Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Satan's a Wench!

Michael's Baptism!
 Hey Family! Pretty much my companion says things are wenches, and last week she said Satan was a wench, and I agreed and thought that could be my subject line. Anywaze....
   This week was super good and waaaaaay better than last week because we just worked our pants off and we were blessed so so much. I am truly thankful for this time to be a missionary. I think I have learned the most in the past nine months than I have in my whole entire life. Forreal. I did get Humphrey in the mail haha, happy hump day to me! It is super weird to think that from now on I will have less time in front of me than I do behind me. Maybe I will do that thing I did that one time about my week, that seemed to be pretty cool. 
   So on Monday we had preparation day like normal and I think we just did groceries and I wrote letters or something. Kind of a normal day. We went on an exchange, well it was actually a trio while one sister had some doctor stuff to work out. It was a great time.
   On Tuesday we did service in the dusty place again and then we went and stopped by a Haitian investigator because we had the Haitian sister missionary with us. Haitians always love other Haitians it seems like. That is super cool. I guess if I met someone here who wasn't a missionary that was from Utah I would be pretty stoked. But every other missionary is from Utah so it doesn't seem that cool anymore. I should just start telling people I am from the mountains, because that is where I belong anyway. We also had a dinner appointment with one of my favorite families here. They always make super healthy and delicious food, so that was super sweet. We had a really good lesson with them afterwards about saving ordinances. Maybe it seems really simple and kind of like a "duh" type of thing, but we need to make baptismal and temple covenants in order to have eternal life. I know that because our Savior says so in the Book of Mormon, Bible, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he created this earth. And I can promise you that he is not a God who sets his children up to fail. He thought of everything. Everyone will have a chance to accept or reject the gospel in this life or the next. He made sure everyone would have their fair chance! And he helps us out by giving us signs and guides, we just have to see them and accept them. Sometimes I feel like we walk around with our eyes closed because we are too prideful to accept that there is a real Heavenly Father who loves us and only wants the best for us. I know there are times I have ignored when he has reached out for me. And for those times I have repented. I hope we are all striving to not ignore the truth that has been revealed to us. We will all be judged on a personal basis. Anyway, Satan's a wench for telling us to do otherwise.
   Wednesday we went to the Sister's district meeting so that she could participate even though her companion was gone. Then we had some lessons and went to ward council and just had a nice day!
   Thursday we just went and did a bunch of the normal stuff which is seeing people we had appointments with and getting in contact with others when we didn't. 
   Friday was a sweet mission leadership council and we ate some cake and I had some pizza and we got two new investigators which was a huge blessing. We had this one lady's address that said she was interested, but not her apartment number. So we showed up to the building and just started knocking to try and find her. Then a boy started walking up the stairs and I asked him if he knew the lady that we were looking for, and he said, yeah, that's my sister! So that was pretty sweet. The lesson went well. 
   Saturday we had a baptism for someone I have taught since I got here. It really was a big blessing and I am so thankful Heavenly Father helped Michael enter the door towards eternal life. He really progressed thanks to the help of members. I am so blessed to witness the Lord at work.

Welp, have to go. I love you all and hope that your weeks were great!

P.S. My comp was born in Utah but lived and came from New Hampshire for the majority of her life. She went to BYU and just worked at the Pita Pit. She is mega sweet. 
P.P.S. Make sure you watch conference, it will change your life. When we were watching the women's conference on Saturday my companion and I were basically cheering for the prophet and apostles, I just have so much love and respect for them. Ok see ya.
Me these days!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey family. 

So pretty much you aren't going to like me at all, but I have no time. This week was crazy! But it was good. So I will answer the questions. Then do better with next week's email. Still love you guys!

I am actually not that sick of my area. I do love it here and there is always work to do and improvements to be made, so that is sweet. The new companion really changes the area too. So it is like I have had three areas really. I love the members, the places, and just everything really. The teaching pool has changed quite a bit. We find, we teach, we drop all of the time. So there is tonz of variety. Some people we have been teaching the whole time though. The leaders don't tell us the Lord's plan for us, so maybe I will stay longer, maybe I'll go. I don't really know.

I didn't wear green on St. Patrick's day because I don't even own any green. I couldn't even pull the "but my underwear is green" excuse. Better luck next year!

Well, I spent the week doing two training meetings, three exchanges, and a whole bunch of traveling. I will expound on all dat l8r. Still a ganster, but y'all knew that.

