "Priez dans votre coeur!!" Which is, pray in your heart, and after I said that our teacher just broke character and starting laughing. It was a great time. Our other lesson with Denis was eventful as well. We were in the "park" again, and were mid lesson when these two girls just came and sat down at our table. My comp and I knew them because they work for the MTC and give us our service assignments each week, and we knew that they knew our teacher because they had told us that before, but he didn't know that we knew all of this. They didn't know that we were in a lesson with Denis and not just talking with Frère Sybrowsky, so it was really weird when they sat down. Our teacher just looked at us with the most confused look on his face, then he started explaining to us-in French- that they were his friends, we just said "we know" and then he just broke character again and started talking with them because he didn't know what else to do. It was all very strange and the morale of this pointless story is: don't teach lessons in the park! Just messin' you can teach lessons in the park, just expect interruptions. But they were fun times, and made those lessons memorable for sure. 
   Another thing that happens at the MTC that I don't think I have told you about is sacrament meeting. Since we are learning French, every week we have to have a talk prepared (in French) on an assigned topic. And then, after the sacrament, who ever is conducting announces who will be speaking. So it is a surprise and everyone sits there sweating because you really don't want to get called on and whatnot. And guess who was the lucky one who spoke this week? That's right, Sister Gunn. Haha tricked ya. Just felt like telling you all about that for funsies. Looks like I made it through my MTC journey unscathed talk-wise! Sorry, random tangent.
   A happy thing for the earth this week is that it has been raining a bunch. It's sad for me though because then we can't go outside for gym. It's a bummer. So yesterday night instead of soccer we went to the gym and were shooting hoops. But everyone and their dog was there because of the rain so basically there were just balls flying around everywhere, it's the closest I've come to death here, how cool! After awhile I just quit and ran the track. So the exercise was good, just a little bit boring. One of the elders in my district got a scholarship to run track for BYU, and he can run a mile in 4 ish minutes! So tomorrow he is going to run for us (that sounds weird) and I'm excited because I've seen him lazily jog and he looks like a gazelle or something, so tomorrow it'll be cool to see what he looks like full speed. Sorry I am wasting your time with this nonsense, I just don't know where to take this emails ever. Ooo I thought of a thing. So one of the districts in my zone was going to New Caledonia, but none of them got their visas in time (poor them) so they were just kind of waiting around the MTC learning more French while they waited to see what was going to happen. And yesterday they all got new assignments! One of the sisters got reassigned to Boston until her visa is ready, and three of the sisters and the one elder (he was a solo missionary) are going to Atlanta! How neat is that? Pretty sweeeeet. It was cool because we were all so happy for them because they were super bummed they had to stay in MTC Land for a longer time and not go to New Caledonia and whatnot. So when we heard the news, basically our whole zone happened to be in the gym waiting for gym festivities to start when we heard that they were being reassigned and we all started cheering and yelling, "Hurrah for Israel!!" it was funny. Also it was cool to me because you just learn to love all of these people here so much. Even though you haven't known them for a long time. You're happy for them and sad for them, and that's been really great because I know that they're all here for me as well.
   So to conclude, I thought that I would clear up my humility lessons I keep vaguely mentioning. Even though I probably seem super humble (hehe see what I did there?), I actually can be pretty pride full. Maybe not more than the next guy, but somewhat for sure. I just sometimes start to feel like I know everything that I am doing and I get a little cocky. It's really weird for sure. Confidence is important, but it's when you feel like you don't need the Spirit's help is when you have a problem. So I would go into some lessons with investigators thinking, "oh yeah I know what to say and how to say it's all good," and when my comp and I pray before we go to the investigator's sometimes I tune out or just don't pay good enough attention because I'm not as nervous and don't feel as dependent as I did in the beginning. But the times when my attitude has been like that, the lessons have gone really poorly and it's sad that I caused it. It's nothing like super terrible or anything, it's just notably different to me, and it makes me disappointed in myself. As much as I'd like to be, I'm not perfect. And the second we think we don't need the Lord's help in our lives is the second trouble starts happening. I have to pray for Heavenly Father to help me stay awake now, and keep my mind focused, because sometimes I forget to ask for help in the really important things, I've had to start asking for help in the little things as well, just to prove that I know I need help here and throughout the rest of my life. Another way I've been learning the "humble lesson" is through practicing French. In the beginning I was really timid and just so embarrassed to sound dumb or be wrong. But as I've started to forget myself and my own fears, things have gotten better. There is always room for improvement. So that's what I have meant with my humility lessons. 
