Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hello errrbody,   
   Welp, the first transfer where I knew I was changing companions... And the winner is?? Sister Guevara! Don't worry, I don't really know who she is either, so you don't have to feel like you are being left out. But, I have run into her about two times and she is super nice and she will be great for me. Also, the Lord picked us to be companions, so I'm not too worried. She'll come on Wednesday when I take Sister Ryser back to Montreal.
Look who it is! My cousin/not cousin or whatever! Haha Sister Dick is super sweet. 
(Sister Dick is Mo's cousin's daughter's daughter. Figure that out! But we finally met up).
   This week was a good one. Nice and crazy and stressful like always. But we had some sweet miracles and it was just good. It was crazy because we have been running around trying to say goodbye to everyone that Sister Ryser wanted to say goodbye to. Pretty much I spent most of my week saying, "but don't worry, I will still b
e here with another missionary, and we are coming to see you." I was kind of worried that a lot of people would stop seeing us since Sister Ryser is going (she has been here 11 months afterall), but then I realized that if that does happen, it won't be because of me, unless I make it because of me. So I will have to work at keeping the area up. But the companion that I am getting is super sweet I hear, and I think that people will love her so it will all go well. She can speak Spanish too, so  that will be nice with some of the people we work with that like to speak Spanish too. I am just really excited for a change. I am glad I am staying in Longueuil though, I love it here. But you know, out with the old and in with the new. I have been wanting to get better at some things, and I think that it will help having a new companion. I think there are just some bad habits that we have developed, and it has been hard for us to change them. But with a new companion it can be like a #freshstart. Or something. We'll see how it goes. I don't want to make any excuses for myself, because if something needs to be changed you should just fix it, and not wait for a new companion, because in real life we don't get new companions every six weeks. So my bad habits should have just been fixed right away, but sadly I did't always have the motivation. But luckily, now I do! So get ready for some mega sweet changes. Jk, it's mostly stuff you won't even notice. Just like my day to day things.  
   We have some progressing investigators right now. It's tough because with some of them, they just fear man more than God. It is just a bummer because when it's like that and stays like that, they'll stand before God one day and probably just say, "dang it." So we are trying to help people see and feel the importance of the gospel in their lives. We just have to be patient. But actually, here is something else super sweet! Did I ever tell you about the guy Christopher we met? He was a huge miracle, that sadly spoke English. But! Good thing we have the Greenfield Parc elders who we referred Christopher to. Anyway, long story short, the elders started teaching him, and they called us yesterday to tell us that after Sunday school, Christopher told them that he wanted to be baptized! Woohoo! Result! Heavenly Father seriously prepared Christopher, and I am so thankful that we ran into him and were just at the right place at the right time. Things are just pretty normal is all that I can really say. Maybe my self improvement will bring a more interesting email for next time. But for now, just know that I love you all and I'll write to ya next week!
Well, I love you all! I will try this week to find a family that will let us skype on Christmas. I was kind of waiting for my new comp to get all of that worked out. But yeah, we should get it done. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to try making a skype account for me, and then I could call you or something? I'll be honest though, I have never used skype, so I don't even know how it works... We'll be in touch!
Happy Christmas Harry!
Soeur Kinghorn
Nasty blister. We're working hard.
Hey it's me being Jerm and baby Jerm/Slaw! (I was having a really good hair day that day. Every good thing counts.)
What our lessons look like

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