Monday, October 27, 2014

La Joie de Vivre

Soeur Hinkson and I, exchange #1

Elie and Eliatha!!! Woooohooooo!!!!
Why not have a picture like this?
So pretty much I went to the most roaring party ever this week for a lady who turns 80, today actually, and part of the festivities was singing some songs. One of the songs that was sung said "la joie de vivre," which is, the joy of living, and I just liked that. Plus the song was pretty catchy. Those old people sure knew how to throw that party down! It took me back to my younger days, when we were all only fifty... Oh to be young, I'd give anything. Anywaffle, I am just being sarcastic now, so I should stop. But the party was super great, don't get me wrong, and most of my friends here are at least twenty years older than me anyway, so it's all good. Oh man you guys, life is pretty dang good if you just slow down and appreciate the small things around you. We taught the lessons for Sunday School yesterday on service, and we talked about how service doesn't have to be some huge production, just a simple smile or a hello. And one of my personal favorite forms of service is a testimony. It just gives so much more than we realize. Sharing you testimony is a HUGE service, and sometimes we don't see how much joy it can bring to someone. But anyway, small and simple things, like small and simple acts of service, are the ways that we are changin people's lives. Don't miss out on an opportunity to think about someone else for a bit, it'll do you wonderous amounts of good.
   So again, I am super sorry for my overly lame email last week. We had less time and a lot more to write to the mission prez. But, this week's email should hopefully be better, enough happened that it for sure should be. Where to start.... The beginning! #leggo
   In the beginning there was a council in Heaven. Haha just kidding. So on Monday after email time we did some shopping and bought stuff to make a cake because it was a missionary's birthday. So we made the cake then headed to Quebec via bus. It was long again but pretty sweet. Once in Quebec we had about three hours to kill so we went to this place called Chez Ashton's and had some pretty good poutine. It was like fast food style but still super good. I had it with a Pepsi.... Holy cow that was my first Pepsi since I've been gone and I forgot how amazing Pepsi. Liquid gold. The girl who took our order said, "your Mormons! So am I." It was funny and super crazy because my companion ended up having a lesson with that same girl's mom later that week while she was on an exchange with one of the sisters serving in Quebec City. Coincidence I think not! Anyway, then we just walked around in Quebec, at night... It was kind of creepy (the Kreppy Krab. Jerm). But then the St. Foy sisters picked us up and we started our exchange. I went with Sister Gerday. Nothing too crazy happened. We went and got ice cream though at Chocolat Favouris (I spell that differently everytime, I know), it was super good. Everyone says that place is better in Quebec. I say ice cream dipped in chocolate tastes good anywhere. But that is just my humble say on the matter. Sister Gerday and I actually ran out of gas. That was a first for me. We just walked to a gas station and bought a little container with gas then put it in the car and drove back to the gas station for more. Luckily it didn't end up being a serious problem, it was just funny. Especially because earlier that day when the gas light came on she said, "don't worry, this car runs on faith," hahahaha. But it was all good. The next day we were with the Quebec City sisters and that day was sweet. All of the teams up there are super nice and we had some fun times for sure. It was nice to go back to Longueuil though. It's funny because it really feels like my home there. I was super sad to leave and super happy to be back. It is so crazy how much this place and these people are growing on me! The mission is awesome. That's all there really is to it. I know I know, some of you are may be thinking that I am just a liar putting on a front or something. Believe me. I have had some rough times here. And some days I have really not liked it. But there have been way too many blessings that I have seen to deny that this is all right and true. So, all you possible nay-sayers (geez, where is my faith in you, I am so sorry), mission life really is good, if you just slow down and see it.
   Anyway, it was nice to get back to Longueuil we had a lot of stuff to do because remember Elie and Eliatha that we had been teaching since I first got here? Welp, they did it. They were baptized on Saturday!! It was so awesome. I am so happy for them. It made coming home too late on Thursday evening really stressful though because we only had Friday and Saturday to plan for the baptism because somehow nothing ended up getting done earlier. So it was all just pure wild animal craziness. But don't worry, everything worked out and it was wonderful. Forreal. I'm so thankful and happy for them. So Friday we had lessons like normal and just inbetween everything we called people to get the baptism set up. But our ward is awesome and they all helped so much and a lot of people came and it was just a great day. It was really cool how despite all of the stress and all of the planning, once they were actually baptized you could just feel peace. It was a blessing to be able to witness that. They will be some incredible members, I can tell you that much. It was just crazy to me, because I always thought that once you had a baptism as a missionary you would feel like crazy and powerful or something, but really I had nothing to do with this baptism. The Lord does all of the work. He prepares the people and he does what he needs to in order get them through the gate and on the path towards eternal life. I was just blessed to be able to witness it. Heavenly Father's plan for us is truly amazing. I was so thankful I got to see two people take the next step towards their progression. I truly believe that the Holy Ghost is the real missionary here. Sure the missionaries are sent to the people, but we aren't the ones who change them. That is the spirit. As missionaries we just do our best to have him with us always.
   I am just so thankful to be here. It was a rough week but we got through. With the Lord we always do. I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again next week!!

Love you all enormously,
Snoop Poopers in you lemonade, hey!!

P.S. I was reading in Alma 31 today, I think we should start calling Matt, Jack, and Cory Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton, you know, Alma's sons. Just a thought.

Soeur Gerday
Fountain in front of the bus station in Quebec
Bus Station in Quebec
RICE - enough said

Poutine....Soooo goooooooood!
Soeur Arriaga!! She is super cool and from Denmark.
This super awesome German guy, Gerd, gave me these super awesome German sunglasses! Haha just kidding, I don't know if they are from Germany, but that was nice of him to give them to me.
Donated some blood. Longueuil now literally has my blood, sweat and tears! Woohoo! Check out my "new donor" sticker. Soooo chilllll.
We found this hat so we took some pictures with it. I do that super lame hand thing all of the time and I don' t know why. Anywaze...
Me just tryin to use a whip. Haha. Gerd showed us how to use it. It's actually super hard and scary. On the right was after I accidentally whipped myself in the face. It hurt so bad!!
Soeur Brimhall and I. She is super sweet. I forgot makup that day though...So I just look lovely.
Soeur Herrera and I

Sister Rubio. Probably the nicest person I have ever met. Holy cow she is amazing!

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