Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hey family.
   Hello everyone how is it going? I hope that you are well and happy and whatnot. Things here are pretty sweet so that is pretty sweet. We had a good week. It seemed a little bit slower, but it was no big thang. The weather has been nicer, but no snow ever stopped us from mad street contacting. Pride and fear was the only thing that ever kept me from doing that. But I have been working on it and it hasn't been so bad. 
   Since I spent most of my time reading emails I am going to just do a quick little run down of my week:
Monday: Preparation day! We did emails, groceries, went to some stores for my comp (still don't like to shop, unless I am with Jerm that will never change). Then we went home and my comp took a nap while I wrote three letters and got the ultimate hand cramp. Chuck, I sent a letter to you, but I just sent it to the house. 
Tuesday: We went and did a service at this place that makes food sacks for people and they also sell some used clothes. So we spent two hours in a dusty basement sorting through dusty clothes. I had a cold for the rest of the week and kept blowing out dirty boogers, but service is sweet and I actually enjoyed talking to the people there aka my companion. We also did emergency exchanges with the Lemoyne sisters because one of the was sick. Bummer.
Wednesday: We made some rice crispies and did a bunch of pass bys. We were actually able to see some people that we haven't in a while. Including one sweet old investigator named Ruth who is super cool and nice. Then we taught Michael, the investigator since forever. He has a baptismal date again finally and that is nice. He is doing well! Then we had ward council and our ward mission leader was a total boss and pulled a, "the time spent in this council is supposed to be spent 80% on talking about the people who need help." He got some mega snaps from the missionaries. Frere Plouffe for the W.
Thursday: On Wednesday we just went outside and talked to everyone. Which meant doing some pass bys and just pure street contacting. That morning we had studied together 2 Nephi 4 and it changed our lives. But really. Forreal. No like I'm serious. So we decided that that was going to be our contacting approach for the day. We ended up sharing it with like four complete strangers. Magic! It was  great. Got a new potential from that. Then an investigator dropped us. Lame.
Friday: We went and visited this friend of the bishop's wife that is mega pregnant and on bed rest. We cleaned her house and talked to her for a little bit and it was super cool. She was a nice lady. It remined me of Jerm because she is all pregnant and whatnot. There was soooo much baby talk that day that all I wanted with life was to be a mother. Truly the greatest honor of them all. It was a good morning. Then we weekly planned and had some lessons. We did a pass by with a member but the guy wasn't home so the member just fed us some soup. That was pretty good.
Saturday: We had a power day and just taught all day and were on the run and it was a cool day. Saturdays are often like that and I love them.
Check out the attached pic! I will have to tell you more about that l8er. It's almost go time. 

Read this line this week: You can never do more for the Lord than he can do for you. It is so true. That is why when we do his will and invoke his help, we become the most powerful people we can be. 
Love you guys! Have a mega sweet week!

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