Monday, April 6, 2015

Stop texting in Sacrament Meeting

   Hello chums and chumettes! What's up?
   I thought my subject line was super fitting after conference. Wasn't that just the greatest conference ever? I think a whole bunch of us got called to repentance, and it would be foolish if we didn't take this opportunity to apply the Atonement before our day of probation is finished. But that is just my humble opinion on the matter. It was a bummer though because on the way to the Saturday morning session we got in a car accident. That was my first one. Pretty crazy. But it wasn't very bad or anything. There was like a random snow storm and a car two lanes over going the opposite direction lost control and started to fish tail over to our side. I slowed down a bunch but wasn't able to stop completely so we hit. But we were going slow enough that it wasn't that bad. They just towed our car though... So we will be blessed with public transportation for awhile. It is a blessing though because we just got dropped a few times this past week and we need investigators to teach, nothing like bus contacting!
   Our week was kind of a bummer though because we skipped weekly planning the week before and that was just about the dumbest thing we could have done, and the outcome of our past week proves it. But it's ok because there is no time like the present to change and start again. One day when we were walking into a building for our next appointment I contacted this guy that looked like Snoop Dog. It was a really great day after that. 
   We went on two exhanges this week and those were good times. We have some pretty great missionaries here and I am thankful that I get to work with  a good number of them. On one of the exchanges we had a lesson and the person didn't show up, so when we were walking back to our car to go and do our back up plan we saw a lady carrying grocery bags. So the sister I was with asked if we could help her. She said yes and so we ended up walking like over a mile with her. It was pretty cool though because we taught about the Book of Mormon and what makes the church different and it was a cool time. Then on the way back we talked to this guy named Pav who bowed before us as we walked up to him. He was super sweet and from Sri Lanka. We had to pass him off to the elders though because it wasn't our area. No worries though, the work is the same.
   I am way bummed because I left my conference notes at home, but conference was so good. I hope that you all watched alllllll of it, not just Sunday. Everything that was shared was really important, and it would be really good if you all watched and read the talks. And then do it a second time. If anyone feels like sending my the two conference Ensigns since I have been on my mission that would be sweet (don't worry, I know the May one isn't out yet.). I sustain the prophet and apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators. And I know that if we heed their council we will be protected spiritually and physically. I really enjoyed the family theme. It really made me miss you all a whole bunch. But that is good because it just means thatI appreciate you more. I hope this week is a good one for you all! Transfer calls are on Saturday, so I guess we will see if I stay in Longueuil or not! Love you all!

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