   Anyway, that's all for today. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Love and miss you errday! Next time I write I'll be in Canada!
P.S. Sorry if there are spelling errors, no time to re read
Soeur Davis et moi
One of the districts in the other French zone are going to Tahiti so they gave us grief for going to Canada, so we wrote the "Canada >" note and gave it to them, and this is what they sent back.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

La lutte est vrai! (The struggle is real)

What's groovin groovsters?
     Hello again people of earth. One month down (about) and two more weeks to go!! Oh man I am so stoked to get to Canada. I think Heavenly Father created Canada just for me to go on my mission there. I can't wait to be in a place that is as cold as my heart and full of some super awesome people and whatnot. I hope it's just pure snow and ice all of the time. Mostly because here right now it is too hot. Oh but while we are talking about outdoors kind of (you're reading, I'm talking), did you see the sunset last night??? (Yes/no) If yes: It was so crazy beautiful, you could hardly stand it, right?? If no: You really missed out. Better luck next time. But anyway, the week.....
     This week was really weird because one of our teachers went out of town and so our schedule was kind of wacky. And also some kind of plague hit our district and everyone got sick. It was kind of funny except for one elder in our district, who is a pretty big pessimist, side note---personally I think getting sick is mental as well as physical ---end side note, so since he is kind of just negative about things anyway he's stayed sick the longest and had the worst of it. I feel bad for him though. He's super funny and it's been a bummer having him miss so much class. Oh, one crazy thing (I guess it's crazy, I don't know) that happened last week was one of our elders in our district had like a weird feeling about his call, so he talked to some high up people about it and whatnot, and his call ended up getting changed to California, Anaheim Mission, Korean speaking. So he left and we are now down to seven. So since the one elder got sick and had to stay in his room and because you're supposed to be with your companion 29/7 it's been one elder and then the four of us sisters for most of the week at class. One of the sisters got the cold plague worse than the rest of us sisters too, so one day her and her companion were gone at the doctor and getting medicine and such, so it was just my comp, our district leader, and me in class. It was kind of funny I s'pose, but also pure weird. We ended up combining with another district for that three hour chunk of class time. We are all getting better though, so that is nice. And luckily it has just been cold type stuff, so really only motivation in gym time was hindered. But let's be honest, it would take a lot to get me to miss out on gym time. We are still playing soccer every night. I have soooooo many bruises on my shins from the wild kicks sisters always seem to throw out. It's cool though, "no pain no battle scars, no battle scars and that probably means you're not having fun." At least that's how I think the saying goes. But then again, if we're getting technical, bruises aren't even battle scars because they go away. I scratched my arm on a pole today though, so maybe that'll turn into a good story about fun, battle scars, and whatnot. Kenneyways... that was a nice an' random tangent.
    Some other things that happened this week. One day my district and I were walking through a building to the cafeteria, and we were talking about something and it made me sad, so I bowed my head and turned to walk into the bathroom away from all of them (in a joking type fashion), but I didn't look at what room I was going into, so I accidentally walked right into some lady's office and I was about three steps into the room before I realized that that wasn't the bathroom. She just starred at me and I awkwardly apologized and walked out awkwardly like an awkward thing on awkward tablets. Sigh... La lutte est vrai (the struggle is real). But on a better and happier note! You will not believe (actually you probably will) what I found in the cafeteria this week. SOY SAUCE! Oh man it was so great for sure. That night I had rice and soy sauce for dinner. And the best part is, they have rice and soy sauce EVERYDAY! Basically this place really isn't so bad. I was just giggling the whole time I was pouring the sauce onto my rice, reminiscing (remembered how to spell that word thanks to my new pocket dictionary! Woohoo!) about how I ate about ten pounds of rice by myself at college. Gooooood times. Another thing food wise that happened this week was that someone's mom had donuts delivered to them here, and the sister put a whole box of them out on the "sharing shelf" in our residence hall. Somehow I accidentally ate two donuts? I don't even know how it happened. All of the sudden I was just covered in sprinkles and extremely happy. But it's all good because I have been eating salads at meal time when I'm not eating rice. I think I have actually lost weight here. Salads and donuts for the win! 
