Monday, December 15, 2014


   So this week was pure nutz. Not really. I just made it seem that way because I am pure nutz. That is super weird that Jill is home. It seemed like she had been gone for no time. But Macy it seemed like she was gone forever. Time is just a weird thang. Before I start, I have some things to let you know about.. So we might not have a pday next week due to the normal crazy sister training leader stuff that seems to go on. So I will do my best to at least get to a computer to let you know all of the details in advance. But here is a little problem... We might have to skype on Christmas eve during the day.. so hopefully that will work. Like I said, I will do my best to get to a computer so that I can let you know at least a few days in advance. Haha we have to go to Quebec and back for a zone training meeting on Monday, so that will be crazy. The problem with Skyping is we are probably going to go to my ward mission leader's house, but we are still waiting to hear back from him. So I guess we will just have to see. If skyping doesn't work out though I am just going to buy a calling card and call you, probably Christmas day, so hopefully that is ok too. Not as cool, but still mega sweet. I just love and miss you all so much! Except I am actually super scared to talk to you because I am pretty sure I am just going to cry the whole time. One  thing that my mission has taught me is that I love my family more than ANYTHING! You all are the best. But nah, it'll be super cool to talk to you guys, even if I do cry. I think that is all that I really had to tell you... I hope so! 
   So we don't have much time left... I don't know what happened. But things here are going well! Yesterday we had some mega miracles and some people came to church that havn't since I've been here, it was amazing! I had a kind of rougher week because it turns out that leading an area is mega stressful. But it's all good because my companion is the greatest thing that ever happened to this mission and I love her a lot! She is from LA and is super cool. So I have been wearing my LA hat a lot around the apartment. 
   We had to get a recall fixed on our car, and while we were waiting there was a Packers vs. Falcons game on. Atlanta wasn't looking so good, what's up with that Dad. I didn't watch the game or anything though... so don't worry haha. No I saw some, but just tried not to pay attention to it. Who knew football was so fun to watch!? Not me before my mission. 
   Happiest of birthdays to Nate the Great and little Jack. Two wonderful people in my life. I love them both and hope that they had the greatest days ever!!
   Sorry, that's it for now. Better email next time!
P.S. #partagezledon
P.P.S. I named this email snow because it snowed a lot this week. Welcome to Cranada, eh?

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