Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Hello Family!
Sorry, we don't have much time this time. But I'll try to say some cool things or something to make up for it. 
Ummm I honestly feel like my brain is fried. I am probably going to die before I make it home. Sorry guys, but I am just pure pooped. Maybe I will just send some pictures. 
We had a bunch of miracles this week, some exchanges and I ate a lot because that is kind of becoming a thing now. It is terrible. I studied something super cool this morning though. It was something that Elder Holland wrote in like 2003. It was called Teaching, Preaching, Healing like the Master or something like that. But he is so sweet. He just says it like it is and that is something I like. Even though sometimes I don't always do that. Anyway, he quoted the Nat King Cole song, that's the "straighten up and fly right" bit. It has been snowing here and that is pretty sweet.
Thanks for the Christmas packages!!
Who doesn't love EOS lip stuff?
My companions and I
Our car was frozen! It took 30+ minutes to scrape.
It has been snowing here and that is pretty sweet.
Cool sunset while we waited for a lesson.
Our investigator Michael and his mom and us (when we were 3 sisters working together).
My Comp.
A Little Debbie and I (I love them! Thanks for the package).
This is Alvaro! This is one of the guys we taught while we were in Victoria. And Herman Espitia, one of the grooviest ward mission leaders evah!
La famille Breton! Et la famille Gonzalez. Ils sont le meilleure! Je les aime plus que je peux dire. Oh la la. (The Breton family and the Gonzalez family. They are the best! I love them more than I can say.)
English class. I love these guys.
Meeeeeelk (milk). It is still just too weird.
We do this a lot. Make calls. Especially when it is colder than my heart outside (mega cold).
Woo Haa! Pepsi.

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