     So in class time (not sure why I keep saying "time" after everything I do? Sleep time, meal time, class time, prayer time, laugh time) we have been role playing quite a bit recently. It's one of those things that I really don't love because I get all embarrassed and whatnot, but it's a "swallow your pride, Suzanne and just do it (Nike)" kind of thing. But I have actually been enjoying it lately because our goal is to find the person's "souci." Which is French for like a worry or concern or something like that. Basically it is like practicing contacting. So you just talk to someone like you are meeting them for the first time and ask them religious based questions to see how they feel about things and try to teach them a short message. I like it for a few reasons, 1. "Souci" sounds like my real name but just with an "s" sound where the z is and 2. You feel the spirit really strongly and it is crazy! So we have been practicing that and utilizing the spirit in order to ask inspired questions in order to help them, and by them I mean the other missionaries we are role playing with. It's been cool for sure. To clear a few things up, our "investigators" can be people hired to just come and be investigators, but for us they are our teachers who are taking on the role of an investigator that they taught, which is what it usually is for every missionary. But there are also people called "golden investigators" that you can just find and teach whenever you have free time. Which is never so they probably don't get taught much. So anyway we contacted two of them, and the other (Lupé) was referred to us by her sister so she knew we were coming. Denis has been out of town (because Frère Sybrowsky was out of town), and we just finished up with Alex, because she was our sub teacher and or temporary investigator. My companion and I had a cool lesson with Lupé this week because she had committed to baptism in an earlier lesson, but then when we were talking to her about it again she was pretty apprehensive. So the next lesson we went in with a list of scriptures that we thought could help her, and just had a discussion. It was really cool because I felt like we helped her and we weren't just winging it, but we weren't there to just push a lesson in her face (not that we are ever there to do that), but the visit was 290% to answer her questions and concerns, and she said afterwards that she felt like we did love her and that it would all be good. Woohoo, go spirit! I think that is what they are trying to teach us here. To have the lessons known, so that we know how to teach our investigators the doctrines, but to teach in such a way that it is personal to them. Everyday we hear, you are teaching people, not lessons. The spirit is just so important to have. The preparation is imperative as well so that the spirit can have a well to draw from while you're in your lessons, but ultimately you just have to rely on Heavenly Father. That can be applied in the real world too. President Uchtdorf said something like, "humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking less about yourself," and I think that that is totally true in lessons and everyday life. We have to be humble enough to not be worrying about ourselves so much, but what the needs of others are. It comes with time, but there is always room for improvement and growing. And if we are humble and trying to help others, the spirit will be there helping us no doubt. New thing, during my personal study time, I have been practicing receiving revelation through scripture study. I guess not really practicing, but just actually doing it for once. I never really studied the scriptures til now, and I have seriously been missing out. But anyway, what I do is when I read a scripture or just something that I like, I write down the reference and then just what I think about it. It has been really cool to go back and read through things that I have been learning. but earlier this week I read a scripture and it stood out to me, and I wasn't sure why, so I just thought, "Welp, probably should write it down anywaze." So I did, and once it was written on paper I realized the reference was 21:12!!! Haha I was so stoked!! I think it was just something I needed to see to kind of give me like a pick me up, you know? Because when I saw "2112" I thought of Rush, and you dad and it just made me happy and gave me some new motivation for the day. The Lord works in mysterious ways; twas no coincidence, because "[coincidences are] small [miracles] in which God chooses to remain anonymous" (Patricia Holland). It wasn't random that all of that happened.   
