Monday, April 27, 2015

Whack Bus

Hello dearest family!
   Wow, what a super great day to hear that my little niece is alive and kickin it! I'll be honest, I only broke down in like four sobs this email time. I got a drink though and used some kleenex's and it was allllll gooooood. This week was just like the last one except different, so that was nice. I named this email whack bus because there was one night we were getting on the bus headed to the metro station to go home and call it a night, and it just turns out that all of the people that get on the buses at night are supes interesting. After like the 27th interesting person that got on I finally wrote a note to my companion that said,"whack bus." and that was it. But I guess it's good to be on a whack bus every now and then, that way you really appreciate the none whack buses.
   I will be honest, I don't really feel like writing today. Sorry bout that. The baby news made me way too excited, so now I am really tired and just want to take a nap. You should all try and be home Mother's Day, I'll skype ya if you'd like. I am actually super pumped to talk to you all.
   Things here are going along nice and goingly. This week seemed to be pretty high stress and there were some lack of sleep nights (never good on a mission), but as of right now, I'd say things are pretty good. We are going to start having some exchanges this Friday, so that will be good fun! I will be with a newer sister that I don't really know, so I am pretty excited. Let's hope she enjoys LONGUEUIL aka my home aka the place where I have my records transfered because I might as well move in. But I am happy because I like it here and I love the members. We seriously need to find some new people though who are actually interested in the gospel. That's where we're at right now, a couple of non-progressing people. But slowly and surely things will come. We are trying to pick up the work with less active members and auxilary leaders.
   We had a super sweet regional conference this past Sunday! Elder Kacher, Elder Andersen, Linda Reeves, and Elder Hales all spoke about good things and it was really interesting. I liked it a lot. Missionary work is really changing, eh? Pretty sweet you guys, we are getting to be apart of something really great! 
   We have a Book of Mormon reading challenge for the whole mission and I am really behind, so there's that. 
   Well, I think that that just about covers it! Congratulations to the Wecker's on the new addition. I am super happy for you two and I hope that it is all smooth sailing from here on out! Send the babe and mother some love from me, I hope that everything is goin well!!!!
P.S. America
Georgia Suzanne Wecker was born April 23, 2015!!!

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