Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey Fram

Sister Gammon and some supes cute snow
Sister Norris

What is up my family?
   So I haven't quite read your emails yet, but from the quick glances I took, I noticed that you all said something about hoping that it wasn't a rough week or that it sounded like I was upset. I am so sorry! I was hoping all last week that I wouldn't die, just so that I could make sure I emailed you all and let you know that I am ok and I didn't want to make you feel bad or worry about me, and to apologize for making it seem like you needed to. We are just so busy, so I apologized for (to quote myself), "upseting the fans." I just feel like I never write and it is crazy! I don't know why I feel like there is never time. I think it's just maybe because I travel waaaaaay more than other missionaries, and that takes time and there is a lot to report to President about, and I am sorry but his email takes precedence, so then I feel bad when I just have like two sentences for you guys. Last week was especially weird because what happened was we didn't have a car for the first four days of the week because it was in the garage. So we asked the Victoria Sisters if we could borrow their car Tuesday to go and email at the chapel before they had to leave for the day. So by the time we got to the chapel we had like an hour, which would have been just fine if we would have had the key to the library where the second laptop is kept. Instead the key was lost so we had one computer between the two of us. So I let my comp go first, and then when it was my turn there wasn't much time left so I squeaked out a miserable sounding emailing and then logged off. But, to be brief (haha kinda too late for that), it is well with my soul! Aka things are sweet as ever. We've just been a little busy and stressed, but that is life and I have nothing to complain about. Just know that I am sorry for being a turd and I won't do that again. Also, many many apologies for lack of mail. I have a bunch of letters (haha like three) written, and no stamps! So one day I will buy some. It might be in the airport on my way home, but I will try to make it a little bit sooner than that. So just know they are probably coming sometime. Oh my goodness, I just remembered that it is almost Jack's birthday! That little dude, just growin up too fast!! Yesterday my ward had the primary program. you better believe I cried when they sang that one song that goes, "I have a little family, it's me, it's you, we are God's children." Or whatever it really says. I just remember the dude's singing that and Jerm and I talking about how cute that song is. So when the primary sang it yesterday I just couldn't help but remember how much I really do miss those little boys. Mostly I just don't think about it because then I get all sad and whatnot, so that helps. But those dudes are the greatest! Dad you said how you realized or maybe not realized but just are thankful especially for your family. I couldn't agree more. I've learned about 290 things so far on my mission, but one of the most important things I have learned, or come to appreciate is the importance of families. I love you guys. I am thankful to be here, but I also look forward to the day I get to see you all again. And I hope that I will never take you for granted again. I am learning to govern myself out here, but that doesn't mean that I can't turn to my parents sometimes. I am just so thankful for you all. All of the little advice you give and encouragment and stories you share with me really help me. For example, Mo you sent me a talk in the MTC by Sister Holland, and one time for our visiting teaching assignment I just had the thought that we needed to share that talk with the member. She didn't have time to see us so we left her the talk and some cookies. The next Sunday her husband came up to us and thanked us for leaving that talk and he said it was really inspired that we left that one. And I would never have even heard of that talk if you hadn't sent it to me, so thank you! Heavenly Father just gets his work done in the craziest ways. He's the coolest. Anyway, even though I may not always comment on the things you send me or remember to thank you on pdays, just know that I am so thankful. As weird as it sounds, being a missionary is kind of lonely sometimes, but I have just infinite amounts of support from back home, and I owe that to you guys. Thank you thank you a million times over for all that you do and are doing for me. I love you all so much.
   This Thanksgiving I spent on an exchange with Sister Blanc.
Sister Blanc
One of THE sweetest (as in super dope) missionaries I have ever met--Sorry for my casual language, president's email to us this week said we need to not be casual in language, even to our families, so sorry that I am sometimes casual, I just don't know how to explain Sister Blanc other than dope.. you know? I'll get better, no worries--Since no one in Quebec knew that it was U.S.A. Thanksgiving, we didn't do anything too special. Actually, we did the greatest thing a person on this earth and in the spirit world could do, taught the gospel!! We're so #blessed. Anyway, Sister Blanc is from Haiti, so she just threw it down in  the kitchen and I ate THE best Haitian food that I have ever eaten in my life. It was an excellent Thanksgiving meal for sure. I will attach a picture of the food and of Sister Blanc and I. After you see my plate of food you will know why I am probably getting fat.
