Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mein Schatz

   Hey fam. This week just flew by. Holy cow. But it's good to be back to say, "whaddup" and all that good stuff. This week was pretty busy, but we got a lot of good stuff done. A lot of bad stuff done too. Haha just kidding. Wow, that was a super lame joke. Anywave... So Tuesday was super crazy. We had to cover English class for the Victoria sisters, because one of them was going home and they wanted to see some members instead, so we took it for them. But we had already planned a lesson for that same time, so we had to do a last minute split, and since I'm apparently the better English speaker in my companionship I had the privilege to go and teach the class (but let's be honest, you've all read my emails, I aint dat gr8, just mega dope). But where was I? So we literally called like minutes before the class started, just trying to find a member to come with me, because the member we had asked to come forgot and wasn't at home and doesn't have a cell phone. But the Lord always provides, so we found a member to come with me and we went together and I taught the class. The sister I brought is this older Haitian lady and it was so funny because she didn't understand a thing of what was going on during the class. Haha it was really sad but also kind of funny. I just kept laughing at how awkward and stressful the whole situation was. But it was all good. I feel like I learn English while I teach it. I just hope I am not making up rules as a go. Like what's the rule with using "these vs. those?" I have no idea?! I just say what I want to, you know? But it's ok, it's always fun to learn on the spot while you're the teacher. It was super funny too because I was teaching direct object pronouns at the same time as I was trying to remember what exactly direct object pronouns were, and I was mid example when I just said out loud, "oooohhhh direct object pronouns! Ok, I know what these are!" Haha it probably wasn't too smart of me to say that right to the class mid-teaching, but it's all good, they probably didn't understand me anyway. They are so cute though, just asking me to slow down when I talk. I don't think I talk that fast, but maybe I do. Ok, enough of english class, it isn't that exciting.
   We had a lesson with this lady who has been investigating the church for five years! She is so funny because she always tells her friends about the church and how awesome it is, but she still doesn't want to be baptized yet. But it's ok, the Lord works in his own time. Anyway, she kept telling us about a lady she knows that she wants us to teach, so on Thursday she invited her friend over and we had a super sweet lesson with them. It felt like a lesson with an investigator and a member though haha, it was so weird! But yeah, it's awesome how the church really changes lives. The five year investigator (Marie-Marthe) has a son who was baptized and his life just totally turned around for the better. So she is a first hand witness of how Heavenly Father is a god of miracles. I can testify to that too. He loves us and is always helping us out, it's amazing.
   On Friday we went and took some pictures for a member. Some news thing asked for pictures of French speaking sister missionaries knocking on doors and teaching, so we went and did that for a few minutes. It was pretty funny. His wife was in the pictures with us, and after she asked us to sing in the stake choir for stake conference. But I have been sick this last week so my voice is just terrible as ever. So come Saturday night I just sang my little heart out really terribly for the whole stake. And what was worse was our mission president was sitting on the stand with his wife right by me, so they probably heard me and that's no good. But oh well, I tried. you will never believe what we sang. It's one missionaries rarely sing.. Called to Serve! Actually Apeller a Servir, but you know, same thing or whatever. Haha luckily I'm not sick of that song yet.
   Yesterday we had stake conference at four pm (.....) and so it was the first Sunday since I've been here that we've done all of our studies on a Sunday. Which isn't good I know, we should do make up studies or something, but anyway... So since we live with another team of sisters, we were all home doing studies yesterday morning, each team in their own room. All of the sudden our fire alarm starts going off, so I slowly got up to walk out and see what's up. The alarm is super sensitive so I didn't really think much of it since it goes off kind of frequently. Haha my companion didn't even get up from her chair, that's how unseriously we were taking the situation. So I get up and head for the door. I opened it and the whole apartment was just filled with smoke. Haha the other sisters walked out of their room at the same time and we all just like panicked and ran around trying to open doors and windows but it was super hard to see and breath. Then we got a white board and started fanning the fire alarm to get it to stop and to get the smoke out of the apartment. But we had to take turns being inside because our eyes were burning and our throats too. It was so funny. Moral of the story is never leave something alone cooking in the kitchen. Luckily it was the other sister's fault haha and not mine. It was all good though, just made things a little more exciting and all that.
   Oh yeah, mein schatz means "my precious" or something like that in German. So when we were at Gerd's the other day, we were finishing up the gardening we were doing, so he gave us some grape juice like he always does before we go, and he has these little cups, so I was saying "shots, shotz, shots, shots, shots" like a shot glass (probably shouldn't say that, I know, I'm sorry) and Gerd, being all old and whatnot (in a good way), misunderstood me and thought I was saying "mein schatz." It was a good old funny time. And then, the next day in companionship study, I said "mein schatz" again, for whatever reason, and my comp said, "like Golum (creepy little guy from Lord of the Rings), mein schatz (in a creepy little guy voice)." And then I said, "he doesn't say that, he says 'my precious'..." And then I thought, duh, she speaks German so she watched in German and that's what he says, in German. It was pretty funny. Sometimes I am just super oblivious and just not there... Oh dear. Just spacy as ever. Like the planner I made! Check out the attached pic! The cover says "Aimez vos freres," or love your brothers, so I thought it would be fitting to put some of my brothers on underneath.

   Welp, this week was just cute as ever. We are trying to find some more people to teach and that's always tough, but Heavenly Father really just puts those people in our paths that need to talk to us. Whether they are ready for the gospel or not, we can walk away from each contact knowing we helped someone. That's something that is super sweet about being a missionary. People just open up to you and tell you their life story, and then we just tell them how all of the saddness and trials can be made better. What a blessing. Keep spreading the good news. I know our Savior lives and loves each and everyone of us. You want to know how I know that? Read Alma chapter 34. The laws of the universe demand justice. So, sins have to be paid for. But then our Savior comes in, paying those demands for justice. That's called mercy. And wow is he merciful. Don't forget it.
I love you guys and am super stoked to read all of your emails. Keep being wonderful, I am super proud to call you my family.
Luz you all,

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