Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Yearz

Hello Framily, long time no talk. Lolz, was just like a few days ago, remember?
   So pretty much this mission thing that I am doing right now is just changing my lyphe (fingers crossed for the better), and I feel like each new week I am so pumped and motivated to repent and be better and then we go and do and things get super crazy, but it is super awesome. I like being a missionary, even though this week I mega struggled. I think I don't handle stress very well. And there is too much anxiety running through my veins that I need to get a blood transfusion. But until then, things are all good. I truly am just super happy. My companion might tell you otherwise, but that is just because I have a funny way of showing it. Remember what I told you about realizing who I truly am, and how it really is changing things for me? Well, it's still true and I am still changing. I am super excited for all of my future friends and family who are going to serve missions. They're kind of like a slap in the face sometimes, but you learn so much it is pure nutz. I am just stoked that I still have so much time left. But before you know it, I'll be home again. Until then! 
   So I guess this week was kind of hard, but mostly because it was like a growing week for me personally. I didn't get too homesick or anything, so that was super nice. I didn't even cry when we skyped! I think that might be because my heart is just getting cold haha. Or something. But no, it just seemed like people were not that nice this week. And it was hard for me to deal with. Some people were angels, but I got yelled at twice and it was so weird! But, it's ok. I really want to be like our Savior. And one of the reactions to the person who yelled at me was no good. But the other one I really think I did just turn the cheek and say, "go ahead, do it again." It's hard learning to act and not be acted upon. But there is tonz to learn everyday from our Savior and how he responded to things. He is just perfect. It's so nice to have a good goal to aim for. And in this case for us it is to aim to be like him, even though it's tough to try and live like him. One day we will be better. But for the time being we gotta set some goals to keep us trying and heading in the right direction. I think we are doing pretty well. As long as we do all that we are doing as guided by the spirit, things will turn out ok. And hey, what a cute time like 2015 to get those goals goin' eh? Not a bad idea Suzy... thank ya thank ya. Sorry, apparentally I haven't quite mastered humility yet. Or the spelling of apartentally... #weaknessesmakemestronger #superlameinspirationalhashtags. We caroled a ton this week. And at the end of last week, but I can't remember to tell you that already. We have been spending a bunch of our time finding people lately, and just getting our area cleaned up. There wasn't necessarily damage done, just a lot of stuff that couldn't have been going so much better. So this week was a bunch of maitenance.
   Oh hey, another super crazy thing I almost forgot. I got a new companion, so we are now a trio. Another super sweet part of the new companion is that she came with gifts aka another area for us to work in! Woohoo! And to top it off, it's Spanish speaking. So yup, we are the new sister missionaries for the Victoria ward, and we have a new companion and we will be speaking Spanish. Along with the old stuff we were already doing. It's super nice though that I got my mission call to speak French halfway through the semester of my Spanish class, so I kind of stopped trying super hard to learn Spanish... The Lord is so wise and helped my choose that Spanish class for a reason, but I wasted the opportunity to learn all that I could have. Don't waste your opportunities to learn people!! Anyway, it'll be a crazy end to our transfer, but I am super excited and stoked. I love where I am at, literally, and I can't wait to just keep progressing, personally.
   I hope that you all had a super awesome Christmas time! Looks like Island Park was super fun. Haha there is way more snow there than there is here. It is a bummer. Our Christmas was a rainy one... But that's ok it's been good. Thank you so much everyone who sent me packages and cards. I am just too loved and it is insane. Thank you thank you one and all. I loved everything that I received and have definitely gotten fatter from all of the candy that I have been eating. But it's all good cuz my clothes still fit and that's what counts! Anyway, I hope you are all happy and I can't wait til I read all of your emails!!
Soeur Kingcorn
P.S. If anyone has some sweet family history stories they want to send to me that'll be pretty cool.............

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