     Well I think that just about concludes my news for this week. Things are super great and I am pure happy here. Thank goodness for divine revelation and that the mission age changed because who knows if I would have still decided to come on a mission at 21. It is such a privilege to devote my life to the Lord and His gospel that has brought me nothing but happiness and smiles all of my life. It can seriously be your rock if you just let it (sorry to be preachy, but this is the only opportunity I have to be preachy and you all won't judge me too harshly). I do it out of love, because one day the world is going to know what we knew, and know that we knew it. Someone important said that, but I can't remember who. That being said, share why you're happy and why your life has been blessed, it'll only make you happier! 
     Love you guys so much. I miss you and all that good stuff, but I'll see you all soon enough!
Je vous aime, toujours!
Soeur SnoopZilla
P.S. I saw Jen Frost at the Provo Temple today! It was super cool!!
P.P.S. Mo, thanks a pant load for the package!!!! I have used the dictionary a bunch already, and I have made even more friends from sharing the treats. But I don't put the baked goods on the "sharing shelf" ever. Haha those are just for me.
P.P.P.S. How does Moses make his tea?.............. He-brews it!
P.P.P.P.S. Need an arc? I Noah guy. Oh man, missionary humor is just the dumbest.
     Ok bye.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the path to Eternal Sweg

Soeur Hunt - a really cool sister in my district

Oh hey there family!
     What is up????? So looks like another week went by. This one actually did go fairly quickly and that was nice and different. I usually try to write a little bit down so that I can not just sit here at the computer wasting time trying to think.... But my notes today aren't too helpful. It's all good, I'll do the best that I am capable of. 
     So last Tuesday Neil L. Anderson (not to be mistaken with Neil A. Anderson (I kept calling him that on accident and people kept looking at me like I was really dumb, I only was a little dumb) spoke for our devotional. It was pretty sweet fo sho. His wife shared a little thought as well. And it was cool because when I was going back over my notes later that night, there were two things that I had starred that I must have liked, and it was one thing she said and one thing he said, and they were almost exactly the same phrase #inspirationfromheaven. It went a little something like this, "We can't have the Holy Ghost through any kind of deception because God is the one who gives Him to us, and he knows us." That stood out to me because it just helped me better understand that there really is no trickery with Heavenly Father. I can fake that I know French, but I can't fake whether or not I have the power of God on my side. That made me a little nervous though because then I started to get all nervous that I was terrible and unworthy and all of that not so good stuff. But later this last week I talked with one of my teachers and she just said that sometimes we forget to forgive ourselves for making mistakes and not being perfect. It was sweet because that was exactly what I needed to hear. I hope you all, following your demands for forgiveness from Heavenly Father, remember that you need to forgive yourself as well. Don't carry burdens around that you don't have to be carrying. This life is hard enough, am I right? Yes, I am #humility. Sorry for the hashtags, they are just flowin. 
     Another mega dope thing we got to do last Tuesday after email time was go to the Provo temple and help them clean. Some of you may be wondering, "how is dat doper dan ma mojo?" Well, dear ones, if you were an Elder it wasn't as cool because they had to clean out lockers. But the sisters got to clean the chandeliers! So we put together and took apart a few of the chandeliers in the sealing rooms and it was sweet. Except we were cleaning the crystals with vinegar so we smelled super bad for the rest of the day. Oh well, it was worth it. Plus it just reminded me of salt and vinegar chips, and those are super good. Also pickles. I'm kinda hungry right now. Anywaffle... what else?
     Oh yeah, so I said the prayer at the devotional on Sunday. Turns out they only broadcast to the other MTC's when they broadcast, so you didn't have much of a chance of seeing me pray anyway. I got kind of nervous because there were a lot of people there and my mouth always gets really dry when I have to public speak. So basically while I sat and waited for the closing prayer to roll around it felt like I was eating tablespoons of cinnamon because the moisture was just continually being sucked from my mouth. But it was all good. I only stumbled over the word "successful" but if you tried saying it with your lips stuck to your teeth like, you probably would have had to try saying it again too. I probably looked like a mouse since my lips were all weird and stuck high up on my teeth. But good thing no one ever opens there eyes during prayers, so I'm sure no one noticed. We also got to go to the temple this morning. That was pretty cool too. It was weird being there with just a bunch of missionaries though. But weird in a good way. It's a great place to feel the spirit. 