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again and I would just like to let you all know that if you are not reading it everyday then you probably should because it is the most important book we have. And also, imagine the work that Moroni, Mormon and all of the other prophets put into writing it. Mormon chapter 9. It is just too good and is the way to know how we can have eternal life. So please, save yourself a lot of trouble and read the book then live by its precepts.

Love you all! Better email next time!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hey family.
   Hello everyone how is it going? I hope that you are well and happy and whatnot. Things here are pretty sweet so that is pretty sweet. We had a good week. It seemed a little bit slower, but it was no big thang. The weather has been nicer, but no snow ever stopped us from mad street contacting. Pride and fear was the only thing that ever kept me from doing that. But I have been working on it and it hasn't been so bad. 
   Since I spent most of my time reading emails I am going to just do a quick little run down of my week:
Monday: Preparation day! We did emails, groceries, went to some stores for my comp (still don't like to shop, unless I am with Jerm that will never change). Then we went home and my comp took a nap while I wrote three letters and got the ultimate hand cramp. Chuck, I sent a letter to you, but I just sent it to the house. 
Tuesday: We went and did a service at this place that makes food sacks for people and they also sell some used clothes. So we spent two hours in a dusty basement sorting through dusty clothes. I had a cold for the rest of the week and kept blowing out dirty boogers, but service is sweet and I actually enjoyed talking to the people there aka my companion. We also did emergency exchanges with the Lemoyne sisters because one of the was sick. Bummer.
Wednesday: We made some rice crispies and did a bunch of pass bys. We were actually able to see some people that we haven't in a while. Including one sweet old investigator named Ruth who is super cool and nice. Then we taught Michael, the investigator since forever. He has a baptismal date again finally and that is nice. He is doing well! Then we had ward council and our ward mission leader was a total boss and pulled a, "the time spent in this council is supposed to be spent 80% on talking about the people who need help." He got some mega snaps from the missionaries. Frere Plouffe for the W.
Thursday: On Wednesday we just went outside and talked to everyone. Which meant doing some pass bys and just pure street contacting. That morning we had studied together 2 Nephi 4 and it changed our lives. But really. Forreal. No like I'm serious. So we decided that that was going to be our contacting approach for the day. We ended up sharing it with like four complete strangers. Magic! It was  great. Got a new potential from that. Then an investigator dropped us. Lame.
Friday: We went and visited this friend of the bishop's wife that is mega pregnant and on bed rest. We cleaned her house and talked to her for a little bit and it was super cool. She was a nice lady. It remined me of Jerm because she is all pregnant and whatnot. There was soooo much baby talk that day that all I wanted with life was to be a mother. Truly the greatest honor of them all. It was a good morning. Then we weekly planned and had some lessons. We did a pass by with a member but the guy wasn't home so the member just fed us some soup. That was pretty good.
Saturday: We had a power day and just taught all day and were on the run and it was a cool day. Saturdays are often like that and I love them.
Check out the attached pic! I will have to tell you more about that l8er. It's almost go time. 

Read this line this week: You can never do more for the Lord than he can do for you. It is so true. That is why when we do his will and invoke his help, we become the most powerful people we can be. 
Love you guys! Have a mega sweet week!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello dearest loved ones!

Hello dearest loved ones!
   Well, this week was souuuuuper great. Because it just was so that was nice. I don't really remember you asking me any questions, so I am just going to write this thing then. I usually take notes from you emails now, but my note page was blank, so hopefully that means that you didn't have questions...
   Elder Kacher (probably not spelled correctly) from the seventy came to Montreal this week. It was sweet! We had a mission leadership council and he basically just gave us a training. It's not everyday you get that. It is seriously so crazy because I feel like as missionaries there are just so many privliges. I think I spelled privileges wrong. You know what is very tragic? I think I lost my funny. Or maybe I am too rushed here to be funny anymore. What is that? Anyway, it's ok. Back to Elder Kacher, we just talked about the importance of covenants. As missionaries sometimes we tend to look at things from a numbers aspect, like, "Oh sweet, we can go see this person and then we will have one more 'other lesson!'" But that is not even what it is about at all. It's about the covenants. He just stressed the importance of getting people to progress in their covenants so that they can receive eternal life. Who really cares if you have one more "other lesson." The goals and numbers just help us excercise our faith, keep us on track and working hard. One day we won't need numbers because our purpose should be able to drive us enough. 
   I really love my new companion, Sister Fox. She is pure awesome and I am just pure excited for what's going to happen this transfer. It's going to be too good, I tell you what. She is from New Hampshire and has some older sisters and brother and one younger brother. Turns out she used to work at the Pita Pit with Katherine. It was super funny because I showed her a picture of Hannah and Katherine, and she just kept saying how she thinks she knows them, but she didn't know how. And then we went to bed. Next morning she told me how she had woken up in the middle of the night because she finally remembered how she knows the twins. She was about to wake me up to tell me. I thought that was funny.
   I read in Moroni 10 today and was kind of suprised at how many times he exhorts us. I really love the Book of Mormon because I learn so so much from it everyday. It's been super nice with my companion because we have some nice discussions about it too. This transfer has started off well. Also, other good news is that all of the ice cream places are open again because it is no longer -freezing around here. 
   We got to see Bintou yesterday and that was sweet. A sweet lady we teach named Delindia has been making some progress too, and I am super stoked for her.
   I hope all is well with the family! I love you all very much! Until next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's a Deal, Pickle