Delish Haitian Food
It's really sad but also really good for my health that all of the ice cream places here close in the winter since no one wants ice cream when it is so cold outside that your hands will fall off. Except me. I would still want the ice cream. It hasn't even been cold yet though, isn't that crazy? One day it'll hit. I really would like to still believe all the people that say Cranada gets cold. But where was I.. On the exchange we had a little time to go and knock. I don't knock very often, only when I am on exchanges really, but we went to a street that Sisters Blanc and Hunt had already started knocking. We went to one door, and the lady opened the door and I just kind of introduced ourselves in a boring way. Looking back I feel bad because I could have done tonz better, but anyway, after I said what we were there for I asked if she would be interested in hearing more, and she said yes!! I was so shocked! Only because knocking isn't usually all that effective, so once she said yes I just froze, I had no idea what to say. I almost was just laughing because I didn't believe it. Luckily Sister Blanc stepped up and gave her a Book of Mormon, and I pulled myself together again. It was awesome though! Hopefully the sisters really follow up on that, since it wasn't in my area. Luckily it was a lady who lives right by one of their investigators, so they will be there a lot. Sister Blanc is awesome though. She really fears no man. She just testifies and testifies and testifies. And she was baptized 16 months ago!! She is just going to change Cranada, that's fo sho. It was an awesome exchange. And we spoke French together all day, and she said she would teach me Creole, whaddup?! I am stoked. I don't know when that will be. But anyway, you can probably tell that I just really like her. We have the sweetest missionaries here forreal.
   Since we didn't have our car this week we were blessed to walk for four days. It was honestly so nice. Except one day we accidentally missed the bus so we ended up walking two hours to the next town (Boucherville), but it was for a really important lesson that went really well and I was so thankful that we are blessed with super awesome bodies that are capable of walking two hours. Plus, we got to talk to a bunch of people. Since we are usually cooped up in a car, we don't talk to as many people. But walking definitely helped that. There are just so many blessings everywhere!
Aliens did this to our car!! Or the engine...Not sure which
  Our two zone conferences went well. We gave trainings on empowering ourselves, companions, and others. It's so true how we all have so much divine potential, but sometimes we just don't see it for ourselves. Hopefully the missionaries got a better glimpse of their divine origin, and how with our Heavenly Father they can really do anything. Check out some mega sweet scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants 6:32-37 and 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 I love them a ton. One thing that we talked about that really inspires us is our conversion to the Savior. If we could just begin to realize what he has done for us, it would literally make us "tremble" to know that not all of our brothers and sisters know that we can repent and change (Mosiah 28:3 another great one). That's why I'm on a mission I guess. I don't think I am to the point that Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah were at, but I am working on it, and you can too. I want people to know about the church, because I realized again that it truly is the ONLY true church on the earth. Other churches have some super cute stuff and some really excellent people, but if you want pure and true doctrine, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the ONLY one that has it all. I promise. Study it out. Pray about it. It all makes sense. We are so blessed to have the knowledge that we do, and the ability to choose and for second chances. We aren't all perfect people, but the doctrine is perfect. One sister shared a quote from President Monson this weeek with me, "The Redeemer chose imperfect men to teach the way to perfection. He did so then. He does so now." Remember that and don't forget it!
   Anywiggle, I love you all. Send me yo Skype infos, and I'll start figuring that out! I am excited and nervous to talk to you because I know I will be a little baby and cry. But whaterrrr. Until next time my friends!
Snooop from dah hood
Famille Heon


Sister Scheurch - it was real cold that night!
The Elder looked a lot like my friend Andrew, so we took a pic
Look what I got in the mail! Thanks Mo and little bros.

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