Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm back!

The District

What is up my people?!
   Just in case you were wondering, missing a pday isn't that sweet. But, I was more than happy to do a little more this week, because we had tonz that needed to get done. Thanks to all of you who wrote me letters (emails or handwritten) I was super happy to hear from all of you and I am always thankful for the time you take to write to me. They are some of the highlights of my week for sure, so as always, keep writing, I love and appreciate it so much!
   So unfortunately I don't have too much time today. We have to go to Quebec again to finish up the last of our exchanges with the two teams of sisters up there. It's a little rough because we have to leave around three today and then start our exchange tomorrow morning, then we will switch on Wednesday, and go home Thursday evening. So our area will be closed for four days! That is really stressful. But, we have been promised that if we take care of our sister training leader responsibilities first, then the Lord will bless our area. I don't have any doubt in that promise. 
   This week we had two exchanges. One of them I went with a brand new missionary into her area. That was an interesting day because she didn't feel comfortable in her French still, so I did all of the talking that day. But the Lord really has been watching out for me and helped me to get it done. We contacted people for like two hours. It was tough because we didn't get any new potentials. That is something that is hard about this work. Days where you work so hard on something for so long and you can't see immediate results. But hey, we planted some seeds, that's for sure. We talked to this one guy who was out in his driveway doing something with his car and I just asked him if I could help him with anything. He said no thank you or whatever and asked who I was. Sometimes you don't even have to ask them about their beliefs first, so that was nice. Anyway, we talked for a bit and he wasn't too interested at the moment, so we just gave him our card and wished him the best. Then as we were walking away I heard his little son who was there the whole time just kind of off to the side, ask his dad who we were, and the dad said, "those are the sister missionaries." And I know it wasn't anything crazy, but it just made me happy to hear that, and I am hopeful that one day that boy will see some more missionaries or come in contact with the church and he'll remember that day when we were there just asking his dad if there was anything we could help him with. 
   Oh yeah, conference!! Holy cow was that awesome or what???? Haha it is funny because I think this was the first conference that I went to with real questions that I wanted answers to. The only problem was after the first session on Saturday morning I already had all of my answers! Heavenly Father is so cool. I hope you all got to hear conference. And if not, go listen right now. It will change your life. It was just so good. 
   On my other exchange we had an awesome dinner appointment with a family in my ward. They are real modern day pioneers and it was so cool to hear their story and how real the gospel just started to spread here in Canada when they were converted to our Savior.
   Well, you are all going to be sad because this email was lame and short but I have to go. But, we just had a miracle and this girl called us who is interested and asked for an appointment. Just right now!!! That is crazy, holy cow. Have a wonderful week family, I love you all so much and am excited to read your emails on the bus today!!! Be safe and do good.
Soeur Kinghorn
Some cool arch things that people painted
More of the arches
1 Some graffiti and meh 2 Plant guy - creepy 3 Olympic building 4 Snoop Lion
Soeur Del Castillo and I, I was born!
Soeur Robles and I
Da Zone
Da Greenies (I hate that name, but to quote the little dudes, we don't hate anything)
Me and some terrible glasses, me and a tamale
 A picture of me I thought you should see. And this is on our bathtub - CRANADA. Forreal, haha.
My comp and I - Blue Steel

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