Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today we dropped Suzy off at the Missionary Training Center. She'll be there 6 weeks learning French.

She was actually all packed and ready to go the night before. Sisters are so different than Elders!
At the request of Sister Kinghorn, the boys got mohawks. Now while in the MTC she can chuckle while thinking of them running around looking like this all summer. 
The ride to Provo. There are a lot of us. Cute Suzy (in a skirt) insisted on sitting on the floor!
Last meal at In 'N Out
She wanted to hold "the baby". Bet she won't be able to do that very easily when she gets back.

Cory doesn't really get it. He doesn't get how long a year and a half is. (Or must think it will be like college where she comes home on the weekends and we still see her often).  I think he thought this was where we were dropping Suzy off. After we took pictures we said, OK it's time to go, get in the car. So Cory ran down the grass and yelled over his shoulder, "See ya later Suzy!" At least it made us all laugh so that as we pulled up to the MTC we were all laughing before the tears came.
She was so excited to go. She is going to be fabulous!

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