Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Junior Doodle!

Wazzup Famry?
   First I just want to give a shout out to my super awesome little bro, Merthew Berticus. Can't believe he is nine!! That is so crazy! I hope all of his birthday wishes come true. And that he gets all of the barbies and cute little girly things that he asked for :) I'm sending him a little letter in the mail, it'll be late, but just let him know that I didn't forget him on his birthday. I love that little dude and miss him so much everyday. I can't believe he is so old! Ãlso, next week pday will be on tuesday the 25th. We are going to Quebec again tomorrow morning for our exchanges and zone conference meeting.
   This week was super good. Much better than the last. But only because I just changed my attitude. Everything goes a whole lot better when we are just willing to be happily obedient. If we aren't happy in our obedience, then it will profit us nothing. -Said pretty much every apostle, prophet, and wise person ever. So that's what I have been working, or am trying to really work on now. But more about all that cute stuff l8er. First I will tell you all some funny things that happened this week.
   So we had a memory stick with a bunch of music, like 1000 plus songs, that we have been listening to and trying to figure out what is on it this week. There is a bunch of stuff that we shouldn't listen to, but they are all in French. And I think since they are in French the missionaries who passed the memory stick down to us thought that is was ok to listen to it. Who knows, I don't really care either way if they listened to it our not. We just skip the songs to see what's next. But anyway, there was one super sweet one that we came across that we can't really listen to, I assume it is because when it came on my companion said, "This one was a huge hit in Switzerland! They played it at all of the clubs I went to!" I thought that was funny. Apparently she went to a bunch of clubs. You go Sister Ryser! Oh yeah, but I am telling you this because if you want some ideas on how to have a good time, look up the song Alors on Danse. Also Femme Liberee (that last word has accents, but I am too lazy to put them thur). But yeah, they were some groovy ones that we skipped over but listened to enough to know that they are groovy. But I'll be honest, we actually listened to the Alors on Danse one all of the way through. But I have been doing my best to not do it again!
   This we had a lesson with Elizabeth, she is still awesome as ever! But she has a super crazy cat that is just pure crazy. So we were starting up the lesson and we asked if we could say a prayer. So she asked the member who was with us to say. And this member is kind of old and super quiet so there's that. But anyway, the member was about to start her prayer and I noticed that the cat was looking like it was about to do something not good, I wasn't sure what, but my cat senses were tingling or whatever. Haha I really don't like cats that much. But to continue, the member starts to pray, and I hear the cat jump up onto the couch where my companion and I were sitting with the member. So I decided just to hurry and sneak a peak and see what the cat was doing, and it had climbed onto the member's back and was messing with her head. Turns out my companion looked right at the same time as I did and we both started laughing and had to do all that we could to not be loud. So I just prayed in my heart that the cat would leave her alone. My prayers were answered, and like most prayers, not in the way that I expected or necessarily wanted, because then the cat came over to me and put it's legs on my shoulders and was sniffing my hair. All of this is still mid-member's prayer. But it was all good, just a nice little experience to keep us happy and not too serious. Also, speaking of cats (I really think they are of the devil, I am sorry if you like them). But yesterday we had a DA with a member and I was saying the prayer to bless the food when mid my prayer there was a bunch of weird like retching sounds going on. Once I finished, we all looked and saw this puddle of nasty green whatnot that had come out of the cat. Geez. Cats are so sick! I think we should probably start eating them or something. They are just too gross, if we are being honest here, which I am. Ok, that was rude though, maybe we shouldn't eat them. They'd probably taste super disgusting anyway.
   It finally snowed here! I was so pumped when I woke up yesterday and saw it. So we got ready for church and I put on my new coat that I was so excited to wear, and I stepped out the back door and slipped and fell down the stairs. Haha it was so funny, because I was just so excited, and my spirits were just crushed within two steps of being outside. Luckily it didn't hurt at all even though I slipped right onto my bum and fell down about eight stairs. I was just laughing and so was my companion. And the Victoria Sisters came out to see what happened, and so did the lady who owns our building. So I just said, "Desole, J'ai beaucoup des choses dans mes mains, donc j'ai tombee!" (I have a lot of things in my hands so I fell). And she just kept saying, it's slippery! Pay attention and be careful! And I thought, yeah! No kidding. Sorry these stairs are covered in snow on top of being painted by just the slipperiest paint in the world. But I was a little kinder and just said sorry a bunch.
   So, I said I would get to what I have been working on later. Now it is later. So I have been reading this talk (it's 18 pages long, that's why 'reading' is in that form and not the past), and it's about the type of missionary that we need to be if we want our mission to change us. So like I said, if we want our obedience to actually profit us something. In 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 it talks about how we will reap what and how we sow. And the last like of verse 7 says something like, "God loveth a cheerful giver." So we can go throughout our whole life being a giving person and doing good and what we are supposed to, but if we don't actually want to be doing those things, it is going to do nothing for us in the end. And this life, and especially the time spent being a missionary (I think) is about changing ourselves to be better aka more like our Savior. And the only way for us to change and become more like our Savior is to give our will to Him. And be happy to do it too! Something that I love that Aunt Leesa taught us kids was 1. Life isn't fair 2. No one is going to love you like your parents love you and 3. You have to bend you will to Heavenly Father's, because he isn't going to bend his will to yours. So I was just thinking about that as a missionary, and I kind decided/learned/figured out is that if I truly want to give my "heart, might, mind, and strength" here on my mission and in my life after, I have to really give all of that, all four things. And giving your heart, to me, means giving your will not begrudgingly. Sometimes I pray that things will be given me that I want after my mission or something. And the desires aren't necessarily bad, but if I was truly converted to the Lord, I would accept whatever his will is, not exactly the things that I think that I want. Overall, our Heavenly Father knows way more than we do, and once we truly accept his will, we will see that what he wants for us (his will) is actually what we want to. It will all come together, sometimes it just takes time for us to get there. I'm not there, but I hope to be one day. Ultimately, we say, or at least I say, that I am a person who follows Jesus Christ. And as we can see multiple times in the scriptures, he always said, "not my will, but the Father's be done." And to me, if I really want to be like the Savior, I too have to be willing to say, "not my will, but the Father's be done." I know that in the end that will bring us the most joy and happiness. I have been seeing people's live change because they have that attitude. They are changing their bad habits, and accepting the Lord's will for them. And I can promise you that it is making them happier. It is making me happier. It's the truth.
   Anyway, I love you all a lot. And I hope that when I come home I will be a different person. Just better. I hope you have an awesome week. Choose the right, enjoy the snow and Thanksgiving, whenever it is... 27th? They already had theirs here in Cranada. Be nice to Dude today, he deserves it. I love him so much. Whelp, until next week!

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