Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm goin to Miami

Law-dee-daw-dee Everybody,
   Wazzup people? Phew another pday. Sahweet! I love pdays. I hope my last email wasn't too weird or anything, it was a little bit of a rough day and news about Dean just made me so sad and I feel like I went a little nutz in the email, but I think it turned out ok. But now I am back again (guess who's back, back again. Snoop Dog's back, tell your friends). Thank you for the emails and updates on life and whatnot. One thing I learned this week is that life goes on. For everyone. And I think that is something that you all realized more this week too. Maybe. I don't know. But yeah, things got pure weird here. You probably aren't going to believe what happened in the good old CMM. But like I said, especially with change, life goes on.
   This week we saw a bunch of super awesome people. We met a new lady, Marie Elza (such a sweet name!) and she had met the missionaries like four or five years ago so she already knows about the greatest book around and Joseph Smith and all of that. And she has a crazy powerful testimony. I am really hopeful to see how things go with her. She is so cool. When we were going to her house for the first time we also met her neighbor who lives in the building next door. His name is Guillaume (another sweet name) and he was really nice because he talked with us for like fifteen minutes. We left our number with him, so hopefully he calls sometime. Our district meeting was awesome this week. We all just gave five minute talks and I learned a lot and was just so happy. I am so thankful for the awesome missionaries here that I can work with. So powerful, it's the greatest. Here's some of what I learned: Charity is being patient with those who have let you down. Heavenly Father will take care of the people we care about while we are here on our missions (D&C 100:1). There's a difference between working hard and working well. And of course, always trust in the Lord. It was a great meeting.
   We're still working with Michael. He's doing well and we are just working on setting a new baptismal date to get him truly prepared. He is really kind and our lesson about having to cancel his baptism went well. Luckily for us he came to us and said he wanted to cancel it, so it didn't end being so awkward for us. Phew.... We had an awesome ward council this week. We are getting ready to launch the ward mission plan. We are reallly working on just inviting the members of the ward to really get started in helping out with the ward mission work. We can't force anyone to do anything, but we sure can invite them. That's all I do here, invite people to do stuff. It's awesome. It's like when I heard awesome songs by Enya. I always make sure I go to friends, family (especially Dad), and strangers alike and say, "hey I heard this great song, Oronoco Flow, you should go check it out for yourself and see how you like it!" Then some people try it out and love it then share it, others say I'm crazy and tell me to go away. But what matters is we get the invitation out there. So with the ward and missionary work in general, we can't force anyone to do anything, we can only invite them to act.
   We helped a family pack up this week because they are moving. I was sad because I don't want them to leave, they are really awesome. But that's just life I s'pose. Like I said, it just goes on. We also had something super awesome happen. There is an investigator family we have been trying to get ahold of recently, but they have been ignoring us and it's a bummer. But after we helped the family pack, we had to run to our next appointment, and we didn't have time to change, so we figured we'd change there. But then the lady couldn't see us, so we were trying to figure out what to do because we still needed to change. Turns out we were close to this investigator family's house, so we thought maybe we could stop by there and just ask if we can change and not even mention teaching them. So we went to the door and they were home! So we asked if we could change there and the mom said, "yeah of course, and don't we have a lesson today in a half hour?" We inwardly said no... but we said to her, "oh yeah, sorry we are kind of early!" So we just talked to her after we changed and it was super awesome! I love that family. The mom is Jacquie and she is somewhat interested, but she works all of the time, and so does her husband, so life is a little tough for them right now. I hope things can start getting better with them. We love teaching them so much. We also saw Elie and Eliatha again! Elie got back from Africa, so it was really great to see him again, he seriously is so cool. So is Eliatha of course. They were asking my how we say their names in English... Haha I was like, "I don't know, it's your name, isn't it just said the same?" But then later that night after we went home I realized that his name is probably like Eli... Who knows. It was good to have him back though for sure. We saw Michael again with a lady in our ward, Soeur Goudard. She is so awesome and teaches with us all of the time. She said she feels like she has known us for forever, and that was really sweet.
   So yeah Saturday in rained a ton. The rain here is crazy sometime! But we also had transfer calls. And guess where I'm goin (I'm goin to Miami, welcome to Miami)? Ready for this? I am staying in Logueuil! With my trainer! What a surprise! But actually we are the new sister trainging leaders.............................................. So there's that. Neither of us have done that before, and I am still being trained technically. So that was a crazy shock. I felt pretty inadequate. It'll probably be hard to give people who are older and more experienced advice and whatnot, but the Lord qualifies the called, so I'll just live it up to him after I have done all of the planning and preparation that I can. My comp and I are just going to do are best and do this thing. But, I'm probably going to have to buy a small suitcase, the kind that can be used as a carry on, because we will have to go to Quebec City now for a few days in a row for exchanges and whatnot, so I don't want to have to bring my huge suitcase for those. Pretty crazy, right? I guess we will see how it goes. But I trust the Lord, and I am excited for this opportunity. I just hope I can help and do what is right. When we got the call though I felt like I instantly aged twenty years. I'm basically going hairless now because so much is falling out all of the time from stress. But it's all good. It'll be so cool and a good experience. Life is awesome and challenges are the greatest. Just say some super heartfelt prayers for me, I'm going to need as much help as I can get! But like always, I'm pure happy. Life is awesome. Missions are awesome.
   Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you I had to give a talk in church yesterday. That was fun. I like speaking in church. I don't know if I pronounced everything right, but people thanked me for it afterward. They may have just been comments, not compliments (just to get that straight for you Dad haha). But anyway. I think that just about sums up the week! I hope you are all safe and happy! Keep learning and growing and serving! It's a commandment so..... haha. I love you all so very much!!!!
L8er Sk8ers,

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