Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's a Deal, Pickle

Hello Family.
   Someone said that pickle thing in church yesterday and I thought it was super funny. It's a guy that we teach normally once a week and he is super nice. Anyway.. To address some thangs: Welp I actually don't think you asked any questions this time... I sure hope not because I took notes even and didn't notice any questions. I did want to say, however, that it was way sweet what you (Dad and Mo) wrote to me because I think it went right along with a lot of the stuff I was talking about in my last email. But that feels like ten years ago so I don't remember what I said. But when I was reading my email notes I said, "How both emails talked about what I'd been learning and wrote about." So way to go, family unity for the win! Jerm: I talked to the Prez. He said usually the announcement of nieces or nephews is done through emails on preparation day... Sorry man :( Also Mo, I was going to say that I read Elder Uchdtdorf's talk last week about the Hope and Light! It is soooo so so good! And I read it in a moment that I really needed it. The scripture Alma 34:31 I believe it is, is now one of my new favorites. I seriously just love the Book of Mormon so so much. 
   So this week we received transfer calls. You will never believe what is happening. I am staying here!! Haha but I am getting a new companion because my current one is going home. The new one is Sister Fox and I know nothing about her except that she buys produce and has a super sweet last name. We will be the sister training leaders. So I am looking forward to a new transfer with some new thangs. It's nice though, because I can honestly say that I am going to miss my companion once she leaves. We did a bunch together, and it has been fun. Especially the last week. It was just a good week. 
   I am trying to think of stuff that happened. We met a lady named Nayara who is from Brazil and we started teaching her. She is so cool! She seemed to really enjoy the visit and has a ton of questions and is so sweet. I know she will accept the gospel, I just felt that we will have to be really patient with her and her situation. But I don't mind because she was so cool and she has a son named Jack so that was pretty sweet too. I noticed that we teach more people who aren't Quebecois. They just seem to be nicer and more open. But that's ok, we are unthawing these cold hearts, no problem! 
   We went to Montreal again last preparation day to eat some more Vitnamese food. I can't remember if I already told that we did that, but again, it was suuuuper good. We went on exchanges with the Sisters who are up in St. Foy, but this time we had them take the bus down here. It went really well, those sisters are pure awesome and I love them a lot. St. Foy has got a lot coming to them. 
   We also had a zone conference meeting this past week that was super good. The spirit was so strong. I would like to invite you all to read Luke chapter 22 and think about what the angel did to comfort our Savior in his time of need, then think about what you can do to be like that angel. It was very powerful there on Thursday. 
   We had the weirdest day on Friday. No one could see us and there was like no one out to talk to. We did get to talk to this one guy named Kid who is from Atlanta. He didn't speak any French so naturally, we gave him and his girlfriend both a copy of the Book of Mormon and testified that that is how we learned our French. It'll be well for him if he reads it, of that I am sure.
   I also just wanted to quickly mention this lady named Francine that we have been teaching. She is seriously so so incredible. She reads everyday for like two hours and studies so much. She comes to church every week and really understands the gospel. It has been such a blessing to see someone start to live the gospel, because her life truly has changed for the better. She understands the atonement and the necessity of baptism and it is so amazing because it has taken me almost 20 years to understand that. I really respect her a lot, and am thankful for her example. More news on her next week. 
   Quick shout out to Steve and SJaw who will be getting married. Sweet!! Best of luck to those two. I love them very much and hope the best for this eternal marriage. It's also one of the most important things you can do in this life. It's actually essential, so good work!
   Well, I love you all very much. Til next time!

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  1. "You noticed that we teach more people who aren't Quebecois." As a former Catholic in essentially a Protestant country, I think I may understand some of that. Catholics in New England and New York often felt their integrity, who they were, who their families were, all these were threatened by any attempt to wean them out of the Catholic Church. This was even stronger for the Quebecois among the English Canadians, and probably still lingers among many of the older ones. So keep on thawing. They are great people capable of strong faith.!

    Love you and miss you,
    Nana and Papa