Monday, September 22, 2014

Fam Jam

    Hey framily.
   So this past week was another good one. Like always, never anything to complain about. Heavenly Father is good, all the time. I think I realized this week (if I didn't say it already in my last email) that Heavenly Father answers every single one of our prayers. It is the best. Sometimes we don't see it for awhile. And sometimes it just doesn't come for awhile. But I realized that until now, every single one of my prayers has been answered. I am so blessed. And by "until now" I mean not all of our prayers are answered in a second, so maybe my morning prayer to stay safe can't really be answered until I am in bed going to sleep tonight. But I think you get what I meant. You're all smarter than I take you for sometimes haha.
   Anywaffle, this week was a pretty cute one I'd say. It was really crazy and the work was a little slow because we lost a lot of time with transfers and then we went to a wedding of an investigator so that took a bunch of hours out of Saturday. But like I said, it was an awesome week none the less! Just before I forget, so I can answer your question Dad. My companion and I are both the Sister Training Leaders. Basically it's like a Zone Leader but just over the sisters. We do a lot of the same stuff (not 100%), and do exchanges with all of the sisters in our two zones. That's one of the differences. Usually the STLs are over one stake here, so Quebec is in our stake, but not in our zone. That's why we'll go to Quebec for one week each transfer. We'll do exchanges with the sisters there, then come home. It's just too far to go back and forth. So that's why it seemed a little crazy that my comp and I are the STLs because first they are flushing us in, and second we are being flushed into the STL position that has two zones and the most teams to be responsible for. But it's all good. I was a little stressed this week and cried a bunch on Wednesday (transfer day), but I realized that I just need to trust Heavenly Father and lean on our Savior and like anything else it can all be done! I am super pumped because challenges are always good and I am looking forward to how much I am going to learn. I just have to remember to suck it up and do it sometimes even though it will be hard. No point in feeling bad for my self, because I have it super sweet here.
   So the wedding we went to was super fun. It was probably the closest I got to seriously sinning out here. And by seriously sinning I mean I was borderline dancing at the reception. I mean they were playing Jump Around, so I had to tap my foot just a little to contain myself. No I'm just messin, I wasn't sinning, tapping your foot in time with some music isn't a sin. But it did take a lot of will power to not jump around and just get weird. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet. I assume it was sweet at least, it was all in Spanish so I didn't understand a word! Haha that was great. It was like starting over here all over again! Then we went to the reception. It was super fancy, I was seriously surprised we were invited. But, my comp must have been a really good friend to this investigator. I was just the tag along because they had no choice but to invite me, being the companion and all haha. They even had a place for me at the table! It said Hermana Kinghorn. It would be sweet to serve in Spanish here, but I kind of hope I don't have to because learning another language would be hard. But anywaze, it was too bad though because dinner was going to start too late so we only got to eat the fancy snacks the servers brought around to us. But it was enough food, I was just bummed I didn't get to eat the lamb! But we have  rules and breaking curfew for a wedding is not allowed. That all took place in Montreal all, by the way. So we had to anticipate traffic for driving home and whatnot so we maybe could have stayed a little later, but it was all good and probably better that we didn't. I had a really cool discussion with a guy there about missionary work though. He didn't know really anything about it so I just talked to him about the structure and how things are run and it was super sweet! Hopefully that made an impression of some kind on him. It was nice to talk to someone in English for sure. But, a lot of the other people knew that I was learning French so they would talk to me if I didn't in French. It was pretty funny and I am thankful they help me learn. The people here are awesome. Oh another sweet STL privilege is that I get to drive too now. So I've been drivin around and it has helped so much in learning our area. My comp has been having eye troubles too, so that has made me feel more comfortable too. You know, just knowing that the operator of the vehicle actually can see what's going on around us. That's usually a good thing.
   We had to drop some investigators this week. Veronique and Romeo. Some of my favorite people here by far. They just never keep our appointments and cancel at the last minute. So it's been like three weeks since we have seen them. I was pretty bummed about it last night because you just can see so much potential in everyone here. And when they are doing things that weaken themselves it's so sad. Plus we know the blessings they can receive if they just try it out! But, we respect everyone's decisions and agency. I just hope there wasn't more that we could have said to help them understand. I know someone will find them again one day and it will all be good. Patience is something we are forced to have and work on here. Hopefully I master it one day. Probably won't be in this life though. On Wednesday we had two dinner appointments. A member family invited us. They are so sweet! The sister is so kind and just reminds me so much of Aunt Leesa. I have to get a picture with her one day for sure. And her food was awesome! She made chocolate cake and poured straight cream over the top of it.... ho boy. It was too good. Then an investigator invited us for dinner and we felt bad saying no, so we went and ate another meal even though we were pure stuffed. But I came out ok. Except she wanted me to try some cheese that has wax around it, and I don't know that, so I just went at it and kept thinking, "this is so nasty!!!" But then she saw what was going on and told me to cut it off first. Haha I felt pretty sheepish. But it was all good. Just a little bit waxy, but who doesn't like eating wax? The next day we had a DA too and I have never eaten so much spaghetti in my life. Seriously I think I had three pounds on my plate, it was ridiculous! I could just feel my stomach filling up, and then the food rose to my throat and was just chillin, but I had to keep eating. Luckily she just gave us a cup of peaches for dessert. They were really good and a bit easier to get down because they are all slimy and whatnot. It was good. I came out with the sweats (spaghetti sweats), but we are  blessed to have charitable members here. Our district meeting with our new district went really. I think our district leader is going to be awesome and super on top of everything, so that is awesome. We pretty much just got bigger. Four sisters went home, and then we just added more teams. My friend from the MTC Sister Hunt is still in my district so that's sweet. There are just so many awesome people and missionaries here!! I am so thankful and happy! We got to teach English class again too this week. It's one of my favorite things here. The people are so great and they try so hard. I have so much respect for them. Learning a new language is rough, but they are just so awesome because they really try. I love teaching English class!! We had a pretty busy day after church yesterday. It went well and we were able to do for the most part all that we wanted to (just visit certain people) so that was really nice. This week we are really going to be focusing on finding more people and talking to everyone. We had to drop a bunch of people recently, so we need to find more people who are ready and prepared. Oh man I can't wait, everyone here is awesome and has so much potential!
   I am glad to hear that you all are doing well, not missing me too much. Just messin, I know you do a ton. Haha just kidding again. I am working on humility still, looks like it's not doing so great just yet haha. But yeah, I love you guys so much and I am glad you got my letter! I will send another this week! Dad I have gotten all of you dear elders. They usually take a week I think. It just depends on when someone goes and picks mail up from the mission office. That could be anywhere between a week or a transfer. Usually no more than three weeks though. But if you don't want to send those you don't have to because I print out your emails normally. Also, Mo, I got your picture letter this week!! Thank you for the awesome pictures!! I love seeing everyone! For sure send me the school pictures, even if dude is huge haha. I expect that. Was that all the questions? I think so... if not let me know. I love you all so much!!! Happy October almost!
   Also, read Alma 4 and 5 if you want to learn the kind of people/members we should all be. Alma really just gets right down to it. He's super forward and blunt it is so awesome. My kinda dude! Until next time! Stay safe, love you all!
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