Monday, April 13, 2015

Everyone is a missionary

Hello Family!
   Too bad my subject line was because of a mega bummer situation that we just had. People here are crazy. But turns out in times of trouble my companion is just pure great. This weirdo was bugging us at the metro station while we were waiting for a bus, and she just wouldn't have it. At one point though he mockingly said to me that everyone is a missionary. And although he was being a total punk, I thought that that should be true. If we truly believe something we should start to really live it, and be a missionary. I am grateful that even though some of our interactions with people here are super weird and sometimes scary, we can always learn from them.
   Well, I know Dad is wondering about transfers, so I guess I will let you know what this new adventure will look like. Exactly the same! Haha I am staying in Longueuil with Sister Fox as Sister Training Leaders. It is pretty funny. We are moving apartments though, so that is pretty sweet. Some kind of change will be nice. But I am thankful that I am staying. It has made me think a lot this week. And one of the thoughts that I have had is that there must still be some work here that with the Lord I can accomplish, so I should work even harder so that it can get done. If not I will be sent on my way one day and the Lord will make sure the work gets down through someone else. I just want to be able to be a useful instrument in his hands. So my companion and I set some sweet goals and we are going to go and #dowork. 
   We had kind of a weird week with trying to figure out the bus system and all of that. But we managed to still work hard and have two zone training meetings, so that is pretty good. I just wanted to tell you all about a cool talk that I read that was actually from two conferences ago? Or maybe not I can't really remember. But I think that it is called Your Four Minutes. And if I am thinking of the right talk, it says something about how if you ever think that it is too late, that you are too far gone as a hopeless case, you need to stop thinking it, and stop thinking it right now. I liked that a lot because that is what the Atonement is. Change right now, the minute we are willing. I really appreciated that talk because sometimes I feel like it's a little too late to change and be better. Especially since I have been in the same place my whole mission, I sometimes feel like I have already done all that I could to this place too much and that there is nothing left that I can do here. But that isn't true at all. There is always room for improvement. I am excited to change and work harder here. 
   We were able to teach a family this week from Ivory Coast, and I was super stoked to tell them about the temple that will be built there, but I don't know if they really understood what I was saying because I was just too excited. But it was cool because we saw them on Sunday on the bus when we were going to church. The dad seems to be interested, we are not so sure about the mom. I would tell you their names, but I don't know how to say them, and you know me with my spelling... not a chance!
   Well, I don't have much else to say, just to be nice. Sometimes people are super rude to us as missionaries and it makes me sad. But what's even worse to me, is when people are just straight rude to normal people who aren't trying to harrass them with pass along cards. We could all just be a little bit nicer, even when it's hard or inconvenient. I love you all a lot and hope this week is great for you!
Here's this super weird graffiti thing we saw around, we took pictures with the other one too, but it literally 
was the exact same.
The temple! Lookin good Moroni! I am pumped for that opening day!

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