Hello Family.
   Someone said that pickle thing in church yesterday and I thought it was super funny. It's a guy that we teach normally once a week and he is super nice. Anyway.. To address some thangs: Welp I actually don't think you asked any questions this time... I sure hope not because I took notes even and didn't notice any questions. I did want to say, however, that it was way sweet what you (Dad and Mo) wrote to me because I think it went right along with a lot of the stuff I was talking about in my last email. But that feels like ten years ago so I don't remember what I said. But when I was reading my email notes I said, "How both emails talked about what I'd been learning and wrote about." So way to go, family unity for the win! Jerm: I talked to the Prez. He said usually the announcement of nieces or nephews is done through emails on preparation day... Sorry man :( Also Mo, I was going to say that I read Elder Uchdtdorf's talk last week about the Hope and Light! It is soooo so so good! And I read it in a moment that I really needed it. The scripture Alma 34:31 I believe it is, is now one of my new favorites. I seriously just love the Book of Mormon so so much. 
   So this week we received transfer calls. You will never believe what is happening. I am staying here!! Haha but I am getting a new companion because my current one is going home. The new one is Sister Fox and I know nothing about her except that she buys produce and has a super sweet last name. We will be the sister training leaders. So I am looking forward to a new transfer with some new thangs. It's nice though, because I can honestly say that I am going to miss my companion once she leaves. We did a bunch together, and it has been fun. Especially the last week. It was just a good week. 
   I am trying to think of stuff that happened. We met a lady named Nayara who is from Brazil and we started teaching her. She is so cool! She seemed to really enjoy the visit and has a ton of questions and is so sweet. I know she will accept the gospel, I just felt that we will have to be really patient with her and her situation. But I don't mind because she was so cool and she has a son named Jack so that was pretty sweet too. I noticed that we teach more people who aren't Quebecois. They just seem to be nicer and more open. But that's ok, we are unthawing these cold hearts, no problem! 
   We went to Montreal again last preparation day to eat some more Vitnamese food. I can't remember if I already told that we did that, but again, it was suuuuper good. We went on exchanges with the Sisters who are up in St. Foy, but this time we had them take the bus down here. It went really well, those sisters are pure awesome and I love them a lot. St. Foy has got a lot coming to them. 
   We also had a zone conference meeting this past week that was super good. The spirit was so strong. I would like to invite you all to read Luke chapter 22 and think about what the angel did to comfort our Savior in his time of need, then think about what you can do to be like that angel. It was very powerful there on Thursday. 
   We had the weirdest day on Friday. No one could see us and there was like no one out to talk to. We did get to talk to this one guy named Kid who is from Atlanta. He didn't speak any French so naturally, we gave him and his girlfriend both a copy of the Book of Mormon and testified that that is how we learned our French. It'll be well for him if he reads it, of that I am sure.
   I also just wanted to quickly mention this lady named Francine that we have been teaching. She is seriously so so incredible. She reads everyday for like two hours and studies so much. She comes to church every week and really understands the gospel. It has been such a blessing to see someone start to live the gospel, because her life truly has changed for the better. She understands the atonement and the necessity of baptism and it is so amazing because it has taken me almost 20 years to understand that. I really respect her a lot, and am thankful for her example. More news on her next week. 
   Quick shout out to Steve and SJaw who will be getting married. Sweet!! Best of luck to those two. I love them very much and hope the best for this eternal marriage. It's also one of the most important things you can do in this life. It's actually essential, so good work!
   Well, I love you all very much. Til next time!