Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week one or naaahhhhhh

Sisters in my district

My dearest Chums and Chumettes, aka family, friends, and whatnot,
     So this is my first pday in the MTC! Booyah! I am super stoked to have one week down and only five more to go! Five weeks seems like forezer though. Oh well. It's not so bad here I guess. I'm just going to say what needs to be said, so if this email doesn't flow like my rhymes, than many apologies. I feel like I have been here for weeks and it's hard to keep straight what happened everyday. Because one day you'll do something, then you're thinking about it that night as if it were weeks ago. It's really weird, but I hear that it gets better and time moves faster and whatsuch.
     Anygiggle... #leggo! Soooo Wednesday.. It really wasn't so bad. They did just take me away, no mercy or anything. We dropped our stuff off at our residence hall (Mo I'm on the main MTC campus. The West Campus is for the Spanish speakers, as it turns out), then I went and picked up my language books, then I went to my classroom and away we went. My two teachers, Frere Sybrowsky (or something like that) and Soeur Mckay are super cool. They only speak French though so that is a little rough. I am able to understand enough to know what to do, so that is nice. After we got our companions in the classroom (mine is Soeur Capener, like I said), we went to a welcome thing with the MTC presidency and their wives. A ton of missionaries came the same day as me! Then we probably did other stuff, but I can't remember. I think we just went back to the class and started studying les langues. Every time I pray I pray for "le don les langues" or the gift of tongues. Slowly but surely it'll come, I'm not too worried about it.
     It's kinda hard to remember each day, but an average day looks like this, 6:30 wake up and get ready and all that good stuff. I usually wake up and am pretty mad, like I want to punch my pillow because it feels so early, but after like two seconds and a morning prayer it's all good in da hood aka room 385. Oh, quick thought, since we can wear normal clothes today, I was rocking all of my Snoop swag (socks, shoes, cool shirt, etc.) and someone told me that I looked like such a G. Haha I was so pumped! Snoop Lion will never lose the swegg. Anywaze, After wake up we have breakfast at 7. Then to the classroom at 7:30, where we do one or more of a few things: personal study, comp study, prepare to teach our investigator (her name is Lisianne), and language study. Some days we use that time to actually teach our investigator too, it just depends on if she is "home" or not. Then we are taught by one of our teachers. Other random teachers will stop by too to help out and stuff because usually our teachers aren't here until after lunch. So we do all of that until lunch, which goes from 11:30 to 12:15. Our district has a goal to only speak French at lunch, so it's pretty quiet with the occasional hand gesture and sound effect or the words, "oui, pourquoi (why?), pourquoi pas (why not?)." It's actually pretty funny, and eventually we'll be able to say more to each other. So after that we go back to the classroom and learn until dinner which is at 4:30 and goes to 5:15. We are on the early meal schedule, so that is the last time we eat until the next morning! But I'm never hungry except for meal times, so I don't care. After dinner it's back to the classroom. We have companion study or personal study, whatever wasn't in the morning, language study, planning lesson time, planning the next day in our planners time and yeah. We also get our mail at the end of the time chunk. We leave the classroom at 8:15, then it's GYM TIME!!!! Aka my favorite time! It is so nice because we get to go outside and play on the fields or volleyball courts that are near the temple. And, since our gym time is last, it's when the sun is setting, so I get to enjoy the beautiful sunset and it makes me so happy everyday. No one ever appreciates it like I do. Sometimes it makes me want to cry, tooooo muuuuccchhhh beeeaaaauuttyy!!! It also always reminds me that there is a God and that he loves us enough to gives us beautiful nature. Oh man it is the best. I decided yesterday though that I probably can't play sports anymore. Haha because you aren't supposed to be competitive and you can't play contact sports with the elders, and the sisters all suck at sports and it just makes me so mad. So I figured I should just run around the field or something so that I don't have to get mad about the sister's lack of sports talent. Don't worry, this isn't me being mean, I'm just being honest haha. All of the sisters are super great at other stuff, so I still love them. We get done with gym at 9:15, then we head back up to our rooms and we can shower and just get ready for bed. Then at 10:15 it's quiet time where you just quiet down and reflect and the day and write in your journal and whatnot. I usually just read my French and English scriptures side by side though. I'm tired of not being able to talk to my investigator, so I want to get better at the language.
     So that is basically how it goes. Sometimes there are devotionals and other random things thrown in, but I have also only been here one week so there might be other stuff to report on l8r. The first four days were pretty rough. I was pretty sad and just on the verge of tears the whole time. I kept thinking, "If I had known it would have been this hard would I still have come?" But then I remembered (in a way...) that we once were all in this way chill place called Heaven with the greatest father and brother and each other, of course. And we were told that we could come to a place where we would learn a ton and become like our father, but it would be so hard and not seem fun or worth it at times. And yet despite all of that, we still came. And so, dear family, even though it is hard, of course I still would have come on my mission, even if I had known that it was going to be pretty hard. I do like it here. And everyday it gets better. I am learning bunches and I have met cool people and I won't even been here that long. Canada here I come!! Whoop whoop! Thanks for the letters and emails. Please keep writing, it keeps me sane and gives me a different type of thing to look forward to. Plus, if you write letters, I write back! As some of you know. Anyway, thanks again so much for the love and support. I am so lucky to be here I thank Heavenly Father for that everyday. I hope you all are doing well. Don't worry, my next emails shouldn't be so self centered, I just wanted to give you guys the run down. I love you all very very much!!!
Soeur Kinghorn
P.S. Ok bye love you, mean it!
My comp, Soeur Carly Capeuer from Layton. She is an engineering major from Weber State.
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