Monday, April 20, 2015

Gerd is back!

Hey fam, what's up?   
   Woohoo! Gerd finally came home from Florida and I was so pumped! I didn't think I was ever going to get to see him again. Turns out we haven't actually seen him yet because we had planned to go over there and do some service for him, but when we got there he had gone to the doctor. Bummer. So we just raked his yard anyway and will try again this week. Other than that this week has been cold with a bunch of walking, yay! Walking actually isn't so bad, I'll send the pic of this blister thing I got though that was super gross. It rained today but the weather for the most part has been super nice. My companion got sunburned, bummer dude. We checked though, and we walk an average of like six miles a day! It's way sweet going from walking like two steps a day. Blessings in disguise. Also, I am always cold. Just always. That's it. Our apartment is cold. My feet are cold. My heart is cold. There's no escape. I don't know what the deal is because I wasn't even this cold in the winter... But anyway, it's all good because that means I can still wear socks and I love socks.
   We had a pretty good week. As good as good goes. We had some crazy things and some way sweet things. One guy named Sigfriedo that they elders found and we taught a few times was baptized on Saturday. He is the coolest guy. I was so happy for him. The baptism went smoothly and that was nice. They always seem to when you're not the one responsible for all of the stuff. But, it's like the scripture say, the power of godliness is manifest in the ordinances thereof. Or something like that. It just means that the spirit is present when the ordinances of the priesthood are being performed, and it is so true, because I just felt so calm during that baptism, and it was so so nice. I'm super happy for Sigfriedo, it's always great to have a brother come back to the fold of our Savior. 
   Our days are kind of funny because we spend some time trying to figure which bus to take and where to walk, but things have been  getting a lot better and that is really cool. Our mission just started a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in a transfer. I am way pumped because I love the Book of Mormon! It's tough for me though because I read it kind of slowly. So I have to hurry. But anyway, it's way great. The other day while we were filling up the font for the baptism we were just reading because we could, and I was reading in 2 Nephi 4 (might have already written you about it), and it was so good. It is true that you can get new things from the scriptures every time you read them. I read 2 Nephi 4 like a month ago and it was still so good this time around. I forgot to bring my notes here with me, but one thing that I remember loving was that Nephi is so bummed about being a natural man, and for the little sins that so easily beset him. He doesn't let himself get too upset about it though, and that is what I think is awesome! He checks himself before he wecks himself (haha get it, Jerm?). He then goes on to say how he can be better. But not even that, he keeps going and recognizes that it's our Savior that gives him that strength to change and be better. He doesn't rely on himself, he has put his trust in God before and he is committing to put his trust in him forever. I love that. And it's right after a huge trial, obviously he was going through an extremely hard time, he'd just lost his father. But he took that time to do some self evaluation and improve. He's an awesome example of that. I saw someone this week that I love very much hit a super low. And it was hard to watch. But, I am so thankful that they know that it is God in whom they have trusted, and that thanks to our Savior, they can overcome this form of rock bottom that they have hit. It's never too late to start over. When we covenanted at our baptism we accepted our Savior and his atonement, and in going to church each week we witness that we still accept him. But if we stop witnessing each week, we stop accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior and we start rejecting him. That is why we have to be baptized, and that is why we have to keep going to church. We need to we need to we need to. Family please know how important it is. It kills me to see those I love turn their backs on the Savior, for those simple things that just so easily beset us. Please don't stop going. Please go if you haven't in awhile. Please do it for you. Do it for our Savior. Make his sacrifice worth it. You were bought for a price. We need him. I love you all, and I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only authorized church on the face of the earth today with the authority to make that covenant with Heavenly Father and accept his son as our Savior and redeemer. I promise you can know that for sure too if you do your part to truly study it out. I love you all again, hang in there, change is good and worth it.
Have a good week!

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