Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't drink the water!

  So, this week some oil of some type spilled in the Longueuil water supply (don't know where or what the supply thing is, but it got some oil in it), so we weren't allowed to drink the water. And I just thought about Jerm all week because I think Dave Matthews band has a song with the same name. We put signs up on our sinks because I forgot and drank the water. It smelled really bad so I don't know why I didn't notice it... Oh well, it was kind of funny. And I guess since I am still here it wasn't a big deal. One of my companions was freaking out though and made me drink a bunch of #fresh water. She was so funny. 
   Things are going really well every since I stopped being a mega turd. It's amazing what that can do for you. I was mostly just wigging out because I felt like I had to do everything and was the only one who would ever take any initiative. Then I just laughed because that is probably exactly how it was for my trainer with me. (...) Whoops. But anyway. I just decided to let the devil take the hindmost (figuratively, of course), and let my comps actually help me out, and things have been going a lot better. I think something that sometimes goes wrong with trainers is that they just expect the new missionary won't know how to do anything, so they don't even let them try, and then the trainer gets super stressed because they are doing waaay too much. And I was acting like that at the beginning of the transfer. But, by Heavenly Father's grace, he is letting me stay here in Longueuil for this new transfer as sister training leader with Sister Guevara. I'm just going to try again. And I am stoked because we are on the verge of like a break through here! I feel like I am going to be such a better person at the end of all of this! It just stinks that we all have to go through process. But boy (or girl) is it worth it! It's a bummer though because we are losing Hermana Gentil back to Victoria. It's ok though, we still get to live with her, luckily.
   We had a good time in Quebec. I felt a little bit like Batman in Gotham because we had some rogue missionaries that needed a talkin to. Just kidding, I didn't give any "talking to's," we just had some councils and got some things counseled out. I have some supes high expectations for that zone now. They better stay in line. They are all super awesome though and I love them a lot. I am glad that I will get to keep going there this transfer! This is my fifth transfer. That's a scary thought! 
   We had some good lessons with a few people here and there. There were a bunch of little miracles. Like not being able to get into buildings and stuff, but then someone always come along. It is really great how Heavenly Father works like that. I had some super awesome studies this week and have just been pure edified recently. Being a missionary is seriously so awesome. I feel bad because I don't talk about people we teach that much, but if you want me to more just let me know. I feel like since our teaching pool is kinda small though I am the one who is getting worked on the most here. I'll have to change that.
   I hope you are all happy and positive. It makes life a heck of a lot better. I love and miss you! I am excited for baby Jerm/Slaw. Jerm is already a beautiful mother. Also, someone tell Chuck I say, in your face! Holy cow she looks so grown up now. Maybe I will send some pictures. No promises. Love you all!


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