     We have three new investigators that we are teaching, their names are Alex, Lupé, and Denis. They are all pretty cool, but just different from one another. It was cool though because this week we Lupé said she would be baptized. I was pretty pumped about. Another cool thing we got to do last week was called TRC, not sure what it stands for, but we just practice teaching people how are supposed to be members and we just share a short message. It's helpful for learning conversational French. We taught two little girls for one of the lessons. My comp and I walked in and I thought they were there because they didn't have a babysitter or somesen. So We started directing our conversation towards the mom, and she said, "oh I don't speak French, they do." So that was a little different, I hadn't even thought about little kids since they don't exist in MTC Land. It was cool teaching them though, we taught about faith and I'm sure they didn't understand much, but I felt good, and I think they did too. 
     Everyday I learn more about humility and it blows me away how much I am lacking in that department. I joke about being super cool and whatnot, and usually then I am not serious, but sometimes I feel like I really have a hold on things and I overly prideful in "my abilities" (see what's wrong there?) and then a lesson goes pretty poorly or something and I remember that this isn't all about me, and if I can't learn how to ask our Savior for support in all things then I am going to have a rough mission. It's been good though, because I learn a good lesson like that everyday, and I feel like I am slowly but surely learning all that I need to in order to be a better person. Through humility and charity, we will be able to stay on the path towards eternal sweg. Haha or just eternal life as some people choose to refer to it. 
     Sorry this email is kind of dull, here is an example of what makes me laugh/happy these days: So last night I was lying in bed just getting ready to sleep, with one of my face cheeks flat on the pillow when I sneezed super violently. It probably was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. At least it must have been since I laughed for like fifteen minutes straight. So now you understand why my emails aren't too exciting. I'm sure once I get to Canada things will pick up. Oo another thing I have enjoyed is being misinformed. People never tell us what is going on, so we are frequently late or at the wrong place at the wrong time. But why I enjoy that so much is because while we are being somewhat scolded for our mistake, I think of the line from the Wedding Singer when he says "That's another thing that would have been good to know YESTERDAY!!" I have said that probably about ten times. In my head though, don't worry. 
     One last thing then I will be done. We had a really great lesson on the Atonement this week. It is such a powerful, merciful, and amazing thing. But we were studying it in a logical sense this time. Like how it satisfies the demands of justice and all of that good stuff. It just kind of blew me away. It's all pretty over my head, but oh man am I thankful for our Savior and his atonement for us. All things are possible through him, and I know that. I hope you all would take the time to know that too. Je sais que Le Livre de Mormon est vrai. Je sais que Jésus-Christ est notre Sauveur et Redemptuer. Je sais que a travers l'éxpiation de Christ, nous pouvons retourner avec Dieu et Jésus-Christ et nos familles. Dieu et Jésus-Christ vous aime aussi. Souvenez! Je vous aime beacoup.
Thanks for the love, like always, 
Much love in return,
My district

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Barf of July!

Whaddup whaddup family!

     Sooooo it's pday again. Everybody keeps saying, "man another week! Time is flying!" And I am just sitting here thinking, "sweet, I think I am finally to my eighth month mark!" Haha this place is a time warp. I feel like it has been an eternity. The good news is that like I said last week, it's not so bad here so I don't mind too terribly that it has seemed like I have been here forever. It's just hard to keep the days straight, but I will do the best that I can to keep you updated. 
     So after emailing last week we just hung around for awhile doing nothing until it was time for dinner and a devotional. I'm sure they were both great, I have notes on the devotional, but if I tried to write you everything that I have learned then we'd all be here for awhile. There are a few things that stood out this week that I want to talk about I s'pose, so I'll do that!
