Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Don't drink the water. Again.

Hey all you people.
   This week we were at an investigator's house one night when we got a text saying the water was bad again. So we asked the investigator about it and she said, "yeah usually when something falls into the river you can't drink it. Someone was on the frozen river and then they disappeared, so there is probably a dead body in the river." (...) Haha ok, that is good. But luckily, I asked around some more and it most likely wasn't a dead body. So even though sometimes I forgot and still drank the bad water, at least I wasn't drinking dead bodies.
   To answer some questions: Dad-Sorry I haven't been answering all of the questions, I did better this time. Usually I don't answer your questions because I forget. I take notes in my planner and whatnot, but due to lack of time and lack of memory, I forget. That's on me, I will do better. Don't worry Dad I still love you. Mo- We have a washer and dryer at our apartment. That reminds me, I forgot to switch my clothes. We also have our district meetings on Thursdays at 11. We sometimes go to other district meetings to see how effective they are. We usually just email at the church. Why my emails haven't been as good lately is because we have been trying harder to be obedient and stick to the time schedule, so we get off sooner and don't get back on. Sometimes we have if we had something important to address. But most of the time it's a one and done kind of deal. Jerm- I got the package!! Thanks so so so much! More to you personally l8r. 
   Ok so this week was crazy and pretty good to say the least. We had two exchanges, found a bunch of people and had stake council which is the best usually. We have the coolest ward and stake and I am so thankful to be here. But our ward mission leader got released and that was a mega bummer because he was mega sweet. We are still waiting for the new one. I guess technically he isn't released yet, but he got called as the Elder's Quorum president, so he will probably be released soon. Jerm- His wife loved the bag! Result! Remember that African lady named Bintou that I wrote about? Well she is awesome and we still teach her and her son and they are so amazing I just love them. We call her Mama Bintou and she loves it. She said that we should go to Birkina Fassou one time and visit her family with her. We said we would. She told us how to avoid malaria, so it'll all be good. 
   I wanted to tell you about something that really changed my perspective out here. It was a talk I read by Elder Holland, he gave it to some educators at one point in history (that's a better way of saying "I don't remember when he gave this talk/lecture"). One line stood out to me, he tells the educators, "If you can leave your students with one principal commitment in response to the Savior's incomparable sacrifice for them, His payment for their transgressions, His sorrow for their sins, leave them with the necessity to obey-to yield their own difficult domain and hours of decision to 'the will of the Father,' whatever the cost. They won't always do that, any better than you and I have been able to do it, but that ought to be their goal; that ought to be their aim. The thing Christ seems most anxious to stress about His mission-beyond the personal virtues, beyond the magnificent sermons, and even beyond the healing-is that He submitted His will to the will of the Father." Throughout the very real struggle to be a consecrated missionary now, in hopes that I will become a consecrated person for life, I have cherished these words from Elder Holland. If there was one thing that our Savior wanted us to get, to understand about him, was that he, despite anything else, was always obedient to his father. What a phenomenal example. And what incredible importance that means then for us, children of the same father, to be exactly obedient. If we could only just fully understand how much light, how much truth, how much love, and quite simply just how many blessings will come from our obedience to the commandments we have been given and covenants we have made, then the decision to be loyal and true wouldn't be hard at all. We're always better off if we do what's right. Always always always. I know because I see it. Because I live it. Please remember the covenants you made at baptism and/or in the temple. The reason I believe my companion and I have been able to get over our petty little struggles is because we are starting to understand that the promises we made as we covenanted are much more important then our selfish desires. I am glad that we have been able to learn all that we have. Remember, Faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end are all apart of the plan our loving Heavenly Father has given us so that we can return to him one day, if we will just obey.
Hope you all had a good week! I love you!

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