Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Barf of July!

Whaddup whaddup family!

     Sooooo it's pday again. Everybody keeps saying, "man another week! Time is flying!" And I am just sitting here thinking, "sweet, I think I am finally to my eighth month mark!" Haha this place is a time warp. I feel like it has been an eternity. The good news is that like I said last week, it's not so bad here so I don't mind too terribly that it has seemed like I have been here forever. It's just hard to keep the days straight, but I will do the best that I can to keep you updated. 
     So after emailing last week we just hung around for awhile doing nothing until it was time for dinner and a devotional. I'm sure they were both great, I have notes on the devotional, but if I tried to write you everything that I have learned then we'd all be here for awhile. There are a few things that stood out this week that I want to talk about I s'pose, so I'll do that!
     So the fourth was a good day. For the most part haha. I felt super sick all that morning and I was really scared I was going to get legit sick (sorry for my use of legit... I can't remember how to spell the full word and I am all embarrassed about that right now. But actually, the girl next to me just asked me how to spell "borrow" at least I'm not that far gone with spelling.). Anywaze, so after lunch we had class with a different teacher than we usually have. He was a really good teacher and we learned about planning so it was very helpful. But I felt so hot and sweaty and just out of it that I was hardly paying attention, so maybe it actually was a terrible lesson? I trust that it wasn't though. So I was sitting there and we were practicing planning and studying with our companion, when at about three I knew I was doomed. The lesson was supposed to only go until 3:15 though, so I just kept thinking, "you can make it. Keep your mouth closed then just run out after the prayer." So after the lesson one of the Elders stood up to pray. My companion looked at me before he started and could tell that something was up so she knew I was going to take off. The sweet elder, bless him, was praying in French, so the prayer took extra long and I was about to lose it. Haha once he said "amen" I bolted for the door and ran straight to the bathroom. I decided I didn't want to be in there though because there is only one toilet on that floor of the building that we are supposed to share with 30+ sisters, so I decided to go back to our residence hall. My poor companion just trailed along behind me while I power walked to the building where my room is. Once we got there I just climbed up onto my bed (I'm on the top bunk) and just sat there waiting because I figured I was going to lose my lunch any minute. She just kinda stood there and looked at me and it was all very uncomfortable. It was a bad idea to climb up there though because I kind of trapped myself haha. Anyway I asked her to hand me the garbage can and was about to say, "you should probably leave the room" but I didn't get it out fast enough so I just started throwing up into the garbage can and she just stood and watched hahaha. I was dying, not because I was sick but because I thought it was so funny that she was still standing right there. Eventually through awkward dry heaves I told her to wait in the hall. Once I was done I took a nap and she read or something and we made it back in time for dinner! One thing a learned from that, besides that it is kind of awkward to have a companion when you are sick, is that you have to do work in order to have your prayers answered. You might be wondering, "Oh, is that so, Soeur Kinghorn?" Indeed it is. All morning and afternoon I kept praying that I wouldn't feel sick anymore. And I kept feeling like I should go get some medicine. But I just wouldn't go and get it. And what do you know? I still felt sick. Once I finally took some medicine I was 100% fine. It all seems really simple, I know. But it's hard for the Lord to bless us if we are just sitting in a chair saying, "bless me I really need it!" Because his probably sitting in His throne as well saying, "do something about it first, then I will!" After the barf episode we had a 4th of July devotional and we watched the pioneer movie 17 Miracles. I don't know if you guys have seen it or remember, but there is one part where these little pioneer girls run into some rattlesnakes. When that part came on I turned to the girl next to me and said, "snakes on the plains!" And then I laughed at my incredible wit and my ability to remember things from the real world, like the movie Snakes on a Plane or whatever. I've never actually seen that one though. Sorry for the random tangent, but it's the simple things that keep you happy and sane here. Anyway, 17 Miracles. It's a good one, and definitely makes you appreciate all that the pioneers sacrificed for the gospel. Kind of makes you wonder what you're doing to sacrifice for the gospel as well. After that we got to go outside and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks show. It was way sweet because you can see them really well from certain spots of the MTC parking lot. Oh man they were cool. And we got some ice cream so it felt like a real 4th of July to me. Besides the fact that I went to bed at 10:45, but you know 15 minutes later for bedtime was wild enough for us missionaries. 
     The rest of the week consisted of classroom time and learning, like usual. We finished up with our first investigator this week. It was kind of a bummer because we asked her to be baptized and all that, but she never really accepted. It's ok though, because I just remember that I actually asked someone to be baptized in a foreign language. I couldn't have done that two weeks ago. Our teachers taught us a bunch of cool stuff this week too, in French and spiritually. I suggest studying the scriptures found under the word "Merit" in the index to the Book of Mormon. It's not a topic to just glaze over though, so if you have time, learn how we can make it in this life through Christ. It's a lesson we all need everyday. Oh, and in case you were worried, we started playing soccer at gym time. And since I am not very good at soccer, I found that I don't get as mad that the other sisters aren't that great either haha. So we all just get to run around and get exercise and not worry about points and scoring and whatnot. Last night the score was fun to fun, I scored the last fun point and we all tied and were so happy with each other that rainbows came down from the heavens and it started raining glitter. I was all giggles and smiles. It was a cute time. Or it went something like that at least. 
     Sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet week last week! Your fourth sounded more eventful than mine, and I am glad that the dudes had fun with Jerm and Slaw at Fantasy Con! Haha that sounds super dorky, but I bet it was a good time and I probably would have gone too. Thanks for sending pics! I want to see them for sure! Also, thanks for the package, Mo! The cookies were super good and I shared them with everyone. The teachers especially loved them. So much so they even let us eat in the classroom even though no food is allowed in there. Oh yeah, I got picked to say a prayer at our Sunday devotional. I bet it's not broadcasted, but you should find out because if it is you can see/hear me pray! Haha I'm a little nervous, but it's just talking with Heavenly Father on the behalf of 1800+ people. It'll be good. It's not like a big deal or anything, so don't think this is a special honor. The devotional is at the Marriot Center though, so that'll be nice to walk over there for a change. Things are heatin up here. Temperature wise. Good thing we're inside all day........ Except the AC is colder than my heart so usually I am freezing. I think that's all. I'll respond to other things in all of your emails via letter, like I have been trying to do so far. Surprisingly (is it surprising though?), I have more time to write letters than email right now. My companion is a strict adhere-er to the 1hr. emailing rule, which is probably a good thing. Anygiggle, I love you guys and miss you everyday. I think about you lots, but my work isn't being hindered because of it, so don't worry! Keep praying for me and each other. Often times we are the answer to someone else's prayers. Much love and giggles and beards and whatnot...
Love always,
Sistar Snooplionsweg 
P.S. Remember: Et maintenant, comme je l'ai dit concernat la foi: La foi ce n'est pas avoir la connaissance parfaites des choses; c'est pourquoi, si avez vous la foi, vous esperez en des choses; qui ne sont pas vues, qui sont vraies. Alma 32:21 (I think.... embarrassing). Faith is all you need! Anything is possible if you just believe (name that movie! It's not Snakes on a Plane btw). P.P.S. Sorry if there are typos. I'm ashamed of them but French is taking over my mind, luckily.

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