     So the fourth was a good day. For the most part haha. I felt super sick all that morning and I was really scared I was going to get legit sick (sorry for my use of legit... I can't remember how to spell the full word and I am all embarrassed about that right now. But actually, the girl next to me just asked me how to spell "borrow" at least I'm not that far gone with spelling.). Anywaze, so after lunch we had class with a different teacher than we usually have. He was a really good teacher and we learned about planning so it was very helpful. But I felt so hot and sweaty and just out of it that I was hardly paying attention, so maybe it actually was a terrible lesson? I trust that it wasn't though. So I was sitting there and we were practicing planning and studying with our companion, when at about three I knew I was doomed. The lesson was supposed to only go until 3:15 though, so I just kept thinking, "you can make it. Keep your mouth closed then just run out after the prayer." So after the lesson one of the Elders stood up to pray. My companion looked at me before he started and could tell that something was up so she knew I was going to take off. The sweet elder, bless him, was praying in French, so the prayer took extra long and I was about to lose it. Haha once he said "amen" I bolted for the door and ran straight to the bathroom. I decided I didn't want to be in there though because there is only one toilet on that floor of the building that we are supposed to share with 30+ sisters, so I decided to go back to our residence hall. My poor companion just trailed along behind me while I power walked to the building where my room is. Once we got there I just climbed up onto my bed (I'm on the top bunk) and just sat there waiting because I figured I was going to lose my lunch any minute. She just kinda stood there and looked at me and it was all very uncomfortable. It was a bad idea to climb up there though because I kind of trapped myself haha. Anyway I asked her to hand me the garbage can and was about to say, "you should probably leave the room" but I didn't get it out fast enough so I just started throwing up into the garbage can and she just stood and watched hahaha. I was dying, not because I was sick but because I thought it was so funny that she was still standing right there. Eventually through awkward dry heaves I told her to wait in the hall. Once I was done I took a nap and she read or something and we made it back in time for dinner! One thing a learned from that, besides that it is kind of awkward to have a companion when you are sick, is that you have to do work in order to have your prayers answered. You might be wondering, "Oh, is that so, Soeur Kinghorn?" Indeed it is. All morning and afternoon I kept praying that I wouldn't feel sick anymore. And I kept feeling like I should go get some medicine. But I just wouldn't go and get it. And what do you know? I still felt sick. Once I finally took some medicine I was 100% fine. It all seems really simple, I know. But it's hard for the Lord to bless us if we are just sitting in a chair saying, "bless me I really need it!" Because his probably sitting in His throne as well saying, "do something about it first, then I will!" After the barf episode we had a 4th of July devotional and we watched the pioneer movie 17 Miracles. I don't know if you guys have seen it or remember, but there is one part where these little pioneer girls run into some rattlesnakes. When that part came on I turned to the girl next to me and said, "snakes on the plains!" And then I laughed at my incredible wit and my ability to remember things from the real world, like the movie Snakes on a Plane or whatever. I've never actually seen that one though. Sorry for the random tangent, but it's the simple things that keep you happy and sane here. Anyway, 17 Miracles. It's a good one, and definitely makes you appreciate all that the pioneers sacrificed for the gospel. Kind of makes you wonder what you're doing to sacrifice for the gospel as well. After that we got to go outside and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks show. It was way sweet because you can see them really well from certain spots of the MTC parking lot. Oh man they were cool. And we got some ice cream so it felt like a real 4th of July to me. Besides the fact that I went to bed at 10:45, but you know 15 minutes later for bedtime was wild enough for us missionaries. 
     The rest of the week consisted of classroom time and learning, like usual. We finished up with our first investigator this week. It was kind of a bummer because we asked her to be baptized and all that, but she never really accepted. It's ok though, because I just remember that I actually asked someone to be baptized in a foreign language. I couldn't have done that two weeks ago. Our teachers taught us a bunch of cool stuff this week too, in French and spiritually. I suggest studying the scriptures found under the word "Merit" in the index to the Book of Mormon. It's not a topic to just glaze over though, so if you have time, learn how we can make it in this life through Christ. It's a lesson we all need everyday. Oh, and in case you were worried, we started playing soccer at gym time. And since I am not very good at soccer, I found that I don't get as mad that the other sisters aren't that great either haha. So we all just get to run around and get exercise and not worry about points and scoring and whatnot. Last night the score was fun to fun, I scored the last fun point and we all tied and were so happy with each other that rainbows came down from the heavens and it started raining glitter. I was all giggles and smiles. It was a cute time. Or it went something like that at least. 
     Sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet week last week! Your fourth sounded more eventful than mine, and I am glad that the dudes had fun with Jerm and Slaw at Fantasy Con! Haha that sounds super dorky, but I bet it was a good time and I probably would have gone too. Thanks for sending pics! I want to see them for sure! Also, thanks for the package, Mo! The cookies were super good and I shared them with everyone. The teachers especially loved them. So much so they even let us eat in the classroom even though no food is allowed in there. Oh yeah, I got picked to say a prayer at our Sunday devotional. I bet it's not broadcasted, but you should find out because if it is you can see/hear me pray! Haha I'm a little nervous, but it's just talking with Heavenly Father on the behalf of 1800+ people. It'll be good. It's not like a big deal or anything, so don't think this is a special honor. The devotional is at the Marriot Center though, so that'll be nice to walk over there for a change. Things are heatin up here. Temperature wise. Good thing we're inside all day........ Except the AC is colder than my heart so usually I am freezing. I think that's all. I'll respond to other things in all of your emails via letter, like I have been trying to do so far. Surprisingly (is it surprising though?), I have more time to write letters than email right now. My companion is a strict adhere-er to the 1hr. emailing rule, which is probably a good thing. Anygiggle, I love you guys and miss you everyday. I think about you lots, but my work isn't being hindered because of it, so don't worry! Keep praying for me and each other. Often times we are the answer to someone else's prayers. Much love and giggles and beards and whatnot...
Love always,
Sistar Snooplionsweg 
P.S. Remember: Et maintenant, comme je l'ai dit concernat la foi: La foi ce n'est pas avoir la connaissance parfaites des choses; c'est pourquoi, si avez vous la foi, vous esperez en des choses; qui ne sont pas vues, qui sont vraies. Alma 32:21 (I think.... embarrassing). Faith is all you need! Anything is possible if you just believe (name that movie! It's not Snakes on a Plane btw). P.P.S. Sorry if there are typos. I'm ashamed of them but French is taking over my mind, luckily.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week one or naaahhhhhh

Sisters in my district

My dearest Chums and Chumettes, aka family, friends, and whatnot,
     So this is my first pday in the MTC! Booyah! I am super stoked to have one week down and only five more to go! Five weeks seems like forezer though. Oh well. It's not so bad here I guess. I'm just going to say what needs to be said, so if this email doesn't flow like my rhymes, than many apologies. I feel like I have been here for weeks and it's hard to keep straight what happened everyday. Because one day you'll do something, then you're thinking about it that night as if it were weeks ago. It's really weird, but I hear that it gets better and time moves faster and whatsuch.
     Anygiggle... #leggo! Soooo Wednesday.. It really wasn't so bad. They did just take me away, no mercy or anything. We dropped our stuff off at our residence hall (Mo I'm on the main MTC campus. The West Campus is for the Spanish speakers, as it turns out), then I went and picked up my language books, then I went to my classroom and away we went. My two teachers, Frere Sybrowsky (or something like that) and Soeur Mckay are super cool. They only speak French though so that is a little rough. I am able to understand enough to know what to do, so that is nice. After we got our companions in the classroom (mine is Soeur Capener, like I said), we went to a welcome thing with the MTC presidency and their wives. A ton of missionaries came the same day as me! Then we probably did other stuff, but I can't remember. I think we just went back to the class and started studying les langues. Every time I pray I pray for "le don les langues" or the gift of tongues. Slowly but surely it'll come, I'm not too worried about it.
