Monday, May 4, 2015


Oh hey family.
   What's up? Before I forget, I was just wondering if someone wanted to look up the Twilight concert series line up and let me know who's playing? I just want to make sure I don't miss anyone that would be super tragic to miss. If I do though, oh well. I am just pretty curious who is coming to town. Oh yeah, another thing, next week I probably won't email until Thursday or something because we will be in Quebec for zone conference and exchanges until Thursday. Just a heads up.
   Dad I thought you would think this was cool, so we moved apartments a little while ago, and in our old apartment there were pictures and sticky notes hung up around that we had put there over time. And one sticky note that I put on the door said NPAP (never postpone a prompting). So when the elders moved in they didn't know what it meant and were trying to figure it out. So they called one of the sisters that used to live there and she told them what it meant. Then one of the Elders who is our district leader gave a whole training on never postponing a prompting, pretty sweet! Also, does anyone in our family know if we have some kind of relative that served a mission here in Quebec? Because I have been asked a few times if I am related to an Elder Kinghorn who is apparently responsible for like half of the members in Quebec because he helped teach and baptism a family with nine very active kids. They're pretty much in the presidencies all over Quebec and it is pretty dang sweet. Thank you Elder Kinghorn! It is the Morin family... if that says anything to anyone. 
   This week went pretty well. I am currently sitting here sunburned, and that is really great because hopefully that means that we can take a break from the cold for awhile. I would greatly appreciate it if it did not get any hotter or more humid though. Too bad for me, that's dreaming big. Our place might have air conditioning though, so that is a really nice thing. We went on exchanges with some sisters on Saturday and that was cool. Except our whole day was a bust. But the cool thing was we ran into soooo many people that we know on the street, daily contact, whaddup? So that was some pretty cool news. But the sister I was with literally talked the whole day. Like the whole day. I think I said 29 words. It was great. I hope she felt good though, like it helped her and stuff. She just really likes to talk I suppose. Not me so much. But sometimes I do. Just ask Aunt Marie, whenever she would come babysit I think I talked to her for like hours. Sorry Aunt Marie, that can be rough, now I understand haha. Random question: What was I like as a 4-5 year old? I am trying to figure out which personality type I am. I think the mission made me become a social type, but that's not really who I am. 
   We had some surprise miracles this week (like every week, Heavenly Father really takes care of us out here). We have just been working really hard on trying to make missionary work the members work that we as the missionaries help with, and it is going a lot better. We have been invited to the meetings of the presidencies so that we can actually all be on the same page with the work that is going on in our ward, and that is really great. Also, we finally were able to see gerd again!!!! I was so pumped! He just asked what I was still doing here haha. Good old Gerd, who is now 87. Happy Birthday! Another miracle this week was that we got a car! But it is only to be used for exchanges because we can't put a bunch of miles on it. So for the most part we are still walking, but now we don't have to walk two days to have an exchange. 
   Weirdest thing that happened this week: We were walking away from an appointment that we had had, and we see this car with a license plate that says "Sauveur Jesus" so my comp says, we should talk to that person. Then out of no where a lady walks up and says, "I know you. You're the Mormons. I can always feel when you're around." Turns out that was her car. She was pretty sweet. She just talked to us and told us how she'd been taught and she'd been to church and all of this stuff. She told us straight up things that she didn't like (of course it had nothing to do with the doctrine, which is the important part). But anyway, then she told us this crazy story about how her life was saved and it was actually really touching until she started grabbing my comp's hair and drying her eyes with it. Then we were kind of weirded out. But then she just grabbed us in a hug and said, "Can we pray?" So she prayed and that was that. She said she would come to church because she wanted to see us again. But she didn't come. So later yesterday evening we were walking by her apartment again and she was sitting outside so I yelled, "Hey Cherlee, we didn't see you at church!" And she just said she was too tired or something. It was quite the experience. 
   So anyway, that is a look into my weird life that is actually pretty great. I love it here and am so happy. A member asked my last Sunday if I'd moved my records to this ward already. Not quite Soeur Goudard, but soon. Love you all and I am super pumped to talk to you on Sunday!! Make sure you all shower and look nice, it's important to have good hygiene if you want to roll with my team. Right Chuck? Haha love you guys, we'll talk soon!

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