Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the path to Eternal Sweg

Soeur Hunt - a really cool sister in my district

Oh hey there family!
     What is up????? So looks like another week went by. This one actually did go fairly quickly and that was nice and different. I usually try to write a little bit down so that I can not just sit here at the computer wasting time trying to think.... But my notes today aren't too helpful. It's all good, I'll do the best that I am capable of. 
     So last Tuesday Neil L. Anderson (not to be mistaken with Neil A. Anderson (I kept calling him that on accident and people kept looking at me like I was really dumb, I only was a little dumb) spoke for our devotional. It was pretty sweet fo sho. His wife shared a little thought as well. And it was cool because when I was going back over my notes later that night, there were two things that I had starred that I must have liked, and it was one thing she said and one thing he said, and they were almost exactly the same phrase #inspirationfromheaven. It went a little something like this, "We can't have the Holy Ghost through any kind of deception because God is the one who gives Him to us, and he knows us." That stood out to me because it just helped me better understand that there really is no trickery with Heavenly Father. I can fake that I know French, but I can't fake whether or not I have the power of God on my side. That made me a little nervous though because then I started to get all nervous that I was terrible and unworthy and all of that not so good stuff. But later this last week I talked with one of my teachers and she just said that sometimes we forget to forgive ourselves for making mistakes and not being perfect. It was sweet because that was exactly what I needed to hear. I hope you all, following your demands for forgiveness from Heavenly Father, remember that you need to forgive yourself as well. Don't carry burdens around that you don't have to be carrying. This life is hard enough, am I right? Yes, I am #humility. Sorry for the hashtags, they are just flowin. 
     Another mega dope thing we got to do last Tuesday after email time was go to the Provo temple and help them clean. Some of you may be wondering, "how is dat doper dan ma mojo?" Well, dear ones, if you were an Elder it wasn't as cool because they had to clean out lockers. But the sisters got to clean the chandeliers! So we put together and took apart a few of the chandeliers in the sealing rooms and it was sweet. Except we were cleaning the crystals with vinegar so we smelled super bad for the rest of the day. Oh well, it was worth it. Plus it just reminded me of salt and vinegar chips, and those are super good. Also pickles. I'm kinda hungry right now. Anywaffle... what else?
     Oh yeah, so I said the prayer at the devotional on Sunday. Turns out they only broadcast to the other MTC's when they broadcast, so you didn't have much of a chance of seeing me pray anyway. I got kind of nervous because there were a lot of people there and my mouth always gets really dry when I have to public speak. So basically while I sat and waited for the closing prayer to roll around it felt like I was eating tablespoons of cinnamon because the moisture was just continually being sucked from my mouth. But it was all good. I only stumbled over the word "successful" but if you tried saying it with your lips stuck to your teeth like, you probably would have had to try saying it again too. I probably looked like a mouse since my lips were all weird and stuck high up on my teeth. But good thing no one ever opens there eyes during prayers, so I'm sure no one noticed. We also got to go to the temple this morning. That was pretty cool too. It was weird being there with just a bunch of missionaries though. But weird in a good way. It's a great place to feel the spirit. 
     We have three new investigators that we are teaching, their names are Alex, Lupé, and Denis. They are all pretty cool, but just different from one another. It was cool though because this week we Lupé said she would be baptized. I was pretty pumped about. Another cool thing we got to do last week was called TRC, not sure what it stands for, but we just practice teaching people how are supposed to be members and we just share a short message. It's helpful for learning conversational French. We taught two little girls for one of the lessons. My comp and I walked in and I thought they were there because they didn't have a babysitter or somesen. So We started directing our conversation towards the mom, and she said, "oh I don't speak French, they do." So that was a little different, I hadn't even thought about little kids since they don't exist in MTC Land. It was cool teaching them though, we taught about faith and I'm sure they didn't understand much, but I felt good, and I think they did too. 
     Everyday I learn more about humility and it blows me away how much I am lacking in that department. I joke about being super cool and whatnot, and usually then I am not serious, but sometimes I feel like I really have a hold on things and I overly prideful in "my abilities" (see what's wrong there?) and then a lesson goes pretty poorly or something and I remember that this isn't all about me, and if I can't learn how to ask our Savior for support in all things then I am going to have a rough mission. It's been good though, because I learn a good lesson like that everyday, and I feel like I am slowly but surely learning all that I need to in order to be a better person. Through humility and charity, we will be able to stay on the path towards eternal sweg. Haha or just eternal life as some people choose to refer to it. 
     Sorry this email is kind of dull, here is an example of what makes me laugh/happy these days: So last night I was lying in bed just getting ready to sleep, with one of my face cheeks flat on the pillow when I sneezed super violently. It probably was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. At least it must have been since I laughed for like fifteen minutes straight. So now you understand why my emails aren't too exciting. I'm sure once I get to Canada things will pick up. Oo another thing I have enjoyed is being misinformed. People never tell us what is going on, so we are frequently late or at the wrong place at the wrong time. But why I enjoy that so much is because while we are being somewhat scolded for our mistake, I think of the line from the Wedding Singer when he says "That's another thing that would have been good to know YESTERDAY!!" I have said that probably about ten times. In my head though, don't worry. 
     One last thing then I will be done. We had a really great lesson on the Atonement this week. It is such a powerful, merciful, and amazing thing. But we were studying it in a logical sense this time. Like how it satisfies the demands of justice and all of that good stuff. It just kind of blew me away. It's all pretty over my head, but oh man am I thankful for our Savior and his atonement for us. All things are possible through him, and I know that. I hope you all would take the time to know that too. Je sais que Le Livre de Mormon est vrai. Je sais que Jésus-Christ est notre Sauveur et Redemptuer. Je sais que a travers l'éxpiation de Christ, nous pouvons retourner avec Dieu et Jésus-Christ et nos familles. Dieu et Jésus-Christ vous aime aussi. Souvenez! Je vous aime beacoup.
Thanks for the love, like always, 
Much love in return,
My district

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