     It's kinda hard to remember each day, but an average day looks like this, 6:30 wake up and get ready and all that good stuff. I usually wake up and am pretty mad, like I want to punch my pillow because it feels so early, but after like two seconds and a morning prayer it's all good in da hood aka room 385. Oh, quick thought, since we can wear normal clothes today, I was rocking all of my Snoop swag (socks, shoes, cool shirt, etc.) and someone told me that I looked like such a G. Haha I was so pumped! Snoop Lion will never lose the swegg. Anywaze, After wake up we have breakfast at 7. Then to the classroom at 7:30, where we do one or more of a few things: personal study, comp study, prepare to teach our investigator (her name is Lisianne), and language study. Some days we use that time to actually teach our investigator too, it just depends on if she is "home" or not. Then we are taught by one of our teachers. Other random teachers will stop by too to help out and stuff because usually our teachers aren't here until after lunch. So we do all of that until lunch, which goes from 11:30 to 12:15. Our district has a goal to only speak French at lunch, so it's pretty quiet with the occasional hand gesture and sound effect or the words, "oui, pourquoi (why?), pourquoi pas (why not?)." It's actually pretty funny, and eventually we'll be able to say more to each other. So after that we go back to the classroom and learn until dinner which is at 4:30 and goes to 5:15. We are on the early meal schedule, so that is the last time we eat until the next morning! But I'm never hungry except for meal times, so I don't care. After dinner it's back to the classroom. We have companion study or personal study, whatever wasn't in the morning, language study, planning lesson time, planning the next day in our planners time and yeah. We also get our mail at the end of the time chunk. We leave the classroom at 8:15, then it's GYM TIME!!!! Aka my favorite time! It is so nice because we get to go outside and play on the fields or volleyball courts that are near the temple. And, since our gym time is last, it's when the sun is setting, so I get to enjoy the beautiful sunset and it makes me so happy everyday. No one ever appreciates it like I do. Sometimes it makes me want to cry, tooooo muuuuccchhhh beeeaaaauuttyy!!! It also always reminds me that there is a God and that he loves us enough to gives us beautiful nature. Oh man it is the best. I decided yesterday though that I probably can't play sports anymore. Haha because you aren't supposed to be competitive and you can't play contact sports with the elders, and the sisters all suck at sports and it just makes me so mad. So I figured I should just run around the field or something so that I don't have to get mad about the sister's lack of sports talent. Don't worry, this isn't me being mean, I'm just being honest haha. All of the sisters are super great at other stuff, so I still love them. We get done with gym at 9:15, then we head back up to our rooms and we can shower and just get ready for bed. Then at 10:15 it's quiet time where you just quiet down and reflect and the day and write in your journal and whatnot. I usually just read my French and English scriptures side by side though. I'm tired of not being able to talk to my investigator, so I want to get better at the language.
     So that is basically how it goes. Sometimes there are devotionals and other random things thrown in, but I have also only been here one week so there might be other stuff to report on l8r. The first four days were pretty rough. I was pretty sad and just on the verge of tears the whole time. I kept thinking, "If I had known it would have been this hard would I still have come?" But then I remembered (in a way...) that we once were all in this way chill place called Heaven with the greatest father and brother and each other, of course. And we were told that we could come to a place where we would learn a ton and become like our father, but it would be so hard and not seem fun or worth it at times. And yet despite all of that, we still came. And so, dear family, even though it is hard, of course I still would have come on my mission, even if I had known that it was going to be pretty hard. I do like it here. And everyday it gets better. I am learning bunches and I have met cool people and I won't even been here that long. Canada here I come!! Whoop whoop! Thanks for the letters and emails. Please keep writing, it keeps me sane and gives me a different type of thing to look forward to. Plus, if you write letters, I write back! As some of you know. Anyway, thanks again so much for the love and support. I am so lucky to be here I thank Heavenly Father for that everyday. I hope you all are doing well. Don't worry, my next emails shouldn't be so self centered, I just wanted to give you guys the run down. I love you all very very much!!!
Soeur Kinghorn
P.S. Ok bye love you, mean it!
My comp, Soeur Carly Capeuer from Layton. She is an engineering major from Weber State.
My District