Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello dearest loved ones!

Hello dearest loved ones!
   Well, this week was souuuuuper great. Because it just was so that was nice. I don't really remember you asking me any questions, so I am just going to write this thing then. I usually take notes from you emails now, but my note page was blank, so hopefully that means that you didn't have questions...
   Elder Kacher (probably not spelled correctly) from the seventy came to Montreal this week. It was sweet! We had a mission leadership council and he basically just gave us a training. It's not everyday you get that. It is seriously so crazy because I feel like as missionaries there are just so many privliges. I think I spelled privileges wrong. You know what is very tragic? I think I lost my funny. Or maybe I am too rushed here to be funny anymore. What is that? Anyway, it's ok. Back to Elder Kacher, we just talked about the importance of covenants. As missionaries sometimes we tend to look at things from a numbers aspect, like, "Oh sweet, we can go see this person and then we will have one more 'other lesson!'" But that is not even what it is about at all. It's about the covenants. He just stressed the importance of getting people to progress in their covenants so that they can receive eternal life. Who really cares if you have one more "other lesson." The goals and numbers just help us excercise our faith, keep us on track and working hard. One day we won't need numbers because our purpose should be able to drive us enough. 
   I really love my new companion, Sister Fox. She is pure awesome and I am just pure excited for what's going to happen this transfer. It's going to be too good, I tell you what. She is from New Hampshire and has some older sisters and brother and one younger brother. Turns out she used to work at the Pita Pit with Katherine. It was super funny because I showed her a picture of Hannah and Katherine, and she just kept saying how she thinks she knows them, but she didn't know how. And then we went to bed. Next morning she told me how she had woken up in the middle of the night because she finally remembered how she knows the twins. She was about to wake me up to tell me. I thought that was funny.
   I read in Moroni 10 today and was kind of suprised at how many times he exhorts us. I really love the Book of Mormon because I learn so so much from it everyday. It's been super nice with my companion because we have some nice discussions about it too. This transfer has started off well. Also, other good news is that all of the ice cream places are open again because it is no longer -freezing around here. 
   We got to see Bintou yesterday and that was sweet. A sweet lady we teach named Delindia has been making some progress too, and I am super stoked for her.
   I hope all is well with the family! I love you all very much! Until next week!

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